Best Time to Visit Georgia (USA)

When Is the Best Time

Georgia is a paradise for every visitor, regardless of the season. From the scenic mountain regions in the north to the swamps and plantations in central Georgia to the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Each region is different and offers unique experiences. There’s something for everyone here, from sightseeing in the capital city to sunbathing on the beaches, a carriage ride through Savannah, or a hike through the Appalachian foothills.

Every season, however, is distinct in each region of Georgia. It can be hot and crowded, or it can be pleasant and less busy. Knowing the best months to visit Georgia is essential if you want to have the most enjoyable trip possible.

The best time to visit Georgia in the United States is from April to May and from mid-September to November. During both periods, the weather is mild with pleasant temperatures, and the crowds in most regions are missing.

On the other hand, Georgia is a fantastic year-round destination. Read on for our season guide, which includes tips for each season and region.

Best Time To Visit Georgia For Cheap And Fewer Crowds

Jekyll Island, Georgia

The best time to visit Georgia for cheap and fewer crowds is between the months of October and February. As the temperatures cool, fewer people head to this state. This does vary by region as some southern areas stay busy through the fall.

Best Time To Visit Atlanta

The best time to visit Atlanta is between March and May. These months offer a respite from the hot and sticky summer months. Many activities and live entertainment occur during this time as well.

Best Time to Visit Atlanta Botanical Garden

The best time to visit the Botanical Garden in Atlanta, Georgia, is in the spring and fall months. In mid-March, many gorgeous flowers start to bloom: Azaleas, dogwoods, tulips, daffodils, and redbud. You’ll experience most spring flowers alive along with pleasant temperatures in April and May.

Fall is another great time as the temperature is more pleasant compared to the hot and humid summer months. 

Special Exhibition: Keep an eye out for each year’s unique exhibition, which usually runs from mid-May until late October. Recently it was the excellent Alice and the Wonderland Mosaic sculptures or the Supernatural displays. These exhibitions are truly amazing.

Best Time To Visit Savannah

The best time to visit Savannah is March through June. This is the best time to see azalea blooms and bright green leaves. A large array of festivals happen during these months, providing a solid amount of activities to do.

Good to know: The summer months get hot and wet in Savannah. Especially July and August are scorching and humid. Many are heading for the sea and beach in search of cooling breezes from the ocean. Together with winter, summer is less busy in Savannah. Spring and fall are the peak tourist times.

Best Time to Visit Cloudland Canyon State Park

The picturesque and unique Cloudland Canyon State Park is found in the northern part of Georgia. It is located on the western edge of Lookout Mountain and can be reached from Atlanta within 2 hours by car. Visitors to the park can experience many different landscapes, including massive caves, densely forested regions, sandstone cliffs, beautiful canyons, and spectacular wildlife.

All sorts of activities are available in Cloudland Canyon, such as hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking on the numerous scenic trails throughout the park.

The best time to visit Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgie is in spring, summer, and fall. The temperatures can get hot but are usually pleasant from 68°F to 85°F. It can get crowded at popular spots between April and October, especially on weekends. Arrive early, when visiting in the summer.

However, the park is also a great winter destination. Every year, it transforms into a magical winter oasis, and if you’re adventurous enough to explore the park at average highs around 45°F degrees, you’ll have a wonderful experience.

Best Savannah Tours | Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Those tours in Savannah are a must-do. Click on the images above to read more about them and other visitor reviews. You will get a mobile and/or printed voucher; very comfortable!


With our tips for each season and region, you’ll know exactly what weather to expect in Georgia, what to do, and how busy it gets.

Winter | December – February

Winter in Georgia is a magical time with the likelihood of snow in the northern parts. During this season, you can expect relief from crowds and mild weather.

Although some locations may be closed for the winter, there are plenty of activities to enjoy by yourself or with family and friends.

North Georgia | Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park, Amicalola Falls
Blood Mountain, North Georgia

Due to the snow throughout the wintertime, North Georgia winters present fewer crowds. In Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park, Cloudland Canyon State Park and Amicalola Falls State Park in December offer the least number of visitors. January and February start to see increasing visitors and people in the areas.

Winter is a great time to find cheap flights and hotels. You’ll find the best deals in December with increasing prices in January and February.


The weather in North Georgia can get chilly during the months of December – February. Atlanta and Stone Mountain Park present similar average high temperatures of 53°F-57°F while Amicalola Falls State Park offers cooler temperatures that stay between 50°F-53°F.

North Georgia presents wet winters that only last for a few months. The average rainfall in this area is between 7 and 11 days each year. January and February are drier months for Stone Mountain and Amicalola Falls, while December is the driest month for Atlanta.

What To Wear

You’ll want to pack multiple layers while visiting the northern part of Georgia in the winter. Bring a thick coat, long-sleeved t-shirts or shirts, and long, thick pants.

It can drop to the low 30s during the night, so you’ll want to pack a hat and gloves for the evenings and colder days. Make sure you pack waterproof shoes or boots to keep your feet dry.

