Florida in June – Outfits and Weather

June in Florida brings everything you need for a great summer vacation. If you are wondering how to prepare your packing list or what to expect in terms of the weather, we’ve got you covered.

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In this guide, we cover:

  • Weather in June
  • Water Temperature | Swimming
  • Packing Tips | Outfits

This article was written by a local who lived 4 years in Florida!


Average high temperatures during June.

June is officially summertime and the weather sure shows. The month is going to be a lot hotter and a lot muggier. Take precautions and make sure you stay hydrated at all times.

The average high temperature in June ranges from 86°F to 91°F (30-33°C).  This is the rainy season, bringing frequent rains and hot and humid weather. Rainfall is rapidly increasing throughout the month with an average of 4.5 – 6 inches.

Average highs in June include:

  • Miami: 86°F (30°C)
  • Tampa: 90°F (32°C)
  • Orlando: 91°F (33°C)
  • Jacksonville: 90°F (32°C)
  • Destin: 88°F (31°C)

Florida always brings unpredictable weather, especially during the rainy season. The further south you go, the higher the sun and the warmer the temperatures will become, but you are also more likely to have cloudy days with showers as well.

Dark clouds in Tampa, Florida

June is the second month of the wet season. Rain will be very likely almost every day, so you should be prepared with either an umbrella or poncho on hand. The rainfall will gradually increase as the month goes on.

💡 After spending many summers in Florida, we learned to appreciate the showers when they come. The heat and humidity can become unbearable in the afternoons, especially after being outside all morning. Storms and showers can put a damper on your daily activities, but it may not be as bad as you might think.

The average rainfall during this time of year is 4.5-6 inches and very rarely exceeds 8.3 inches. It usually rains 22 days of the month, while the end of the month tends to bring more heavy rains and longer showers.


Florida is only 90 miles away from the Caribbean islands, and that causes the humidity levels to be high all year. But summertime brings a different type of humidity some people may not be prepared for.

The average humidity in June in Florida is anywhere between 60-92%, depending on the time of day, with most of the day being on average 77%. Mornings tend to have high humidity levels, but cooler temperatures. It becomes hotter throughout the day, however, depending on the rainfall, high humidity levels can linger around till evening.

June humidity levels in Florida aren’t as bad as what’s to come, but you can get a pretty good dose of it.

Experience: We traveled to Disney World multiple times, and time in June, we experienced humidity levels like never before. We were constantly changing shirts because they would become soaked with sweat one right after the other, and spent hundreds of dollars on beverages to stay hydrated throughout the day. But that was only once. June isn’t often that bad.

Daily Weather Progression

The weather in June tends to get noticeably hotter as the day goes on, reaching high temperatures even long after the sun goes down. Rain can happen at any time, but more often than not it comes for a few hours in the afternoons.

After a long humid morning at Disney World, a cool shower in the afternoons can be a huge blessing, but it can also bring more muggy evenings along with it.

Here is a daily progression of a southern location, Miami:

  • 8 AM: 78°F
  • 11 AM: 83°F
  • 2 PM: 85°F
  • 9 PM: 80°F

Keep in mind, Miami is at the very bottom of Florida, here you will find the hottest temperatures most times of the day.

Water Temperature

June has ideal waters for summertime, making this one of the reasons Florida beaches are so high in popularity. The ocean temperature is perfect for water dogs and swimmers alike and is often compared to bathing water.

Slight differences/water temperatures by region:

  • Coolest: The coolest temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit can be found on the northern Atlantic in places such as Amelia Island and Jacksonville.
  • Medium: Most beaches on the Gulf side, such as areas like Tampa and Fort Myers, will have water temperatures around 82 degrees Fahrenheit on average.
  • Warmest: The warmest waters in all of Florida can always be found around the Southern tip by Miami and the Keys, averaging around 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

What to Pack | Complete Outfit Guide

Pack your beach bags, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Summer is in full swing down in Florida in June. It’s the best time of year to wear shorts or flowy dresses, Hawaiian shirts, tank tops, and flip-flops. Lightweight and loose-fit types of clothing are perfect for the month of June.

💡 Try to avoid dark or tight-fitted clothing, as they tend to be like a magnet for the sun’s rays and make it difficult for your body to keep you cool because of the high humidity levels.

