Is Delta a Good Airline?

Depending on what you are looking for in an airline, we will answer whether Delta is a good airline for you. Overall, they rank high in many different aspects compared to other carriers. Despite this, whenever there is a positive, there is always a negative to go along with it.

Delta is a very good airline because of its high-quality customer service and satisfaction, attention to personal detail when it comes to seating and reservations, and top-notch in-flight amenities. From comfort to cost, it is ideal for the casual frequent flyer.

It’s the best choice for those who don’t need top-notch products but still want high-quality service.

It is one of the most popular airlines in the United States, one of the largest in the world, and one of my personal favorites.

I fly with Delta multiple times every year and have always had friendly and high-quality service before and during the flights. Delta is always on board and ready to service flyers however they may need to be.

One time I had an unfortunate incident abroad, and flying back to the United States wasn’t easy on crutches, especially at the last minute. Delta was able to accommodate all requests, seat changes, and personal assistance throughout the whole flight process, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Below are my detailed insights into the high-quality and some low-quality aspects of Delta Airlines.

Why It Is a Good Airline | 9 Pros

A220: Seat-back screens in every seat. You choose from up to 300 movies, as well as options from HBO, Showtime, and more. A220 Interior by Delta News Hub, CC BY

Delta is the second largest in the world and one of the most popular and highly thought of airlines in the world. Here are nine advantages of flying with Delta Airlines.

1. High Number of Destinations

Delta airlines fly to loads of different destinations all over the world, domestic and international. They also offer more direct flights than any other airline in the world. There are 9 United States-based Delta hubs, making it easier for Americans to find tickets at a reasonable price, even last minute.

Delta serves flights to more than 325 destinations in 52 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and more. I have flown to multiple different destinations around the world like California, Hawaii, the United Kingdom, Jamaica, and Colombia.

2. Sky Alliance Program & Rewards

The Delta Airline Skyline Program is a frequent flyer program offered by Delta and one of the best airline programs for passengers to gain perks and rewards. When passengers fly with Delta, and partner airlines, they are able to gain points/miles, to exchange for free flights, car rental, ungraded amenities, and other advantages.

💡 By using the American Express SkyMiles card, my family and I have been able to fly to various destinations, almost completely free, with upgraded in-flight amenities as well.

3. High-Quality In-Flight Entertainment

In-flight entertainment is a huge aspect when it comes to long-haul flights or international travel. Delta is doing a good job here and provides decent-sized screens on the back of each seat pre-loaded with different entertainment options for all passengers to enjoy.

The screens feature various beloved movies, television shows, and music to keep guests happy and entertained during long spans of hours in the sky.

I always enjoy using the flight watcher on the provided screens to keep up with miles and locations in real time. If you forget to bring normal headphones rather than wireless ones, Delta can provide you with a pair, which was a lifesaver once for me once on a long 8-hour journey from the US to Germany.

4. Assigned Seating When Booking

Many airlines have randomly assigned seating procedures or charge an extra fee to choose to book seats together to fly as a family or with your partner. This tends to cause a lot of commotion and discouragement on many flights, such as separating children from parents.

Delta provides guests with assigned seating (with the exception of the basic economy) TOGETHER, free of charge when booking the reservations. Passengers can prepare for their flight knowing that their party will fly together to their destination.

My family and I have flown with Delta back and forth from Florida for years and have never been split apart during any journey.

5. Great Lounges

Delta partners with various airlines in multiple destinations all over the world. Due to their wide range of locations, many airports provide luxuriously relaxing lounges for Delta Sky Alliance members or for other passengers, proving they pay an entrance fee.

Lounges are able to provide guests with a comfortable experience before flights or during long hours of stop-overs, often with access to private bathrooms and showers, and bars.

6. Top Notch Service & Hospitality

Delta is best known for its high-quality service and friendly hospitality. Whether on land or in the sky, passengers of Delta can rest assured they will be provided with the best service and assistance during their travel experience.

As I mentioned above, the staff of Delta went above and beyond to cater to my extra service needs when flying home after an accident that landed me on crutches and unable to walk. Staff members will go to great lengths to provide help and comfort to all passengers before, during, and after their flight.

