Which U.S. National Parks Are Open?

Which U.S. National Parks Are Open?
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If you'd like to know which U.S. National Park is open and which limitations are being implemented during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, take a look at the table in this article. Always check the official NPS site (link in the last column).

It's not complete but the most important parks are being covered. It will be updated on a daily basis if possible. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information we provide here.

Update May/June/July 2020: In May and June many national parks reopened with a phased approach (limited access). Please check the table below for details

Visiting Tips: If you plan to visit a park which reopens (soon), please check out the 'how to avoid the crowds tips' within our separate park guides:

How to use the table: Click the national park name in the first column to get more detailed information about the status.  The second last column takes you to our tips. The last column takes you to the updated official NPS site, which you should always check! Please note: This list is not complete, as we cover the most visited and important ones. 

List of Parks (Table): Click the link in the second last column, which takes you to the respective guide. On mobile devices: Swipe the table left and right!

  Status Facility Closures Tips | Avoiding Crowds NPS Alerts & Restrictions
Acadia National Park Open
  Acadia Guide NPS Conditions
Bryce Canyon National Park Open 
  Bryce Canyon Guide NPS Health Update
Death Valley National Park Open
  Death Valley Guide NPS Conditions
Denali National Park Open
  Denali Guide NPS Alerts
Glacier National Park Open June 8
  Glacier NP Guide NPS Conditions
Grand Canyon National Park Open 

  (coming soon) NPS Health Update
Great Smoky Mountains National Park Partly Open   (coming soon) NPS Health Update
Joshua Tree National Park Partly Open   (coming soon) NPS Update
Mammoth Cave National Park Open
  Mammoth Cave Guide NPS Conditions
Mount Rainier National Park Open
  Mt Rainier Guide NPS Update
Rocky Mountain National Park Open [Limited]   RMNP Guide NPS Covid-19 Update
Yellowstone National Park Open
  Yellowstone Wildlife Guide NPS Updates
Yosemite National Park Open June 6
  Yosemite Guide NPS Closures
Zion National Park Open
  Zion Guide NPS Operations Update 

*Click the national park name in the first column for details about closures and phased reopenings

Is Acadia National Park Open?

UPDATE: There are many restrictions. Please check NPS - Acadia COVID-19 Update. However, the Park Loop Road and Hiking Trails are open as of early June. 

UPDATE for October and 2021: A vehicle reservation system will be implemented. Check details here: Acadia National Park Vehicle Reservations - NPS

UPDATE: The whole park seems not to be officially closed but almost everything within Acadia National Park is closed/inaccessible, including the main roads (especially the Park Loop Road and Ocean Drive). That means you can consider Acadia National Park closed for the time being. 

Acadia National Park is open. Closed are the visitor centers in Bar Harbor and the Welcome Center at the Schoodic Institute. Thus, no-in person service for visitors is available.

  • Visitor Centers: Bar Harbor and Rockefeller Welcome Center are both closed!
  • Other Closures: Non-COVID-19 related closure during mud season: The carriage roads are closed until further notice.


Is Bryce Canyon National Park Open?

UPDATE 3: On June 1, shuttle operation resumed (limited/modified): Please check NPS Bryce Canyon Health Update

UPDATE: 2 Starting on May 20, Bryce Canyon increased  access to more areas and facilities.  On May 22, the General Store reopened with restrooms and camp store. On June 7th, Sunset Campground will reopen for camping.

UPDATE 1: On May 6, Bryce Canyon will reopen the most important areas:

  • Main park road (Utah State Route 63) and all viewpoints up to Rainbow Point
  • Restrooms at Sunset Point (only restrooms open within the park, everything else remains closed)
  • All trails within the Bryce Amphitheater area (starting from Sunset Point for example)

Read more details here: NPS Bryce Canyon Reopening Phase

UPDATE: Bryce Canyon National Park is closed! Bryce Canyon National Parks remains open so far including the main park road. However, the visitor center and other facilities are closed. 