Things To Do/Best Time To

Winter is the best time to view snowy scenery in the North part of Georgia, especially in Stone Mountain Park and Amicalola Falls. If you’re planning on hiking, be extra cautious as certain trail sections can become slippery.

Winter in Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park, and Amicalola Falls State Park is the best time to be flexible with activities. If the snowfall is quite large, streets and activities may shut down. This is a great excuse to curl up inside and spend the day relaxing.


Get in the holiday spirit by participating in festive activities in Atlanta. The Atlanta Botanical Garden puts together a beautiful light exhibit each winter that runs through the beginning of January. In February, the Botanical Garden is also worth a visit. However, the majority of the beautiful blooming flowers are viewable later in the spring.

The Atlanta Christkindl Market is a must-see during the wintertime. It features holiday-themed trinkets, food and drinks, and hand-carved items. It will put you in the holiday mood and provides an excellent opportunity to purchase souvenirs.

If the weather is too cold outside, head inside to The World of Coca-Cola. You’ll be able to see exhibits that explain the history of this drink/company as well as memorabilia. There are even interactive exhibits, so it’s perfect for the whole family. Get your tickets here.

Stone Mountain Park

Tubing is the number one activity you need to try while visiting Stone Mountain in the winter. It’s fun for people of all ages and provides a unique experience.

If you’re planning to stay through the holidays, there is a Christmas parade and laser show that can be attended. You can even walk through the Musical Frosted Forest, which combines light and music for a fun night experience.

Check out A Christmas Carol at Stone Mountain Park. It’s a great show for holiday time.

Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Falls State Park is still open for hiking in the winter. You’ll have views of the falls (most likely frozen) as you walk through the park.

If you’re planning to stay at the lodge while visiting, winter is a great time to cuddle up near the fireplace after hiking all day. The trails get icy during these months; make sure to keep an eye on the path in front of you to avoid any slips.

Cloudland Canyon State Park

This is the one park we recommend visiting in winter in Georgia (about two hours driving distance from Atlanta). The best reasons to visit are the lack of crowds, solitude, and breathtaking scenery. Don’t forget to bring your camera! Because a frozen waterfall is a sight to behold.

Central Georgia | Macon

Macon in January

Winter in Macon offers respite from the crowds. It is one of the slowest seasons tourist-wise due to the cold weather.

You can easily find reasonable rates for hotels and flights. If you’re seeking a winter getaway, this is a great spot.


Macon winters are wet and chilly similar to the weather in the northern part of Georgia. However, the Macon, Georgia winter temperatures are slightly higher than what you would experience in the northern area averaging 58°F-62°F from December to February.

Because of the higher temps, you can expect rain more often than snow. Even in winter, snow is occasional in Macon.

What To Wear

Opt for thicker sweaters, t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts, and medium-thick pants (like cargo pants) during the day. The layers make it easy for you to keep cool on warmer days. Closed-toed shoes like sneakers work well for outdoor activities.

In the evenings, temperatures can drop down around the high 30s. You’ll want to add a light to medium jacket over the sweater and change into thicker pants during this time. Use a thicker pair of shoes in the evening, like boots, to keep your feet warm.

Things to Do / Best Time to

The best time to visit Macon for low accommodation rates is during the winter.

It is also the best time to participate in holiday activities.


Visiting the Holiday Arts Market is a great way to spend a few hours while visiting Macon. There are handmade items that can be purchased while at the market. It runs until the middle of January each year.

The Nutcracker show at the Grand Opera House is a must-see. It runs for five days in December and has pulled in over 100,000 visitors over the years.

For those visiting in February, the Winter Arts Festival is an annual event that many love to stop at. It begins in the middle of February and runs for about three weeks. Local artists contribute paintings, photos, and other mediums to the show.

Southern/Coastal Georgia | Savannah, Golden Isles of Georgia, Cumberland Island National Seashore, Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

Savannah in February

Crowds in Savannah, Golden Isles of Georgia, Cumberland Island, and Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge dip down in the winter months. It also provides a nice break from the bugs that usually can be found in the area.

Accommodation rates are excellent during these months. You’ll find flights also have a lower cost in the winter.


Savannah and the Golden Isles of Georgia offer similar average high temperatures ranging from 61°F-64°F. Cumberland Island National Seashore has slightly higher temperatures of 62°F-68°F and Okefenokee has the highest temperatures of 64°F-68°F.

Don’t expect much snow, if any at all, in this area of Georgia. You’ll also notice the skies tend to be overcast during this time of year.

What To Wear

With the temperatures ranging from the 40s in the evenings to the 60s during the daytime, you’ll want to pack lighter layers with sweaters and light jackets for nighttime.

You’ll want to wear lighter long sleeves or even t-shirts during the day along with shorts or light pants. Bring a coat, just in case the temperatures are on the lower side.

Things To Do/Best Time To

Winter is the best time in southern Georgia to enjoy mild weather and fewer tourists.