It is continually ranked as one of the best airlines in the world, and passengers of Delta can fly comfortably, knowing that if a problem arises, they are in good hands. The company will go to great lengths to keep passengers happy and resolve any problem that should occur.

7. Excellent Safety

Delta passengers can fly with ease, knowing they are in an overall safe environment. Delta ranks highest in full-service carriers when it comes to safety aspects. The airline provides safety in the sky, equipped with seatbelts, inflatables, masks, and proper cleanliness practices.

Before and after flying, passengers can book reservations and receive other services online without worries about personal and financial information being recorded or landing in the wrong hands.

8. Reliability

Delta Airlines ranks high when it comes to reliability and excels in its on-time performance. Delta ranks second on the North American regional list for flight punctuality. Passengers can book with Delta knowing that their travel plans are highly unlikely to be delayed or altered due to a fault or mistake in the airline itself.

💡 After flying with Delta for nearly 30 years, I only remember two flight delays, which thankfully didn’t disrupt any other flights.

When it comes to unfortunate weather conditions or other incidents where flying is more difficult, Delta goes above and beyond to assist customers in resolving their delays and getting them on their journey as fast and safely as possible.

9. Delta App

The Delta App allows passengers to make changes, receive alerts and updates, compare prices, and conveniently check-in for their flight ahead of time, all from the comfort of their mobile phone.

I always use the app to avoid the long check-in lines at the airport and do the check-in process beforehand right on my iPhone. It is painless and easy to use and allows passengers to manage all of their itinerary info in one simple place.

The app also offers a flight tracker for all users so loved ones at home to keep track of their flights for safety purposes.

Drawbacks | 3 Cons

Despite the world-class service, access to lounges and rewards, and the option to choose from thousands of destinations worldwide, there are still some drawbacks to flying with Delta.

1. Baggage Policies

Baggage policies are a sector in flying that always tends to vary drastically from carrier to carrier. Unlike many airlines, such as Southwest, Delta charges a fee for each checked bag per passenger, starting at $30 for the first, and $40 for any additional luggage.

Expectations for this policy are only available for former and active military, Sky Alliance members, or premium or first-class flyers.

As I typically only travel with a carry-on bag, which is free of charge, I have had friends travel with me who always dislike the extra baggage fees and end up paying double at the airport.

2. High Priced Air Fare and Refund Policy

Being ranked as one of the best airlines in the world is fantastic, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Excellent service and high-quality amenities cause passengers to pay more for the experience of the flight, rather than just the flight itself.

As a frequent budget traveler, there are times when Delta is just out of the question when it comes to cost when there are cheaper airlines with the same ticket for half the price. However, by purchasing a cheaper ticket, I am aware of sacrificing the quality of service, which has been a major mistake in the past.

Flight costs are often significantly more expensive and less affordable to the majority of passengers, with an average round-trip domestic flight cost of $200+ and international roundtrip flights averaging $400+.

Refunds: Delta’s return policy can be very tricky and confusing to understand, causing some hassle and aggravation to passengers. The airline has six different travel classes, and each class has its own policy.

Depending on which class you book will dictate whether the ticket is refundable or exchangeable. However, differentiating between 6 classes can be time-consuming and confusing for many passengers, resulting in a loss of flight or money due to confusion and misunderstanding.

3. In-Flight Comfort

While Delta does has excellent in-flight service and entertainment, comfort is a different story. The seating arrangement while flying Delta is often uncomfortable and small in size.

Additionally, legroom is scarce, especially in basic economy class seating (the majority and most popular class). Comfort and legroom with Delta are often only beneficial when it comes to flying Premium or First Class.

As someone who is very tall, legroom is definitely an aggravating factor when it comes to Delta. It’s really hard to get comfortable on long-haul flights with small seats AND a tiny amount of legroom. I try to opt for exit row seating when available, as there are often a few extra inches of legroom.


Besides a few downsides, after flying with Delta for 30 years with so many positive experiences, I can only say that it will definitely be another 30 years. Highly recommended airline!

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