Giannis D. Wreck

Giannis D. Wreck


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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Ir's a year-round destination for diving. The main season starts in May and lasts until November with its peak in summer.

Best with water temperatures around 28 degrees and even more from June to September. October and November are a little bit cooler, therefore, less busy. Strong winds can occur during autumn, and it can be chilly.

The biggest chance for spotting big fishes from September to November when they migrate from the south to the north with colder ocean currents. 

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Where and Tips

Hurghada, Shadwan Island

The reef of Abu Nuhas in the Red Sea is also called "The Ship's Graveyard". 4 wrecks are accessible for divers. The Giannis D. is one of the most exciting wrecks for diving. The cargo of the almost 100 meters long ship was wood when it sank in 1983. It hit the reef and split into two halves. The wreck lies in depth between 4 to 27 meters. It's great to dive zigzagging through the corridors and the engine room.


Stefan Bonne

Nice picture ! Guess you were lucky with the presence of the dolphins?


Stefan you are right we were very lucky with the dolphins. Especially my wife it was her first dive.

Melissa Sallee

I have never gone wreck diving, but you sure do make it look exciting! Thank you for the images you posted and information you shared in the description. I like to explore industrial ruins and can see how these adventures have a lot in common. Every time I look at a new post on When to be Where, I realize I need to live a little longer ;)