During the month of June, the essential clothing items in your suitcase should be:

  • Shorts (Fast-drying)
  • Capris
  • T-shirts & Tanks (bring extras)
  • Sundresses/skirts
  • Light jacket or windbreaker
  • Bathing Suits, Cover-ups, Swim Trunks
  • Raincoat or Poncho (rainy season)
  • Comfortable walking sneakers
  • Flip flops or strappy sandals

Avoid items such as jeans (ladies: no leggings), and instead, opt for shorts (or sundresses for the ladies).

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Always be prepared for rain, especially the more south you are. Intermittent drizzle is very common on most days, especially in June, and sometimes it can turn into an hours-long downpour.

Keep a small umbrella or poncho handy, and don’t forget about a spare change of shoes! Some of the drainage systems are ineffective, meaning you will find large puddles wherever you go if you walk in the rain.


Khaki shorts and loose crew neck style tops are great examples of outfits we love for day trip activities in June. For the rest of your time spent oceanside, a bathing suit will suffice.

Pro tip: For ladies, if you have a day of activities planned that includes some time at the beach or pool, you can plan on wearing your bathing suit with a dress or shorts thrown over it to minimize the amount of clothes you need to carry throughout the day.

Particularly in Miami, it’s acceptable in some places to walk around wearing a mix of a bathing suit and regular clothes.

Whether you plan on going to the beach or just walking around to see the sights, it might be helpful to carry a spare change of clothes in your bag in case you get wet, sandy, sweaty, or all of the above!

💡 It’s important to try to stick to lighter colors during the day to avoid absorbing too much sun, but feel free to wear as much or as little color as you like around nighttime.

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If you plan on spending a day at the beach, see if you can bring towels from your hotel or buy some at a store before you get to the beach. There are usually vendors selling towels at some beaches, but they will be very overpriced.

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Comfortable shoes are a must, no matter where you go. Don’t underestimate the amount of walking you will be doing, especially when going to Orlando and visiting the theme parks.

💡 Without comfortable walking shoes, you might end up with blisters and hurting feet at the end of the day.

Please don’t wear flip-flops, especially because you just may lose them on the park rides. If you plan on heading to a theme park and climbing on a water ride, make sure to take off your sneakers and socks before the ride is operational.

Otherwise, you could be walking around with soaked feet all day. If that isn’t an option for you, plan on doing the water rides at the very end of your day at the park.

Walking Tip

While you should bring walking shoes no matter what part of Florida you plan on visiting, having both sandals and sneakers with you can be helpful, especially if you spend the day traversing near the beaches of Miami or Hollywood.

If you plan on switching between walking around and lounging by the water, bring a spare pair of shoes.

Other suggestions would be sunglasses, a small backpack for day trips, sandals with support, a beach bag, hat, water shoes (if doing water sports or boating), a water bottle for hydration, SPF 30 or higher sunscreen, a small portable fan, cooler, and of course your Mickey Mouse ears for Disney.

💡 When visiting Florida, we always keep a sweater or light jacket handy throughout the day for dining out in indoor restaurants. Since the temperature outside is mainly hot, the air conditioners are on full blast. If you are someone who tends to get cold easily, this is a great tip to keep in mind.

Tip: One thing we have learned from traveling in Florida is to always bring some medicine for a headache. The Florida heat is no joke, and if you aren’t used to a warm climate, this could really bring a damper to your visit.

It may also be a good idea to invest in some electrolytes, like Gatorade or Liquid IV, which you can mix into water. This will help replace the loss of electrolytes that water can’t, and help prevent heat-related headaches or exhaustion.

Sun Protection

While it is very important to protect yourself from the heat with hats, water, electrolytes, and light, loose clothing, you should also take the sun’s rays into great consideration. Not only should you be wearing sunscreen while out and about in Florida, but you should wear sunscreen with adequate SPF.

Dermatologists and the Skin Cancer Foundation recommend using water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher for any extended outdoor activity. You should also remember to reapply at least every two hours, especially if you are sweating or getting your skin wet.

Personal Experiences

Sunscreen: ‘Make sure you bring sunscreen with a strong SPF. I had a still healing tattoo while in South Florida, and only a few minutes outside without sunscreen left a bad sunburn on my tattoo. It didn’t leave a scar once the skin healed, but it was bad enough that I used the highest SPF I could find for the rest of my trip and had no issues.’

Dehydration: ‘Electrolytes made the difference between a good and bad night in Orlando. After a day in the sun and walking between theme parks, I drank plenty of water but still felt run down by the time we got back to the hotel. I had a headache and felt really tired even though we needed to get ready to go to dinner. It turns out I was just dehydrated – a small snack bar and a liquid IV made me feel brand new!’

