Maine in July

Visiting Maine in July is a good idea, as local businesses are open, and you’ll have plenty of outdoor activities available to enjoy.

July is one of the best months to visit Maine. You can plan your trip with relaxation in mind or organize many activities to keep you entertained during your stay. Visitors can indulge in craft beer festivals, live music, and fresh Maine lobster in one of the many oceanfront restaurants.

We know Maine because we’ve visited several times over the past 10 years and had wonderful experiences. Our useful guide will help you get the best out of your visit to Maine this July.

Here is everything you need to know before you plan your special trip.

Is July a Good Time?

July is an excellent time to visit Maine because seasonal attractions and businesses are open to tourists. Warm, long days and coastal breezes provide the perfect environment for exploring Maine. The climate in July makes attractions, shopping, and dining a more pleasant experience.

The summer months between June and September are also the best time to enjoy peak lobster season. You will have plenty of opportunities for dining, hiking, and shopping without the colder months’ restrictions.

Tour Tips for July and Hotels

Check out at least one of the three activities (see above), that are available. We have done them all and loved the sailing excursions. Unforgettable!

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The temperatures in July are the hottest you’ll experience when visiting Maine. We love taking a stroll on the beach or hopping on a boat for a day trip in July. Bar Harbor is one of our favorite places to sip iced coffee and watch the lobster boats.

Average high temperatures in July along coastal Maine range from 71°F to 79°F (22°C-26°C). Summer evenings are cooler, so visitors can relax without rushing for a blanket or thick coat when the sun goes down. Most days in July are dry. The average rainfall is about 3 inches.

Pack plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated to maximize your stay.

Early vs. Late July Coastal Town Temperatures

Average High Temperatures in Ogunquit

  • Early July: 77°F (25°C)
  • Mid-July: 79°F (26°C)
  • Late July: 79°F (26°C)

Average High Temperatures in Portland

  • Early July: 76°F (24°C)
  • Mid-July: 77°F (25°C)
  • Late July: 78°F (26°C)

Average High Temperatures in Bar Harbor (Acadia National Park)

  • Early July: 71°F (22°C)
  • Mid-July: 72°F (22°C)
  • Late July: 73°F (23°C)
Day to Night Temperatures

Typical June daily temperature progression in Rockland (Maine):

  • Early Morning (7 AM): 63°F (17°C)
  • Afternoon (2 PM): 73°F (22°C)
  • Night (11:30 PM): 63°F (17°C)

Especially as you go further north, be aware that night and early morning temperatures are much cooler than during the daytime. Acadia and Bar Harbor are typically noticeably cooler, with morning and evening temperatures dipping into the high 50s.

Average Rainfall in Maine

The summer in Maine is typically dry, with a few rainy days dispersed throughout the month of July. Rainfall is moderate, with an average of 3 inches of precipitation, depending on the area.

Although rain is unlikely, it’s best to pack your wardrobe accordingly to prepare for a few rainy days. Wet weather comes in various forms, including fog and occasional thundershowers. If you ask locals, we would say that rain is unlikely during your July vacation in Maine.

Swimming in July | Water Temperature

The water temperature on the coast in Maine can be a little too chilly for swimming. If you’re ever going to swim in Maine, July is the best time to do it. Our advice is to avoid dipping your toes if you’re used to the heat of an indoor swimming pool.

Many of us have enjoyed a short swim to cool off from the high temperatures in June, July, and August along the coast of Maine. The water temperature is often between 63°F and 68°F (17°C to 20°C), sometimes even lower, so you should wear a wetsuit if you want to swim for longer.

Swimming in a lake or pond is more comfortable. Echo Lake, in Acadia National Park, and one of the few freshwater locations that permit swimming may have a comfortable temperature.

What To Wear & Pack

The warm summer temperatures and cool evenings by the campfire can be difficult to plan for when packing your suitcase. Having some options for warm and slightly cooler weather during the night is the best way to prepare for the fluctuating temperatures in Maine.