It’s also the best time to enjoy a break from the bugs.

Wintertime is the best time to escape from the snow in the northern parts of Georgia by visiting the southern/coastal area.


During the wintertime, you can spend your time in Savannah participating in fun runs or marathons. There are quite a few to take part in, and most allow walking and running.

You can also take your family members to the ice-skating rink that is available for a few hours. Here you can either catch a hockey game or skate on the ice.

The Savannah Book Festival that occurs each February is an exciting event to attend. Multiple authors are found here discussing their newest books and other projects they are working on. This event is free and open to anyone.

Golden Isles of Georgia

There are a good number of activities that are offered in the winter in the Golden Isles of Georgia. In December, you can try the Holiday High Tea that occurs annually at the Jekyll Island Club Resort. You’ll be able to try tasty treats while sipping on tea.

Visiting the Mistletoe Market is another excellent activity to partake in while visiting the area. It’s similar to the Christkindl Market in Atlanta, where handmade goods can be purchased.

The Tree Lighting Festival is an event that is on the local’s list of things to do each winter. Holiday characters, workshops, and caroling can all be encountered at this festival.

Cumberland Island National Seashore

The island is still open and able to be accessed during the wintertime. You can explore the Dungeness Ruins, which were once home to the wife of the owner of the island. These ruins are the remains of the mansion built specifically for her.

During the winter, you can also practice your photography as you’ll find exciting scenery around the island. Camping is still available during these months as well.

Avoid beach activities like swimming as the temperatures are too chilly for this.

Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

In the winter, take a canoe around Okefenokee Refuge. This is an excellent way to see the area and spend a few hours exploring.

The Swamp Light Show is the best event to check out while visiting the area. You ride on a train featuring holiday music as you observe dancing lights and lit-up characters. The final stop leads you to the exhibits that are available here.

Spring | March-May

Springtime in Georgia is an amazing time to visit. The weather is warmer, the Georgia spring activities are abundant, and the flowers are blooming.

With the mild temperatures, locals and visitors take advantage of the parks and partake in outdoor events.

North Georgia | Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park, Amicalola Falls, Chattahoochee National Forest
Amicalola Falls in March

Spring in Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park, Amicalola Falls State Park, and Chattahoochee National Forest bring crowds. The combination of pleasant weather and festivals encourage visitors to stop by these locations.

Accommodations and flights have higher price tags during this time. It will be hard to find hotel and flight deals, though the pleasant weather is worth the visit.


Atlanta and Stone Mountain Park offer similar temperatures during this time, while Amicalola Falls State Park and Chattahoochee National Forest provide similar temperatures.

Atlanta offers average high temperatures of 65°F-80°F and Stone Mountain stays around 66°F-81°F. Amicalola Falls temperatures range from 61°F-77°F while Chattahoochee National Forest keeps its temperatures around 59°F-74°F.

Spring is the rainy season for these four areas, with an average of 6-10 days of rain per month (depending on the area). March provides the most rain out of the three months.

What To Wear

You will absolutely want to bring rain gear while traveling here during the spring months. Or, at the very least, bring an umbrella. A waterproof suitcase and backpack will be beneficial as well during these months.

Opt for thinner clothes that dry easily during the day, like polyester pants and shirts. Short sleeves and shorts or thin pants will be the best options for the daytime.

Nighttime in spring can get chilly in these areas, so make sure to bring sweaters and thicker jackets. You’ll also want to wear these layers early in the morning before the temperatures rise.

Things To Do/Best Time To

Spring in Atlanta is the best time to attend festivals.

Springtime in Amicalola Park is the best time to go geocaching with the milder weather.


Spring, of course, brings beautiful flowers to Atlanta. As you’re exploring the city, make sure to take breaks and check out the gorgeous blooms.

Head to one of the many festivals that Atlanta has to offer in the spring. An excellent option is the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. It celebrates the Dogwood flowering tree with music, food, and activities.

The Atlanta Jazz Festival is a highly anticipated event each year in May. It lasts a full month and includes performers who are both just starting out and those who are established. There’s also a market for items made by local artisans and food/drinks.

Stone Mountain Park

During the springtime, there are shows that can be watched at Stone Mountain Park, such as a double juggling show. It’s perfect for keeping the kids entertained.

In March, the Historic Square opens up, offering access to historic homes and preserved items. You can do a self-guided tour through the houses and check out the garden. There’s even a working kitchen that can be seen.

The Scenic Railroad is an excellent attraction to check out during the springtime. It makes a 5-mile trip around Stone Mountain Park, providing views of lush greenery. Each ride lasts about 25 minutes.

Amicalola Falls

Take the opportunity to go on a guided tour while visiting Amicalola Falls State Park. The guides know the best spots, and they’ll be able to provide information on the area.

Animal meet and greets are available on Saturdays and Sundays each week. You can bring your family to get close to anything from owls to snakes and to learn more about each animal.

