5-Day Arizona Itinerary

As an Arizona local, I’m excited to guide you through some of the best places in my state. We’ll visit the lively Phoenix, mystical Sedona, cool Flagstaff, the breathtaking Grand Canyon, and the ancient Petrified Forest National Park over five amazing days.

I’ve put together this itinerary using my local knowledge to make sure you see Arizona like a true insider. From hidden spots in Sedona to cozy corners in Flagstaff, you’re in for a real treat.

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Each day brings a new adventure, whether it’s the stunning landscapes of the Grand Canyon or the historic wonders of the Petrified Forest.

Let’s make this trip unforgettable with stories and sights only Arizona can offer. Whether you love exploring nature, learning about history, or just enjoying beautiful views, this journey has something for everyone. So, get ready for an adventure filled with Arizona’s best. Let’s go!

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💡 Spending five days in Arizona allows you to see the main attractions without having to rush from place to place.  However, we highly suggest adding one extra day to see iconic sites like Antelope Canyon. 

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Day 1: Phoenix

Sonoran Desert – Arizona

Phoenix is the best place to start your trip as most likely you’ll have flown into the Phoenix Airport. Grab your rental car and head to the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve. This is an excellent spot for exploring. You’ll find multiple trails here with desert views of cactuses and critters.

The preserve is open until 11 pm for hiking, though the main entrance closes at 7 pm. If you’re arriving later in the day, make sure to catch the epic sunset views here that are raved about by locals.

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Desert Botanical Garden

Still, have daylight hours left? Head to the Desert Botanical Garden afterward. It’s only about a 40-minute drive.

Each trail in the garden provides a different experience. For example, there’s a trail focused on desert wildflowers and another that offers views of the magnificent mountains nearby. There’s a restaurant located here, so you can grab a bite to eat.

Evening visitors in the summer can catch Flashlight Nights, which allows you to explore the garden at nighttime to see wildlife and critters.

Alternative: The Dolly Steamboat

If you’ve spent the day exploring the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve and don’t feel like walking more at the Desert Botanical Garden, head to Tortilla Flats instead. As a note, it is a further drive that will take about 1.5 hours.

The Dolly Steamboat offers dinner cruises so you can sit, relax, and enjoy the landscape simultaneously. You’ll be traveling along Canyon Lake, which provides views of cliffs that hover over the water. Catch the purple, pink, and blue sunset peeking over the rocks during this cruise.

Make sure to book your ticket ahead of time, as you’ll need to mark your food choice. This is not an activity to go to last minute as you can’t purchase tickets onsite.

Phoenix Tips:

  • Downtown Phoenix stores close around 5 pm each day, so plan accordingly.
  • Don’t expect the downtown area of Phoenix to have a crazy nightlife scene. You’ll have more luck planning outdoor activities in this city.

Day 2: Sedona

If you plan to visit in the winter months, take a look at our guide to Sedona in January (with weather and clothing tips).

Get up early and continue your itinerary by spending the second day in Sedona. It’s about a two-hour drive, and you’ll want to spend the day exploring the area.

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Our top five activities in Sedona:

  • Explore Sedona’s Main Street: Dive into the heart of Sedona by wandering along its vibrant Main Street. Here, you can browse through unique art galleries, local jewelry stores, and sample some of the finest southwestern cuisine. The blend of art, culture, and food makes it a must-visit spot.
  • Visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross: This architectural marvel is not just for the religious. Set against the dramatic backdrop of Sedona’s red rocks, the chapel offers breathtaking views and a peaceful atmosphere for reflection or meditation.
  • Take a Jeep Tour: Experience Sedona’s famous red rock landscapes up close with a guided Jeep tour. These tours offer an adventurous way to learn about the area’s geology, history, and folklore, all while having a thrilling ride.
  • Hike to Cathedral Rock: For those who love a good hike, Cathedral Rock is one of Sedona’s most iconic formations. The trail to the top is moderately challenging, but the panoramic views of Sedona and its surrounding valleys are well worth the effort.
  • Relax at Oak Creek Canyon: A bit north of Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon offers a cooler, shaded retreat with its lush forest, creek-side picnics, and swimming spots. It’s a perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring.

