Chichén Itzá

Chichén Itzá


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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Expect tourist crowds year-round with the busiest months being November to April. This is also the dry season with the most sunny and warm days. LOW SEASON with less crowds is in May / June and September / October. The rainy season with more heat, and humidity is from May to October. A great mix of good weather and lesser tourists is May. It’s already getting hotter, more humid and rainy but less than in September/October, when most rain and humidity occurs. Typically only 1-3 hours of rain each day. Although it’s low season, on 22nd or 23rd Sept the place is heavily crowded due to Fall Equinox.


Stay overnight and visit the next morning when the park opens at 8 AM. You’ll experience significantly less crowds before the tourist busses arrive around 10 AM and annoying vendors aren’t ready yet. It’s also the best time to avoid the heat. Alternative (secret tip): The park closes at 4 PM but reopens from 5 - 6 PM. Often you have the place almost for yourself within that 1 hour window.


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Where and Tips


The Chichén Itzá complex is one of the largest Maya city ruins. A breathtaking and magical place. The most recognizable object is El Castillo (Temple of Kukulkan). It’s an amazing pyramid that demonstrates the accuracy of Maya astronomy. It has 365 steps, one for each day of the year. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to climb the steps anymore.

Tip: It’s really hot there. Even if you go in the morning you still need to bring sunblock, hat/umbrella, and drinking water.


On Sept. 22 or 23 and March 20 or 22, the sun of the late afternoon creates the illusion of a snake creeping slowly down the northern staircase. The illusion is visible about 2 days before and after the specific day. It’s only worth it if you enjoy standing shoulder to shoulder with others in a heavy crowd. The days before and after are less crowded.




Truly magical place. Despite the crowds, it should be on everyone's to do list :)


What an amazing place, well worth a visit!

Martin Quast

Viel zu viel Verkausstände von Ramsch aus China. Schade. Leider ist der Zugang zu allen Ruinen gesperrt. Auf die Pyramide darf man auch nicht mehr hoch. Nur weil 2006 jemand mit Flip Flop da hoch geturnt ist und anschließend verunglückt ist. Vor knapp 20 Jahren war ich schon einmal hier. Da war noch alles begehbar.

Martin Quast

Leider keine mexikanischen Handarbeiten.

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