Falling Spring Falls

When Is the Best Time

Golden hour is the best time to visit Falling Spring Falls. About an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise are great for photos because it’s the best lighting. Mid day is great for those who wanna get wet during the summer under the falls.

Our Experience and Review

This was my first time visiting Falling Spring Falls along with my girlfriend and we absolutely loved it!! After taking a scenic drive down the AMAZING Blue Ridge Parkway we arrived and were surprised to notice how close it was to the road, which made it really nice because it made it easy to hike to the bottom in just a few steps and allowed us to stay and get more photos like the ones I posted below!

Falling Spring Falls is 80ft tall which makes it even more awesome. For the more adventurous folks, you can even take a trip behind the falls and discover some cool little caves with bats nestled inside. We went during the golden hour before sunset so the lighting was perfect and really brought out all the colors in the trees that had freshly bloome out. We loved it and say it was totally worth the 4-5 hour drive to witness if your ever nearby you should totally check it out.

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