Check out the Easter Brunch and Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet at the Amicalola Falls Lodge onsite. You’ll need reservations for both food events, so plan to call ahead before showing up.

Chattahoochee National Forest

In spring, take the hike to the Anna Ruby Falls that reside in the forest. It’s a short hike that will allow you to see all four different waterfalls. It is about a ½ mile trek to see the waterfalls, though there is a longer path that leads to the bottom of the falls.

Central Georgia | Macon, Callaway Gardens
Azaleas and Yoshino cherry trees. Macon street during the Cherry Blossom Festival near Flickling House. flickr photo by denisbin, CC-BY ND

In the spring, the number of visitors increases both in Macon and Callaway Gardens. With the warmer weather, people are excited to see the blooming flowers after the chilly winter. There’s also an influx of college students and families visiting for their spring breaks.

The hotel rates and flights are high at this time. Expect rates to be higher in this season than in summer.


During the spring, the temperatures in Macon and Callaway Gardens slowly heat up. Expect Macon to offer temperatures of 70°F-85°F and Callaway Gardens to be slightly cooler with a range of 69°F-82°F.

During these months, there tends to be less rain than you would experience in the summer.

What To Wear

During the days, you’ll want to wear t-shirts and cargo pants. If you’re heading out early, bring extra layers as the temperature will drop overnight. Bring sneakers and boots with you during spring.

Bring a coat and a sweater with you for the evenings and mornings. The more layers you have, the better. Make sure they are easy to remove and pack into a bag or backpack during hikes.

Things to Do / Best Time to

Springtime is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Macon.

Spring in Callaway Gardens is the best time to see azaleas.


Lantern light tours occur during the spring and include nighttime tours of Macon. The tour takes you through Ocmulgee Mounds National Historic Park to learn about the history of the Native Americans that lived there.

People travel from all over to see the cherry blossoms in Macon in the springtime. You can check them out at the International Cherry Blossom Festival. Food trucks and a parade will keep your family fed and entertained while observing the pink flowers.

Callaway Gardens

BirdFest is not to be missed during the spring. It runs for two days at the beginning of March. The intention of this festival is to connect people with nature in a mutually beneficial manner.

You and your family will learn about birds during this event as well as participate in arts and crafts. This is a fun educational activity to bring your kids to.

Callaway Gardens offers incredible views of flowers during the springtime. Azalea season occurs during this time. You’ll be able to see over 20,000 azaleas if you visit during spring.

Southern/Coastal Georgia | Savannah, Golden Isles of Georgia, Cumberland Island National Seashore, Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge


During this time of year, expect the number of visitors to increase in Savannah, Golden Isles of Georgia, Cumberland Island National Seashore, and Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

The mild, warmer weather combined with the additional available activities prompts people to stop by from all over.

Hotel rates and flight rates are higher during this time, with April providing the highest rates out of the three months.


Springtime in Savannah, Golden Isles, Cumberland Island, and Okefenokee Refuge provide pleasant temperatures and relatively dry days. Savannah, Golden Isles of Georgia, and Cumberland Island National Seashore all have very similar temperatures during this season.

Savannah stays around 71°F-84°F, Golden Isles has average highs of 69°F-82°F, and Cumberland Island offers 70°F-82°F through the spring. Okefenokee has slightly higher temperatures as it stays around 74°F-87°F.

What To Wear

The temperatures during spring are warm, so you’ll want to wear items like t-shirts or tank tops and shorts. Depending on your desired activities, you should bring comfortable shoes like sneakers or sandals/flip flops.

Pack a hat to keep the sun off your face during the day. The evenings can occasionally drop into the 50s; bring a light jacket or light sweater to keep the chill off at night.

Things To Do/Best Time To

Spring is the best time to check out the many available festivals in Savannah.

Late spring is the best time to see yellow-throated warblers in the Golden Isles of Georgia.

It’s the best time to see the blooming flowers and trees in Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.


Savannah in the springtime is a busy time of year! There are multiple festivals to attend, which are kicked off by the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. There is a parade, a grand marshal election, and even a ceremony where the local fountain is dyed green.

The Savannah Music Festival is not to be missed. It runs for two weeks from the end of March through the first week of April annually. Programs are available here for children who want to learn about instruments.

Since the weather is so pleasant here this time of year, it’s the perfect opportunity to ride on a trolley tour. The trolley will take you around Savannah to learn about historical spots. Tickets can be purchased here.

Golden Isles of Georgia

Use your time in the Golden Isles of Georgia as a way to explore the bike paths. Many attractions in the area are directly on the bike path, so it’s an excellent way to check out Golden Isles.

Mayfair is a highly attended event during the month of May in the Golden Isles. It includes the blessing of the boats as well as seafood, water sports, and arts and crafts for the whole family. It occurs each year on Mother’s Day.

Cumberland Island National Seashore

While visiting here, see if you can spot the wild horses running around the island or on the beaches. It is a reason that many people are drawn to Cumberland Island National Seashore.

