Is JetBlue a Good Airline?

JetBlue Airways is the 6th largest airline in the United States. If you are someone who enjoys traveling by air without breaking the bank, you may want to consider JetBlue. The airline won the Top Domestic Airline in the 2021 World’s Best Awards and was a stand-out company during the trials and trouble of the pandemic.

JetBlue is a very good airline because of its friendly prices and employees, low-cost baggage policies, extra legroom, and in-flight amenities. It is perfect for those flying for business or leisure both domestically and locally, and internationally.

JetBlue strives to make their flyers satisfied. They rank in the top 10 safest airlines based on the FAA and have happy and comfortable flyers each and every time.

My experience: After 10 years of frequent flying, I have never had any major issues with JetBlue. I had one small delayed flight, but that was easily adjusted and was smooth from then on out with no further travel interruptions. While they may be limited to destinations outside of the United States, it’s one of my go-to options when flying to nearby countries such as Canada. Their footprint may be small, but I always felt their passion for flying.

While the airline ranks high in many aspects, there are a few downsides to flying with JetBlue. It’s not a bad airline, but its limited footprint lowers its destination options, so unless you are flying local or into London, expect a few transfers.

Additionally, while low-budget airlines come with friendly prices, in-flight purchases can add up quickly.

Deciding whether or not JetBlue is for you, will be based on your personal preferences and purpose for flying. While some flyers are most concerned with in-flight comfort and entertainment, others are on a budget and are looking for a low-cost carrier.

Whatever your wants and needs desire, in my experience JetBlue does its best to accommodate everyone to the best of its ability. But, while there are advantages to flying with JetBlue, it’s best to be aware of the downsides as well.

Below is an overview of high-quality and low-quality aspects of JetBlue Airlines.

Why It Is a Good Airline | 9 Pros

JetBlue is popular for its attractive prices, but what other advantages come from flying with them? From in-flight entertainment to rewards and a fantastic loyalty program, this carrier has multiple advantages.

1. Affordability

JetBlue is known for its affordable price options. If you are someone who knows how to find cheap flight deals, this airline will often become very familiar. Compared to other airlines such as Delta or United, JetBlue flights are typically significantly cheaper in price, perfect for those who travel on a budget.

2. In-Flight Entertainment

JetBlue airlines offer in-flight entertainment for both domestic and international flights. There are various movies and television shows to choose from, as well as flight information such as height and location maps.

While I usually like to read on planes, it’s nice to have more options for entertainment. For those who have flight anxiety, having the things to keep you occupied, such as movies, is even better.

3. USB Charging Ports

Forget to charge up your electronics before your long-haul flight? No worries. JetBlue planes provide in-flight USB ports for all classes and seats. Whether you need to charge your phone, speaker, tablet, or other electronic devices, it can be easily done onboard.

I like to listen to music constantly while flying, which drains my phone battery quickly. Having USB ports allows me to enjoy my flight, without the worry of having a dead device on arrival and without access to communication or reservations.

4. Leg Room

Frequent flyers know the pain of being crammed into a small seat with very little legroom. Those who are rather tall or have long legs will be happy to know that legroom is plentiful with JetBlue. While regular economy seats have a typical amount of legroom as most planes, the airline does offer certain seats with a lot more legroom for an extra fee.

💡 I love this aspect of the airline; due to my height, more legroom is something I am happy to pay extra for, especially long-haul flights.

5. Baggage Policy

While there are many affordable airlines that often charge for carry-on luggage, JetBlue does not. As I am someone who doesn’t check any luggage, this is a huge bonus for me when flying with JetBlue.

If you are checking bags, the fee for the first bag is only $25, a lot lower than most competitors.

6. TrueBlue Loyalty Program

Jet Blue’s TrueBlue Loyalty Program is the airline’s point program for frequent flyers. Points are earned with each flight, and then can be exchanged for rewards such as tickets, lounge access, priority boarding, and other flying benefits. Points can also be earned by shopping through the JetBlue shopping portal at select stores.

It is free to join, and an ideal alternative to paying for flight tickets at various times of the year. As someone who flies at least once a month, the loyalty program is very beneficial.

7. Fly-Fi

Having useful in-flight wi-fi isn’t typically a luxury on most airlines. While many airlines offer in-flight wi-fi, it’s often very expensive and limited to streaming movies or texting.

JetBlue’s Fly-Fi program does come with a small fee, but it provides wi-fi for everything; emails, social media, documents, streaming, etc. This is great for those who work online or remotely, as flights are the perfect time to get caught up or complete busy work.

8. Hospitality

JetBlue strives to make all their flyers happy and satisfied each and every time. The airline has great and consistent customer satisfaction and high-quality hospitality from start to finish.

💡 Whether your flight details need to be altered, flights are canceled or delayed and need rescheduling, or if there is an emergency, the staff and employees of this airline go above and beyond to assist flyers and are proud to be doing so.

9. Safety

JetBlue airlines strive to provide all passengers with a comfortable and safe experience from the start to finish. Based on the Federal Aviation Administration regulation, JetBlue airlines rank in the top 10 low-cost air carriers, making the airline a safe choice for domestic and international flights.

Those who are scared of flying or have had safety issues in the past can rest assured that their flight on JetBlue will be complete with the highest level of safety in mind.

‘The Bad’ | 3 Cons

JetBlue is a very favored airline in the United States and is known for its reasonable prices and hospitality. However, depending on your flying personality and purpose, there are some downsides to the airline.

Limited Footprint (Only Americas & London)

JetBlue offers loads of perks and advantages, but only in certain parts of the world. Flights are offered domestically all over the United States, and internationally to an extent. JetBlue airlines only have a select few destinations they fly to internationally, including Canada, South America, and London.

💡 If you are someone like me who spends a lot of time in Europe, JetBlue may not be the best option if you are traveling outside of the United Kingdom.

In-Flight Purchases

While there are entertainment services on board, and extra amenities when needed, access to these items might come with a price tag. Personal headphones may be used for the entertainment screens, but while Bluetooth isn’t an option, if you forget your regular headphones, inflight headphones have to be purchased on board.

Additionally, pillows and blankets are available for those frigid flyers, but also must be purchased before use.

Loss of Luggage

While baggage and luggage policies are an advantage of flying with JetBlue, the loss of that luggage is a sometimes big complaint. JetBlue seems to have a history of losing luggage more frequently than other competitor airlines.

If you are someone who is flying for business or with important values in your luggage, it might be best to bring everything in a carry-on bag as much as possible.


While there are a few drawbacks, I would highly recommend JetBlue Airlines as a very good airline for most travelers, especially those on a budget.

In my opinion, their high-quality value and benefits are worth the risk of the downsides. It’s my favorite low-cost carrier airline and deserves all the respect and love in the world.