  • Visitor Center: The modern visitor center is closed and all ranger programs are cancelled. Fee booths are open.
  • Park Road: The whole park road is open and accessible to the southern end of the park at Rainbow Point
  • Campground: The North Campground is open (first-come first-serve)
  • Lodging & Food: The general store is open and lodging is available. 


Is Death Valley National Park Open?

UPDATE 3: Death Valley National Park is partially open now. Check details here: NPS Death Valley - Conditions

UPDATE 2: Death Valley National Park should begin a phased reopening in June. Find more information here: NPS - Death Valley - Phased Reopening

UPDATE: Death Valley National Park is closed! Death Valley National Park is open and accessible. However, most park facilities and campgrounds are closed. Your best bet is to use Panament Springs Resort as a 'base'. They keep everything open so far. 

  • Visitor Center(s): Furnace Creek Visitor Center as well as Stovepipe Wells Ranger Stations are both closed
  • Viewpoints/Parking Lots: The parking lots at  Zabriskie Point, Badwater Basin, and Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes are closed to prevent groups of visitors at these 'high traffic' locations.
  • Restrooms: Restrooms in the following locations are open: Outside Furnace Creek Visitor Center, Stovepipe Wells gas station, Emigrant, and at Panamint Springs Resort
  • Gas Stations: You can find open gas stations at The Oasis, Stovepipe, and at Panamint Springs.
  • Campgrounds: All campsites are closed (or will be closed shortly), except for the campground at Panamint Springs
  • Lodging & Food: The Oasis and Stovepipe Wells Resort are both closed (except for the gas stations). Stores, take out food, etc. is still available in Panamint Springs Resort
Is Denali National Park Open?

UPDATE: As of April 28, the The Denali Park Road was reopened up to Mile 12.5, Mountain Vista (it was closed before). Denali National Park is open and all (winter) trails are accessible. However, the visitor center is closed.

Visitor Center(s): The Winter Visitor Center is closed.


Is Glacier National Park Open?

UPDATE 2: Glacier National Park starts with a partial reopening on June 8. Find more information here: NPS Glacier National Park Status Update

UPDATE: Glacier National Park is closed! Glacier National Park remains open so far. However, the Apgar Visitor Center is closed and there is no in-person service from the staff available for visitors. 

  • Visitor Center(s): The Apgar Visitor Center and the Bookstore right there are closed. Other visitor centers aren't open until late May anyway. 
  • Apgar Backcountry Permit Center: Backcountry permits are available here. However, the process changed due to safety reasons during COVID-19. There is information right outside the center which will guide you.
  • In-Person Information: Not available via park staff. You can call them at 406-888-7800
  • Entrance Fees: No entrance fees will be collected for the time being. 
  • Going-to-the-Sun Road: Closed as usual in winter and spring.


Is Grand Canyon National Park Open?

Update: Grand Canyon National Park started to open with limited access to South Rim viewpoints on May 15. Currently until May 18. However, the official press release says, that they're planning to open more. Read full details here if you plan to visit: NPS Grand Canyon Limited Access from May 15-18

Update: Grand Canyon National Park is closed! While many services and facilities are being shut down, Grand Canyon National Park stays open so far. Especially the South Rim Visitor Center and all information centers there are closed. 

  • Visitor Center(s): South Rim Visitor Center and Theater are closed, as well as Backcountry Information Center (BIC), Verkamps Visitor Center, and Museums. Pretty much any NPS services at the South Rim are closed.
  • River Trips: All Grand Canyon river trips (of any kind) have been suspended.
  • Shuttle Service: None of the shuttle buses are operating. 
  • Entrance Fees: No entrance fees will be collected for the time being.
  • Campsites: Mother Campground and Trailer Village (only for full hook-up sites) are both open! However, the RV and camper services are closed. Desert view campgrounds remains closed as well.
  • Lodging: All GCNP lodges are closed


Is Joshua Tree National Park Open?

Update: Park entrance, roads, trails and restrooms are open. Almost everything else is closed. Check NPS Joshua Tree Conditions for updates as they plan increased access. 

Update: Joshua Tree National Park is closed! Joshua Tree National Park is open for visitors. However, services are very limited. In particular park roads are closed and all campgrounds are closed.