Hiking, camping, and spending the day at the beach are all excellent spring activities. With the mild weather, you won’t have to worry about getting too hot during these ventures.

We recommend spending a weekend here as many attractions are relatively far from each other. Opting for a few days here instead of a day trip will allow you to see as much as possible.

Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

Wildlife is abundant in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge during the spring months. You will most likely see alligators here as well as many types of birds and other critters. See how many animals you can spot while exploring the area.

Spring is also the perfect time to hike the trails. There are a few shorter trails that can be taken if you want to spend a few hours here. While hiking, keep an eye out for the beautiful flowers and trees that are blooming.

Summer | June – August

Georgia in the summer provides beautiful scenery and higher temperatures. You’ll find a large number of activities and events that are available during this time, including festivals.

The summer months of June, July, and August are hot and humid in many parts of Georgia. However, it really depends on where you’re heading.

In the north of Georgia, it’s a bit cooler. Keep in mind that Atlanta will always be hotter than the surrounding region.

Most of the year, the Atlantic coast has a pleasant breeze. Down south, it’s wet and hot in the summer. While rain can be expected, some locals say that Savavannah rarely gets a breeze.  Also, the nights don’t get much cooler.

North Georgia | Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park, Amicalola Falls, Chattahoochee National Forest
Stone Mountain, Summit Skyride

Crowds stay at a moderate number in June and decline in August in Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park, Amicalola Falls State Park, and Chattahoochee National Forest. In July, crowds spike, and you’ll find the most visitors here.

Hotel and flight rates match the number of visitors for each month. June and August are relatively high, with July having the highest rates than the rest of the year.


Summer temperatures, even in the northern section of Georgia, are quite hot. Atlanta sees average high temperatures of 87°F-89°F while Stone Mountain Park provides a range of 88°F-90°F.

Amicalola Falls State Park has temperatures around 84°F-86°F, and Chattahoochee National Forest stays on the cooler side with temperatures of 80°F-82°F.

Quote from a local in North Georgia: ‘Our summer is hot, even at 2000 feet, but it is still a bit cooler than down the mountain.’

You still may experience rain and storms during these months. There also tends to be strong gusts of wind.

What To Wear

You’ll want to wear tank tops and shorts during the summer in these areas. With the humidity, it can feel even hotter, so bring along a travel fan or mister to help with the heat. Remember to stay hydrated while spending time outdoors here.

Include a swimsuit in your suitcase for the days that it’s too hot to do anything besides go swimming. You may want to bring a rain jacket in case it does rain.

Things To Do/Best Time To

Summer is the best time to experience night festivals in Atlanta. Due to the hot weather, many festivals are held at night from June through August.

Summertime is the best time to catch a show at Stone Mountain Park.

June through August is the best time to try adventure activities at Amicalola Park.


There are many activities to do in summer in Atlanta. It hosts the largest 10K in the world each year during the summertime. AJC Peachtree Road Race is an exciting event both for those participating and watching.

Cool down from the hot temperatures by stopping at the Atlanta Ice Cream Festival. It lasts for one week at the end of July each year. There are areas for kids to participate in activities, a market with local goods, and of course, ice cream to eat.

When it gets too hot outside, head to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. You’ll get to see many different sea animals as well as an interactive theater area. Head to the aquarium early in the day to avoid the crowds. Purchase your tickets here.

Stone Mountain Park

Summer at Stone Mountain Park brings more open attractions during the week. In other seasons, many attractions close Monday through Friday. Summer provides access to the attractions more often.

Try your hand at Adventure Golf with your family. This mini golf game features trains and a storyline based on the original train crew.

There’s also an adorable dog show where the canines perform tricks and a magic show. These activities run all summer long.

Amicalola Falls

Summer is a great time to practice your fishing skills at Amicalola Falls State Park. Opt for early morning fishing trips (before 9 am) to have more luck with your catch and to beat the heat.

During these months, you can try out activities like the ziplines that are available in the park as well as 3D archery. The archery range is set up outside with targets. Tickets purchased provide 1.5 hours of shooting time.

Chattahoochee National Forest

Summer is a great time to hike the Appalachian National Scenic Trail located in Chattahoochee National Forest. You can make the hike shorter or longer, depending on your preference. You’ll also want to head out early for this activity.

Make sure to bring sufficient water and snacks for the hike, especially if you plan on hiking further.

Central Georgia | Macon, Callaway Gardens


Macon is busy during the summertime due to its pleasant yet warm weather that runs on the mild side. Expect to see quite a lot of people while visiting here.

Callaway Gardens is crowded as well during these months and boasts similar temperatures as Macon. Expect hotels and flights to be on the higher side for both locations.


Summers in this area are long; the pleasant weather stretches into September and October each year. Both Macon and Callaway Gardens provide similar temperatures during these months. Macon stays around 91°F-93°F, and Callaway Gardens stays slightly cooler at 89°F-91°F.

