Ben Nevis

When Is the Best Time

The best time to climb and hike Ben Nevis is in the summer from July to August. The temperatures are mild and it’s better to hike with sunshine and clear visibility. However, you will probably see snow at any time of the year.

The downside during summertime are the crowds, as the mountain gets very busy. Start your hike early to avoid a jam-packed trail. The second best time with mostly pleasant temperatures and less crowds is September. Dress in layers as it gets colder.

Regardless of the month: Always Bring rain gear as the weather can change very quickly.

In general, Ben Nevis can be climbed year-round. Just keep in mind, that the winter months are only for experienced mountaineers, as people still die on the mountain. In the summertime, it is one of the most popular hikes in Scotland, since it is the highest peak in the UK.

Where to stay? Choose a location situated at the foot of Ben Nevis. That’s by far the best choice: Hotels and Guest Houses near Ben Nevis (via


Review by Stefan Bonne

Leaving Fort William in the early morning will avoid the crowds in the holiday season. There is a well marked path until the top. Lucky for us there were no clouds which seems to be exceptional. Leaving the visitor center just outside of Fort William, the path is an easy climb.

Halfway the path becomes more difficult. Just under the top there is a small valley where, even is summer, some snow is still present. The top gives a nice view over Scotland, weather permitting. If the weather is a spoiler, there are plenty of alternative hikes around the area of Fort William.


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