Is Alaska Airlines Good or Bad?

Looking for a really good airline in the United States? Alaska Airlines ranks high as one of the best airlines in the country.

They were voted for having the Best Airline Rewards Program in 2022, and reaching elite status is easier to reach compared to other leading airlines. It offers high-quality value and takes pride in having the Number 1 West Coast market share over any other competitor.

From our experience, Alaska Airlines is a very good airline because they have an excellent mileage program with huge perks and benefits, high-quality customer service with friendly employees, and more direct flight services for the west coast than any other airline in the United States.

While it may not be the most affordable airline to fly with, the advantages and experience that come with it are worth the extra couple of dollars.

For those who travel a lot on the west coast or for business, Alaska Airlines is a prime choice. They offer not only a personal but also a business credit card, to earn even more points and rewards for frequent flyers. And for those in their special Mileage Program, the rewards can’t be beaten. While most airlines offer services all over the country, not all airlines offer direct services as widely as Alaska Airlines, resulting in fewer issues and happier customers.

While the rewards system is unmatched, the service is superb, and in-flight services are plentiful, there may be a few downsides to flying with Alaska Airlines depending on the purpose of the flight or personal preference.

Some would say Alaska is a bad Airline, as flights tend to be costly, east coast destinations are limited, and loss of luggage isn’t unheard of. However, despite the downsides with Alaska Airlines, the positive aspects outweigh the negative aspects by a long shot, at least we think so anyway.

Below is an overview of high-quality and low-quality aspects of Alaska Airlines.

Why It Is a Good Airline | 7 Pros

Alaska Airlines is a high-quality airline with lots of perks and benefits that come with its name. Whether you are looking for in-flight comfort, friendly employees, or high-quality services, Alaska Airlines is a great choice.

Some of the most positive aspects of flying with Alaska Airlines are as follows.

1. Spacious Seating

Passenger satisfaction and comfort are very important when it comes to Alaska Airlines. Most flights offer spacious seating with a little extra legroom than most other competing airlines.

There are even seats available for purchase for even more legroom and space to stretch out on long-haul flights. For those of you who are tall like me, having extra legroom on flights can make a huge difference in flight quality and comfort.

2. Customer Service

Alaska Airlines takes hospitality and customer service very seriously, and make big efforts to keep all passengers happy and flights successful. From the ticket booking process to preparing, flying, and departing, the customer service team is available and more than happy to help with any issues you may have along the way.

We always had a wonderful experience with their customer service. Employees both on the ground and while in the air, off an all-around great experience.

3. Deals & Discounts Availability

For those of you who are frequent flyers with Alaska Airlines and are a part of their Mileage Plan, there are deals and discounts happening all year round. From discounted rates to additional add-ons and extras, those who are loyal to the airline will reap huge benefits.

💡 Even after a flight is booked, there will be discounts on available additions and changes, such as lounge access, priority boarding, or free additional luggage.

4. Direct West Coast Services

Alaska Airlines offers more direct services on the west coast of the United States than any other airline. It has more than 1200 flights a day to over 115 destinations, the majority being on the west coast. The airline’s main headquarters is in Seattle, with its main hubs all being on the west coast as well in Anchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, and San Francisco.

Additionally, Alaska Airlines is a member of One World Alliance, partnering with multiple airlines around the world for more flight options and destinations.

5. Alaska Airlines Visa Card

Alaska Airlines offers two different credit card options for frequent flyers to choose from; Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card, and the Alaska Airlines Visa Business card. Whether you choose to fly for business or personal leisure, both cards come with sign-up bonus miles, free checked luggage, and various other perks and benefits to earn over time.

6. Frequent Flyer Program

The frequent Flyer Program for Alaska Airlines is called the Mileage Plan. The Mileage plan is an ideal frequent flyer program, with a high-quality elite status much more obtainable compared to other airlines. Miles can be earned through flying, hotel stays, and rental car services, and traded in for free flights, rewards, and other benefits.

The offer to split miles and money is also an option, in case an emergency rises up and you need a quick flight. This was great when I needed a last-minute ticket and was traveling on a budget. While I didn’t have enough points for the whole ticket, I had enough for half, and cash to cover the rest.

7. In-Flight Entertainment

Alaska Airlines doesn’t come short of in-flight entertainment. For both domestic and international flights, the airlines offer movies, music, and television shows for flyers. Plus, USB ports are available in all seats, in addition to in-flight wifi (for purchase) and free texting.

Having USB ports was a lifesaver for us when flying with Alaska, as all of my devices were low on battery before the flight. Thankfully, my phone was charged by the end of the flight, allowing me access to my continuing flight boarding pass and information.

‘The Bad’ | 3 Cons

While the airline has excellent quality service and a lot of other benefits, depending on your purpose of travel, there may be some disadvantages. Before booking a flight with Alaska Airlines, keep the following aspects in mind.

1. Reliability

While Alaska Airlines does service the entire country and various locations internationally, a large portion of those flights goes through Alaska and Canada. Due to the geographical location of these destinations, the weather is a big factor.

Reliability tends to be an issue with airlines, especially in the wintertime, due to various flights and delays. If you are someone on a time schedule or flying for business, this is a crucial thing to keep in mind, depending on your flight destination.

3. Limited Number of Hubs

Hubs for Alaska Airlines are limited to the west coast of the United States. While this is a huge benefit to those on the western side of the country, being the airline with the most direct flight options, this is a downside to the rest of the country.

There are flights all over the country but are very limited in the New England region. If you are someone flying from the east coast, it’s likely you will have a stopover connecting to a major Alaska Airlines hub.

4. Freshness of Meals

Alaska Airlines offers more meal choices than many other airlines, but the freshness may not be as cherished. After long-haul flights, having a good meal is essential to energy and in-flight comfort. While I tend to fill up my belly before meals and snacks during the flight, someone who enjoys eating on planes may be disappointed.


Despite a few downsides, I would highly recommend Alaska Airlines as a great airline to most people, especially those on the west coast. The advantages of the airlines highly outweigh the bad, so plan for an overall good experience on your next flight.