Rain is typically light during the summer in central Georgia. Though, the weather can be unpredictable here, so you may end up with a few rainy days during your visit.

What To Wear

In the summertime, you’ll do best to pack tank tops, thin t-shirts (cotton), thin pants, shorts, or dresses. This will allow you to stay cool in the heat.

Evening temperatures stay in the 60s, so if that’s chilly for you, bring a light sweater or cardigan as well. For both day and night, choose comfortable shoes to bring with you as you’ll most likely be walking a lot.

Things to Do / Best Time to

Summer in Macon is the best time to head to the waterparks to stay cool.

Summertime is the best time to catch competitions at Callaway Gardens.


During the summer, anything involving water is ideal for beating the heat. Grab your float and head to the Ocmulgee River for a relaxing drift on the water.

Fishing, boating, water sports, kayaking, and canoeing are all excellent options for activities to do during the summer in Macon.

Summer is the perfect time to sign up for an Epic Macon Scavenger hunt. This event allows small groups to gather to solve clues along the way. It’s a great family-friendly activity.

Callaway Gardens

Robin Lake Beach is a popular destination for people visiting Callaway Gardens in the summer. There is no additional cost to enter this beach once you’ve paid the Callaway Gardens entry fee.

On Memorial Day weekend each year, there is a waterski and waterboard competition. Views of lush green gardens surround the participants performing tricks in the water. This is an exciting event to observe.

If you want to spend a longer time at Callaway Gardens, give the family adventure package a try. You can choose for a 4-day stay or a 7-day stay which provides entertainment and activities for you and your family.

Southern/Coastal Georgia | Savannah, Golden Isles of Georgia, Cumberland Island National Seashore


Crowds during the summer are at an all-time high in Savannah, Golden Isles of Georgia, and Cumberland Island National Seashore. June and July are the busiest months, while August sees crowds starting to decline.

Good to know: Savannah itself is less crowded in July and August compared to places along the coast. People often try to get away from the Savannah heat.

Even though there are more visitors in the summer months, the hotel rates and flights are still reasonable, with spring and fall presenting the most expensive accommodation rates.


Summer in this area is hot and humid. Most people take a break from the weather by swimming or enjoying the air conditioning inside eateries. Summer is known for being the rainy season of this area. You may want to bring an umbrella or purchase a cheap one for use while visiting.

Savannah has cooler temperatures during this month of 71°F-84°F while Golden Isles and Cumberland Island hover around 87°F-90°F.

What To Wear

With the high temperatures and the amount of humidity, you’ll want to wear light and breathable clothing. Opt for cotton shirts and pants or t-shirts and shorts with sandals or light sneakers.

You should also bring some waterproof shoes like rain boots and consider a rain jacket or other similar waterproof outerwear.

You should also bring mosquito nets if possible. This area is especially known for having bad mosquitos and bugs during the summer months. Due to the heat, restaurants and stores will have the a/c up high. Bring a jacket for use indoors.

Things To Do/Best Time To

Summer in Savannah is the best time to catch baseball games and fireworks.

In the summer, it is the best time to head to the beaches in the southern/coastal part of Georgia.


Summer is a time when locals head to the baseball stadium to watch the Savannah Bananas team play. Live like a local by attending a game with your whole family.

There’s nothing better than spending the fourth of July near water while watching the fireworks. Each year, you can enjoy the festivities on the Waterfront. It’s encouraged to bring chairs and blankets to this event. The event is free but be advised that parking is $5 per car.

If you need a break from planning your activities for a day, you can go on a dolphin tour on Tybee Island. This tour leaves from Savannah provides lunch and a dolphin cruise – it’s truly one of the most exciting summers Georgia events. Purchase your tickets here.

Golden Isles of Georgia

You’ll want to take time to check out the Georgia Sea Islands Festival. Each June, this festival celebrates the local African American culture with food and music. The Georgia Sea Island Singers are not to be missed during this event.

When it’s really hot but you need a different activity than your typical beach day – check out the swim-up movies. These movies can be accessed at Jekyll Island in the wave pool. You’re allowed to bring a pool floaty to sit in during the movie.

Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

Summer at Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge is the perfect time to go on a sunset prairie tour. The warm summer evening weather provides the perfect complement to the rainbow-colored sunset over the swamp area.

If you’re thinking about spending a few days in the area, there are even multiple-day outings, including camping. This is a great way to hang out in the outdoors with guidance. It’s the perfect opportunity for those who are new to camping to get their foot in the door.

Fall | September – November

Fall months in Georgia are an excellent time to visit. September and October provide pleasant and mild weather in many regions of the state. There are occasional storms from June through the end of November each year.

Central and southern/coastal parts of Georgia are less busy compared to the active summer months. November brings cooler temperatures throughout the state and fewer crowds.

North Georgia | Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park, Amicalola Falls, Chattahoochee National Forest


Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park, Amicalola Falls State Park, and Chattahoochee National Forest are all quite crowded during the fall months. It is the second busiest season for this area after the summertime.