In Maine, during July you’ll want to wear relaxed, comfortable clothing and a windbreaker if you’re on the coast. Pack shorts and long pants, t-shirts, and long-sleeved shirts. This month is generally warm during the day, so you should only need a few extra layers to keep you toasty as the sun goes down.

Here are our essential packing suggestions for your trip in July:

  • Pants, but bring a mix of shorts and long pants
  • Sandals
  • Hiking boots or trainers
  • Formal/closed shoe option
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • T-shirts
  • Wetsuit or bathing suit
  • Jeans
  • Summer tops
  • Cardigan or sweatshirt
  • Day bag or tote for sightseeing
  • Rain jacket or windbreaker
  • Pajamas (long and short)
  • Sun hat
Sun Protection

Although Maine can be a mixed bag of weather, it can get hot. Packing high-SPF sunscreen and wearing protective clothing is a good idea if you spend lots of time outdoors. Throw on your shades, slather on sunscreen, and drink plenty of water.

How Busy Is Maine in July?

July is quite busy in Maine because the warm weather and tourist attractions are in full swing. June, July, and August are peak months for tourism in Maine. Crowds also flock to Maine to celebrate the 4th of July.

You can expect many tourists and high prices from attractions, hotels, and restaurants.

July is the perfect time to visit if you are a sun-seeker with grand hiking or whale-watching plans. However, you may want to visit later in the year if you don’t like large crowds.

Planning is crucial if you want to visit Maine in July. Hotels, motels, and home rentals book quickly in summer, so get your reservations early to avoid disappointment.

How To Avoid Crowds in July

It’s possible to dodge the large flocks of tourists that hit the Maine beaches and lobster shacks in July. Avoid shopping on rainy days, as this will be everyone’s first thought, and choose the quieter hiking trails in Acadia National Park, such as the Schoodic Point section.

The week leading up to Independence Day is the busiest time in July. Weekdays are less crowded, with more space in restaurants and hotels. Avoid visiting in the first week of July if you dislike crowds.

Which Businesses Are Open in July?

Plenty of family-owned, small businesses in Maine come to life during the summer months. Some establishments may operate unusual Independence Day hours, but most businesses, including liquor stores and supermarkets, are open in July.

July Food Festivals

Maine has several family festivals, including the Annual Yarmouth Clam Festival (July 21-23) and Open Farm Day on July 24th. Visitors can enjoy various events, from clam shucking to craft beer tasting in the summer sunshine.

Fourth of July Celebrations

Banks and government buildings will close on July 4th, along with some smaller establishments. Plenty of fireworks and fairs help you celebrate Independence Day in Maine. You can find 4th of July parades in Ocean Park, Thomaston, and Bangor, complete with a pancake breakfast.

Lobster Shacks and Restaurants

Some lobster shacks are open seasonally, and others serve customers all year. Peak lobster season is between June and December, so you’ll have plenty of choices if you travel to Maine in July.

Please find below our lobster shack tips and their opening times (subject to change):

  • Lobster Shack at Two Lights: Cape Elizabeth, Maine.
    Hours: Open 7 days a week from 11 am to 8 pm
    Season: from April 1st to late October
  • The Lobster Shack: Ogunquit, Perkins Cove, Maine
    Hours: Open 7 days a week from 10 am to 8 pm
    Season: from early April to late October.
  • The Clam Shack: Kennebunkport, Maine.
    Hours: Open 7 days a week from 11 am to 8 pm
    Season: from May 1st to October 31st.
  • Parson’s Lobster: Bar Harbor, Maine.
    Hours: Open 7 days a week from 11 am to 8 pm
    Season: from May 1st to October 31st.

Tip: From the famous Maine lobster rolls to classic boiled lobster, there is no better way to experience this delicious seafood than directly from a lobster shack.

Sailing Excursions

Almost every sailing excursions are operational in July, so you can embark on a breathtaking sailing excursion along the rugged coastline of Maine.