On the way to Sedona, make sure to stop at:

Montezuma Castle National Monument

Here you’ll find historic housing carved into the cliffs. There is an impressive sinkhole (Montezuma Well) that can be viewed on the property along with the castle. You won’t want to miss this stop as it’s one of the most well-preserved historic living quarters.

Walking through the 20+ rooms of the main castle allows you a look into daily life for the Sinagua people.

How much time to spend here? It should only take about an hour to explore Montezuma, leaving you with plenty of time for other activities.

Tip: If you are planning to visit in the spring, you will find extremely helpful tips in our articles ‘Sedona in March‘ and ‘Sedona in April‘.

Red Rock State Park

From there, head to Red Rock State Park. This hiking spot offers a unique appeal – a vortex.

Sedona is believed to hold four different vortexes throughout the city, each located in a separate spot. The vortexes are thought to provide a sort of energy that is absorbed by people who visit the area.

By exploring the Red Rock Park, you’ll be left near the Cathedral Rock Vortex. This particular vortex is thought to have “feminine” energy and provide patience to visitors.


This is a town located on Mingus Mountain. It was once the home of a mine that provided copper, silver, and gold. Once the mines were closed in the area, it shifted to a ghost town until 1967, when it became a National Historic Landmark.

Visiting this town provides entertainment for at least a few hours. When the town was restored, it was filled with art galleries, shops, and eateries. Spend some time exploring each of these before heading to the Mine Museum to learn about Jerome’s history in-depth.

Extra Day/Alternative: Antelope Canyon Tour from Sedona

Antelope Canyon is a must-see location. It’s known for its picturesque tall walls that can be walked through. Often, photographers head here and use it for sessions because of the unique light beams between spring and fall.

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This Antelope Canyon X Tour is the perfect alternative for Red Rock National Park or spending one extra day:

Tickets: Sedona or Flagstaff Antelope Canyon Tour | Pickup in Sedona  

Why Antelope Canyon X? It’s a stunning experience without the heavy crowds!

This tour also includes popular stops at Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon Dam, and Cameron Trading Post. Lunch is included, and expect the tour to last nearly the full day.

Alternative: If you would like to visit the traditional Antelope Slot Canyon (Upper/Lower), book this tour:

Sedona Tip:

  • Dress clothes are not necessary in this city. Most activities will be casual (like hiking) or gallery visits.

Day 3: Flagstaff

It’s time to head to Flagstaff for the next day of adventuring. This city is so filled with activities and sites that it deserves two days. It’s a hub close to many of the popular tourist destinations nearby, so it’s the perfect place to stay.

You’ll need to drive about three hours from Sedona to reach Flagstaff. Once you arrive, check out Coconino National Forest. Specifically, take a walk through the mile-long Lava River Cave. Don’t worry; there’s no actual lava present in the cave.

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It’s a tunnel that was formed 700,000 years ago and now provides views of interesting rock formations. The temperature is much colder in the cave so bring extra layers even if the temperature outside is 80°+.


Grand Canyon South Rim

The Grand Canyon is split into three sections: North Rim, South Rim, West Rim, and Havasu Falls. While each area holds its appeal, the South Rim is the most popular to visit. It is open year-round and includes the Grand Canyon Village and Grand Canyon Railway.

Tip: If you plan to visit the Grand Canyon in winter, read our guide with tips for visiting Grand Canyon in December.

Take the Scenic Hermit Road or drive on Desert View Drive when you need a break from hiking. You’ll still find epic views of the Grand Canyon without having to be on foot.

Flagstaff Tips:

  • The high elevation in Flagstaff can cause some people to feel nauseous or get altitude sickness. Plan for shorter distances for hikes to allow your body to get used to the elevation change.
  • Another note to be conscious of regarding the elevation is ensuring a sufficient amount of water is consumed. Water is typically lost faster at higher altitudes, so it’s easier to get dehydrated.

Day 4: Flagstaff Part II

As mentioned, there are many activities to participate in while visiting Flagstaff. So many, you’ll want to spend another day here.