Hotel rates during this time are average, with September offering the highest rates out of the three months (September – November).


The weather in these four areas is very similar temperature-wise. Atlanta average high temperatures fall between 64°F-83°F, and Stone Mountain Park stays at 62°F -81°F.

Amicalola Falls State Park and Chattahoochee have slightly cooler average high temperatures in the fall. Amicalola provides temps of 60°F -80°F while Chattahoochee offers 59°F -77°F degrees.

Fall in the northern part of Georgia tends to be drier and cooler. These areas have an average of 5-7 days of rain during September – November. September and October are considered the driest months of the year.

What To Wear

During September and October, the temperatures are still fairly high. You will want to pack shorts and t-shirts or lighter tops for daytime wear. Sandals or light sneakers work well during these months. There is a lot to see in each area, so you’ll want to bring comfortable shoes.

November brings chillier temperatures, especially in the evening. You can get away with a light long sleeve and shorts or jeans during the day.

At night, you’ll want to pack a sweater or jacket and pants. Closed-toed shoes like sneakers are best during this month. You may even want to pack a coat as November usually brings the first frost of the year.

Things To Do/Best Time To

Fall in Atlanta, Georgia, Stone Mountain Park, Amicalola Falls, and Chattahoochee Forest is the best time to see the changing fall colors. The drier weather is the perfect time to explore the outdoors and see the beautiful red/yellow colors.

This is also the best time to participate in family-friendly events. Bring your family on vacation and enjoy the Halloween/fall-inspired activities.


There are many fall-themed activities to do while visiting Atlanta. Check out the numerous apple-picking orchards for a day of fun in the outdoors during Atlanta fall dates.

Atlantans take their football seriously – if you’re visiting during football season, you’ll want to catch an Atlanta Falcons game.

OneMusicFest is a not-to-miss festival that occurs each fall in Atlanta. This year (2021), it falls on October 9 – 10. You’ll find some of the biggest names in show business performing each year, as well as an array of food trucks to choose from.

Check out the Zoo Atlanta to see everything from twin pandas to 70 species of reptiles. Shade combined with cooler temperatures makes it a great time to stop and see the animals. Tickets can be purchased here.

Stone Mountain Park

Take the Summit Skyride so you can catch amazing views of the changing fall foliage from high above. It is open from February to the end of October each year at Stone Mountain Park.

The Pumpkin Festival held at Stone Mountain Park is an excellent activity to participate in. It truly offers a fall-time experience. This is the perfect family-friendly event offering pie-eating contests and pumpkin carving.

Amicalola Falls

If you’ve never visited Amicalola Falls State Park, you’re missing out. It’s stunning during the fall season. We recommend staying at the Georgia Mountain Resort. It’s the best way to see the fall colors and offers the ability to hike early in the day to avoid the crowds.

Chattahoochee National Forest

It’s the perfect time to hike through the Chattahoochee National Forest with the mild weather. Of course, you’ll be able to see the beautiful fall colors as you walk on the trails.

In the fall, it’s the ideal setting for fishing as well. Camping is also great during this time of year as you won’t need to sleep through humid temperatures. You can even bring a horse to camp with you in their equine camping areas.

Cloudland Canyon State Park

Fall is a great time to see the beautiful fall color explosion in Cloudland Canyon State Park. Try to avoid weekends as fall is a popular month for park visitors.

Central Georgia | Macon, Callaway Gardens
Macon in Autumn

September and October in Macon offer lower crowds than in the summertime. The amount of people visiting during these months lies on the mid to lower end.

Macon has the lowest crowds in November. If you’re looking for better accommodation rates, head here this month.

Callaway Gardens boasts low crowds during the whole fall season. You’ll want to visit during this time if crowds are not your forte. It’s a great time to bring your family and explore what the gardens have to offer.

With the lower number of people visiting during this time, accommodations will be more affordable in Macon and Callaway Gardens.


Temperatures during the fall time are very similar at Callaway Gardens and in Macon. Callaway offers an average high of 68°F -85°F, while Macon provides temps of 69°F -87°F. These are ideal temperatures to enjoy the outdoors as there are fewer rainy days.

Both areas average about 3-5 days of rain during these three months. The area is partly cloudy throughout the year so prepare for a combo of sunny and cloudy days in the fall time.

What To Wear

With the warmer weather during these months, make sure to pack plenty of lightweight clothing. There is still a possibility of rain; if you’re planning on staying for a few weeks, it might make sense to bring an umbrella.

With the amount of humidity in Georgia, you’ll want to bring waterproof luggage. This will help ensure your clothes do not get musty during your stay.

Shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers are great options. During the evenings, expect the temperatures to drop significantly. Pack layers like thicker sweaters and a few pairs of pants to ensure you stay toasty throughout your stay.

Things to Do / Best Time to

The fall season is the best time to see wildlife in the Callaway Gardens. With the upcoming winter, critters are preparing by finding food and building their nests. You’ll see them out and about during these months.