Walking: ‘An extra pair of shoes saved my feet and my sanity when we went to the beach in Hollywood. We were supposed to have breakfast downtown, then go to the beach for a few hours before walking around in the afternoon.

I wore my flip flops but kept sneakers in my bag to walk around later, and it was a game changer! They took up some extra space, but it was worth it to not have my feet wet or blistered while I was trying to enjoy the sights.’

Essential Packing List for Women
  • Tank tops
  • Loose shirts
  • Sundresses
  • Loose or sweat-wicking shorts
  • If you must wear pants, wear something flowy or loose-fitting
  • A light jacket or sweater
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Flip flops for the beach
  • Strappy sandals or heels for a night out
  • Sunglasses
  • Tip: For women with longer hair, plan on bringing extra headbands or hair ties. Between the heat and stifling humidity, you may find some relief in getting your hair out of your face or off your neck.
Clothing Tips From Morning to Evening

Depending on your plans for the day, you might want to start the morning with comfortable walking shoes, shorts, a tank top, and some sunglasses at the ready.

A baseball cap or other hat would go well with such a casual outfit and protect your face from the sun.

If you plan to be out all day, consider bringing a bag with a swimsuit, a similarly styled change of clothes, and spare flip flops to be ready for whatever the afternoon brings.

For the evenings, consider wearing a nice dress with sandals or a short-sleeved shirt with trousers and sandals or closed-toed shoes.

Bring a light sweater with you, as the air conditioning in many establishments will be freezing. If you want to go all out and put on your favorite heels for a nightclub or similar outing, make sure they’re comfortable.

Night Out Tip: For those who would prefer to wear heels on a night out, it might not always be feasible to carry an extra pair of shoes with you. As an emergency back-up plan, bring a thick pair of socks in your purse or clutch.

This way, if you absolutely can’t tolerate wearing your heels as the night goes on, you don’t have to walk completely barefoot on the ground.

Anecdote: ‘I saw Taylor Swift when she was touring in South Florida and made the mistake of wearing brand-new heels. By the end of the concert, my feet were in unbearable pain, and because of traffic, we had to walk nearly a mile in the heat to get to our rideshare. My friend let me borrow socks she had in her bag, and if it weren’t for those, my feet would have been ruined!’


As for jewelry, less is more during the day. A simple necklace or bracelet with a secure clasp should suffice, especially if you plan on going in the ocean or on theme park rides. Avoid rings, earrings, or other pieces of jewelry that can get lost or caught on something.

At night time, feel free to dress up your bling, especially if you’re exploring one of Florida’s big, bright cities! In Miami, for example, no piece of jewelry is too much. Bring out your bold rings, statement necklaces, and fill your ears with bright studs and hoops!

Safety Tip

Like with any area that is popular for tourists, keep your wits about you and be aware of your surroundings, especially if your bag, jewelry, or other belongings are easy to snatch.

Pay attention to where you are in space, who is around you, and keep track of your belongings at all times. You don’t want to put a kink in your vacation by having your things lost or stolen!

Essential Packing List for Men
  • T-Shirts
  • Button-up shirts
  • Trousers
  • Khakis or cargo shorts
  • A light jacket
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Flip flops for the beach
  • Dress shoes for a night out
  • Sunglasses
  • A hat or baseball cap
Clothing Tips From Morning to Evening

For the mornings, you might want to keep it comfortable with walking shoes or sandals, depending on your plans. Wear a loose shirt and shorts with some sunglasses at the ready.

A baseball cap or other hat would go well with such a casual outfit and protect your face from the sun. If you plan to be out all day, consider bringing a bag with swimming shorts, a similarly styled change of clothes, and spare shoes to be ready for whatever the afternoon brings.

Tip: If you’re in a city that’s by the beach, most establishments are swim-attire-friendly. This means you shouldn’t have any problems if you want to grab a bite to eat after the beach in a T-shirt and swim trunks.

For the evenings, consider wearing a wrinkle-free button-up with trousers and dress shoes or nice sneakers. Bring a light jacket with you, as the air conditioning in many establishments will be freezing.


Most cities in Florida, like Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville let you enjoy a laid-back vibe while getting to enjoy the parks, the water, the views, and so much more. The heat and humidity tend to keep the local population in a ‘shorts and sandals’ kind of uniform, which means you can blend right in as you discover the state’s gems.

But keep in mind that Florida knows how to show anyone a good time with a variety of nightlife and one-of-a-kind restaurants, so make sure you’re ready to dress your best come nighttime after a day of fun in the sun.

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