Take the second day to explore the downtown area. Shops line the streets, and brewpubs beckon on the corners with selections of craft beers.

It’s an excellent place to spend a few hours while traveling, especially if you’re craving a more laidback activity. Depending on the time of year you visit, you’ll find different activities.

Summer offers farmer’s markets, outdoor movies, and concerts. Winter brings cozy restaurants to grab a meal and drink while warming up after winter sports.

E-bike tours and historical tours will help you learn about the area and its history while sight-seeing. You can’t go wrong with any of the tours here.

Painted Desert

Take one look at the Painted Desert, and you’ll see exactly why it’s named this. Nearly every color can be seen throughout the rocks ranging from purple to grays and pinks.

This badland landscape has survived through many floods, volcanoes, and earthquakes. These natural occurrences combined with sunlight are what provide the beautiful colors that are seen today.

The Painted Desert holds a lot of history in it. Both Navajo and Hopi people have lived on the land for years. Surprisingly, they were not the ones to name it “Painted Desert”; settlers from Spain were.

Petrified Forest

While you can head to the Painted Desert directly to see incredible views, you can also switch gears and drive to Petrified Forest National Park. Here, you’ll still be able to explore a portion of Painted Desert and take in the views from Petrified Forest Park. Both locations are raved about and are considered must-sees.

More Flagstaff Tips:

  • If you are interested in exploring downtown Flagstaff, it will take about four hours to view the area. Make sure to plan accordingly.
  • Dress for the weather. Flagstaff is cooler than surrounding areas, and temperatures can drop 20° from daytime to nighttime. Make sure to check on the expected weather before heading here so you can pack appropriately.

Day 5: Phoenix

On the final day, it’s time to head back to Phoenix to finish off your 5-day itinerary. Flagstaff back to Phoenix is just about a two-hour drive. Concluding your trip in Phoenix allows you to avoid a lengthy drive back before getting on an airplane.

Musical Instrument Museum: On your last day in Phoenix, you’ll want to check out the Musical Instrument Museum. With all of the abundant outdoor beauty and activities, it can be easy to overlook Arizona’s available museums and galleries.

At this museum, instruments are displayed from locations around the world. Instruments are sectioned off by regions on the top floor.

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You’ll also be able to find clothing items from famous musicians, videos of concerts, and the chance to try out multiple instruments (perfect for any kids who are on the trip). The museum also hosts live music events throughout the year.

Heard Museum: Another fascinating place to visit is the Heard Museum. It’s truly intriguing, as you can learn so many interesting facts about Native American history. Definitely worth a visit!

Superstition Mountains

The Superstition Mountains are as interesting as their name. Many legends are surrounding these mountains, including hidden gold that people have searched for over the years.

There is no promise of gold, of course, when exploring the area. What will be found are scenic views and excellent photography opportunities. The mountain range is accented by lakes and waterways that can help you cool off during the hotter months.

There is also backcountry camping available here – something to keep in mind for future trips. Other activities that can be done here include climbing and mountain biking.

Extra Day/Alternative: Hot Air Balloon Ride

Seeing Arizona from up above is a dream. This half-day activity offers the opportunity to ride on a hot air balloon during sunrise or sunset. You’ll be seeing exciting views from above while soaking in the multi-colored skies.

You’ll be floating over the desert landscapes where you can see the wildlife, cacti, and wildflowers. A glass of champagne is included after take-off to provide a more luxurious experience. The full trip lasts for 3.5 hours. This is the perfect way to wrap up your days spent in Arizona before heading to the airport.

Tickets: Hot Air Balloon Ride

Phoenix Tips:

  • If you’re visiting in March, you can catch the Orange tree blooms, which produce a delightful scent this month. Drive through Phoenix with your windows down and see if you can catch the scent.
  • You will need a car while visiting here. Many locations are spread out, even just around Phoenix. This is not a spot that you can rely on public transportation to get you from point A to point B each day.

After spending five days in Arizona and driving around to multiple cities, you’ll feel like a local. Of course, you can always extend your stay if you feel any must-visit locations have been missed. Start with the above activities as a jumping-in point and go from there. You’ll be left with memories, excellent pictures, and an action-packed itinerary.

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