Hell's Gate National Park

Hell's Gate National Park


Update 2021: Many sites, parks, and places are open. However, please check the official websites and our visiting tips below.

When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Kenya is on equatorial east Africa and yet you will be surprised at the weather. September is mildly winter in Lake Naivasha and the sun feels good during daytime while you will need a light wind jacket for the evening.

Great experience includes Hippos in Lake Naivasha, the canyon at Hell's Gate National Park and Elsamere - the house where Elsa the lioness grew up with Gorge and Joy Adamson from Born-free.

Navaisha town is very small, no one accepts anything other than US Dollars or Kenyan Schillings - not even the banks. So always carry enough cash with you.

It is a quiet town so don't expect too much entertainment. There are a couple of nightclubs though.

Hell's Gate National Park lies near the bottom of Mount Longonot, an active volcano. Nowadays a geothermal power plant is harnessing the steam from the volcano , so there are no chances for eruption either.

The canyon is however dangerous because of sudden rains. If there is any rain, be sure take the emergency path out of the canyon as soon as you can. There are no big predators in the National Park but keep away from buffaloes.

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Where and Tips


It is a great experience to cycle into the park although you need to have enough endurance to be able to cycle right up to the canyon and back over graded, rocky paths. It looks easy because most of it is flat and there is a gentle slope from the entrance towards the canyon itself. However, returning will be arduous as you will be tired from hiking the canyon.

Some wildlife in park that you can spot easily are Warthogs, Ostriches, Giraffes, Zebras, Thomson Gazelles and Buffaloes.

AND the canyon is amazing - something right out of an Indiana Jones movie.