  • Visitor Center(s): Closed!
  • Park Roads: Closed to all vehicles. Park rangers enforce this closure
  • Open: Trails are open. Accessible by foot or bicycle. Trails are open. Hiking trails can be accessed by walking into the park on foot in areas like the Oasis of Mara or Rattlesnake Canyon, in addition to the California Riding and Hiking Trail, Eureka Peak, as well as  the High View Nature Trail via Black Rock campground.


Is Mammoth Cave National Park Open?

UPDATE: Mammoth Cave National Park is partly open. Please check the official site (see the table above). The standard cave tours are not being offered. From June through July an extended self-guided historic tour can be booked (we recommend this one!): Find more details here: NPS Mammoth Cave - Summer Schedule 2020

Mammoth Cave National Park is 'open'. However, all cave tours(!) are closed, as well as the visitor center. That means, it doesn't make sense to visit the park. You could hike outside but that's about it. Consider it closed for that reason.


Is Mount Rainier National Park Open?

Update Early May 2020: Mount Rainier is still open to foot and winter recreation via backcountry access points. However, all park roads, parking areas and trailheads (incl. Nisqually Entrance, Paradise and Longmire areas) are closed to vehicles!

Mount Rainier National Park is open. However, facilities at Paradise are closed. A self-guided recreation visit is possible, including include snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and snow camping.

  • Visitor Center(s): Closed at Paradise. The Sunrise Visitor Center is closed anyway until July.
  • Closed Facilites: Everything at Paradise. Especially no food service
  • Open Facilities: Longmire facilities (except for the Museum) are open: The National Park Inn, as well as the gift shop are still open. Food can be purchased as take-out. 


Is Rocky Mountain National Park Open?

Update May: Rocky Mountain National Park began a phased reopening on May 27. Even shuttle operations resume with limited capacity. Two campgrounds will be open on June 4 as well, within phase 2. Please read the details here: NPS Rocky Mountain National Park - Phased Reopening

Rocky Mountain National Park is closed to all visitors. No access to the park is permitted and park rangers enforce the closure. 


Is Yellowstone National Park Open?

Update: Yellowstone National Park will start a 3 phased reopening beginning May 18. NPS Service created a complete reopening PDF guide which can be found here: NPS Yellowstone - Reopening Plan 2020

Update March 24: Yellowstone National Park is closed!

Yellowstone National Park is open. However, Albright Visitor Center is closed as well as the Boiling River soaking/swimming area. 

  • Visitor Center(s): Albright Visitor Center which is located at Mammoth Hot Springs is closed. Other visitor and information centers in Yellowstone NP are closed anyway during the colder months. 
  • Roads/Access: The road from Gardiner to Cooke City is open and accessible. 
  • Lodging: Lodging in Gardiner and Cooke City, as well as other locations should be available.


Is Yosemite National Park Open?

Update Yosemite N.P. starts a phased reopening on June 5. Check updates here: Yosemite Covid-19 Closures - Reopening.

Yosemite National Park is closed! The closure will be enforced. The park is closed to all visitors, except residents, NPS employees and contractors. 


Is Zion National Park Open?

UPDATE: Zion National Park will reopen with limited operations on May 13. It will be open for day use only and shuttles won't operate. Please find more details here: NPS - Zion National Park - Resume of Operations

UPDATE: Zion National Park is closed now! Zion National Park is open. However, changes in park operations are in places and most facilities are closed. Read more details below and in the latest Zion NPS Health Update.

  • Visitor Center(s): Both visitor centers are closed: The Zion Canyon Visitor Center and the Kolob Canyons Visitor Center. The museum is closed.  All other visitor contact stations are closed as well. 
  • Entrance Fee: No entrance fees will be collected for the time being. 
  • Shuttles: All shuttle operations are suspended. Visitors are permitted to drive up to Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. However, there is limited parking only. 
  • Avoid the Crowds: Read our Zion guide and follow our tips on how to dodge the crowds. 


Avoiding the Crowds Guide