About Us

“As far back as we can remember, I always wanted to explore every corner of this planet …”

I'm a travel fanatic. Well, that doesn’t come as a surprise, right? It gets better: I'm also a best-time-to-visit and special destination expert. Together with my teammates, we have a combined travel experience of almost 100 years! 

Geierlay Bridge
Me at the Geierlay Bridge in Germany

I love traveling but not that far most of the time. The United States is an exception. I'm an avid hiker and usually like to feel some ground beneath me. Nevertheless, I tried snorkeling recently. My favorite destinations are the United States and many European Countries.  When I'm not writing travel guides, I often watch the latest Netflix series and play the piano … grade 0.5 I guess ;) Originally I wanted to become a filmmaker. My current favorite travel destination is Lofoten Islands

Big Cypress
Hiking in the Big Cypress National Preserve

My teammates and I traveled around the world and talked to hundreds of locals and destination experts so far. That means we can offer you detailed insights about each place. Especially details about the difference for each month of the year. Our season and monthly travel guides for places around the world belong to the best out there.

Articles written by me and my expert travel team are from the user WHEN to TRAVEL.
Our new Facebook page name is Any Travel Tips.