The fall months are the best time to check out festivals in Macon. There is a busy schedule of available activities to do during these months.


Head to one of the many festivals in Macon during the fall season. You can check out the Lane Orchards Corn Maze and Fall Festival for hayrides and fall activities.

If you’re in the mood for some spooky fun, try the Spirits in October tour. Each October, it runs for a few weekends and takes you through the cemetery featuring actors in costumes and drinks.

Callaway Gardens

Fall is the optimal time to go hiking and biking in Callaway Gardens. With the lower temperatures, you can enjoy the outdoors here. There are excellent trails in the gardens that provide views of yellow and red leaves.

Pumpkins at Callaway is a not-to-miss festival. You can view pumpkin sculptures, a pumpkin tree, and seasonal flowers during the event. It is open both day and night, featuring lit-up areas to peruse through.

Southern/Coastal Georgia | Savannah, Golden Isles of Georgia, Cumberland Island National Seashore, Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
Savannah in Fall

Fall is a great time to stop by the southern/coastal area of Georgia. Savannah, Golden Isles, Cumberland Island, and Okefenokee Refuge provide lower crowds during this time of year.

Spring break and summer are the busiest seasons in each of these locations, especially Golden Isles and Cumberland Island.

You’ll find decent hotel rates in each of these areas from September through November. Plus, the temperatures are warm enough that you can still participate in outdoor activities.


Again, all of these locations have very similar average high temperatures during the fall months. Savannah, Golden Isles, and Cumberland Island stay around the 70°F -86°F mark, while Okefenokee is slightly higher at 73°F -88°F.

It can be pretty wet during this season in these locations – particularly in September. It’s best to prepare for rain when heading here by bringing a raincoat and even a pair of rain boots.

What To Wear

The fall season remains very hot in the southern/coastal area of Georgia. You’ll find you want to wear light clothing like t-shirts and khakis through the whole season, even November. Tank tops and sandals or waterproof footwear is best during these months.

In the evenings, the temperatures will drop into the 40s – 50s. You will want to pack some extra layers, though a jacket or a few sweaters will do. At these temperatures, don’t expect snow though you may receive some rain.

Things To Do/Best Time To

Fall is the best time to visit each of these locations with fewer numbers of crowds. It’s also a great time to get hotel deals.

Fall is the best time to check out festivals in Savannah as there are many available.

Golden Isles of Georgia is the best time to visit for a romantic getaway. With kids back at school, you’ll mainly find yourself in the company of other adults.

Cumberland Island in fall is the best time for camping as you’ll be able to escape the high temperatures of summer.

Okefenokee in fall is the best time to catch views of Sandhill Cranes.


Catch improv shows, the local farmers market, and turtle hatchings during the fall time here. There are also car shows and bodybuilding competitions that can be experienced during these months.

You can check out some of the best festivals, like the Savannah Film Festival, held in October each year. It features competitions for short films and workshops/lectures, among other activities.

As a note, if you want to avoid crowds during the fall – avoid heading here on festival weekends. These weekends also provide higher hotel rates.

If you’re looking for a way to spend time with family and friends, check out the Savannah Riverboat Dinner Cruise and Entertainment. Pleasant staff, excellent food, and live music make this two-hour cruise the perfect way to end your fall day. Tickets can be purchased here.

Golden Isles of Georgia

Explore the marshes here by kayak during the fall time. You’ll be able to see views of the marsh changing to its fall colors. Instead of red leaves, you’ll find golden-colored grasses.

Golf lovers will enjoy November at Golden Isles of Georgia. During this month, you can watch the RSM Classic – a PGA Tour for golfers.

Foodie lovers should head to the Whiskey, Wine & Wildlife event that takes place for three days each September at the Golden Isles of Georgia. This event not only provides excellent eats from renowned chefs but also benefits The Jekyll Island Foundation.

Cumberland Island National Seashore

Fall time is an excellent season for camping at Cumberland Island National Seashore. If you plan to go camping, make sure to make reservations ahead of time.

On warmer days, head to the beach to go swimming. The ideal temperature for this is 80+ as the water will be warm enough. You’re likely to encounter mosquitoes and gnats during this activity; bring some bug spray with you.

Enjoy a guided walking tour led by a ranger while visiting here in the fall. Or, stop by for a dockside event which is a 30-minute presentation surrounding information on the island.

Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

Head to the Okefenokee Swamp in the refuge for a boat tour. This allows you to see the Sandhill Cranes that visit during the fall time each year.

There are a few not-to-miss events in Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge during fall time. In October, check out the Okefenokee festival, which typically runs for 1-2 days. Here, you’ll find live entertainment, information about the area’s history, food, and games.

In November, you’ll want to check out the Sugar Cane Grinding Event. This event allows guests to cut their sugar cane, grind it and juice it before turning it into sugar cane syrup. This is a great hands-on event for people of all ages.


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