It’s such a great experience to be where the Atlantic Ocean’s waves meet a symphony of towering lighthouses and lush, untouched islands. With each gust of wind, you’ll be immersed in the rich maritime history and diverse wildlife of this picturesque region, all while savoring the taste of the salty sea air.

Don’t miss this opportunity! We highly recommend the Portland Schooner Tall Ship Cruise on Casco Bay (check availability) Their crew is awesome! You will have the time of your life!


Things To Do in July

Whale watching is amazing in Maine!

July is an ideal time to explore Acadia National Park and other regions along Maine’s coast via hiking. Take advantage of the miles of hiking paths in Boothbay Harbor and other coastal areas. Hiking in this beautiful area is exciting, as the natural beauty continuously reveals new discoveries.

Park Loop Road, Acadia

An absolute must when visiting Acadia National Park is the Park Loop Road, which is open in July. This 27-mile (43-km) drive takes you to the park’s best attractions and outlooks. Marvel at the crashing waves of Thunder Hole, take a stroll around stunning Jordan Pond, and enjoy the scenery.

Portland Head Light, Portland

Located just outside the city is one of Maine’s most iconic lighthouses. Accessible in July and usually open year-round, visiting the Portland Head Light is a rite of passage for any Maine vacation.

With a beautiful Atlantic backdrop, the lighthouse makes a perfect photo-op to begin your journey.

Brewery Hopping, Portland

Besides lobster and ocean views, Portland in Maine is well-known for its incredible craft beer scene. With 16 breweries to choose from, you’ll have no shortage of beers to try. Some of the most well-known breweries include the Shipyard Brewing Company and Allagash Brewing, both located in the city proper.

Whale Watching

The whale watching season in Maine runs from mid-spring to late October, but June is a great month to see these amazing creatures. You may spot Northern Humpback, Minke, and Northern Fin Whales, or maybe even a North Atlantic Right Whale, an endangered species with a very low population.

Black Flies and Mosquitoes

By mid-July, often earlier, most black flies are usually gone. The temperature and rainfalls in the previous weeks of spring decide how long they are present. However, black flies are typically not an issue along the coast anyway.

But still, if you hike inland packing insect repellant is a good idea to keep pesky black flies and mosquitoes at bay. You should also include some ointment to treat the bites you’ll inevitably receive from our beloved “state birds.”

Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants if you plan on going hiking during your trip. If you tuck your socks into your pants, you won’t see any heads turning.

Are you bringing your canine companion with you? Ensure they’re up to date with their latest flea and tick treatments, and consult with your vet about what you can do to keep them safe from insect bites. Comb your dog for ticks after your walks and use a tick removal tool to safely remove any stowaways.

10 Best Coastal Towns to Visit in July

Everything is open and coastal Maine is in full swing in July. That means you have a broad range of options for restaurants, shops, and tours to choose from in the towns along the coast. You might be wondering: Which is the best coastal town for you?

We got you covered and offer unique insider tips for the 10 best coastal towns:

1. York


York is the southernmost coastal town in Maine we suggest visiting. That means, coming from Boston, you don’t have to travel that far if you’d like to see a typical seaside town. It’s an hour’s drive: Google Maps Route: Boston > York. Travelers describe York as a fun-filled, family-oriented summer resort town. While definitely not as big as Portland, York is one of the slightly larger towns along Maine’s coast.

Long Sands Beach & Nubble Lighthouse: While not as impressive as the golden sand beaches in Ogunquit (see below), the gray sand beaches in York are still great. A walk on Long Sands Beach leads you to a view of the remarkable Nubble Lighthouse at Cape Neddick. Not as iconic as the Portland Head Light (see below) but still one of the most photographed lighthouses in Maine.

Short Sands Beach is located downtown, with restaurants and shops right there. Plus, it’s perfect for a fun time with kids: York Wild Kingdom Zoo and Fun Park are at Short Sands Beach, as well as a bowling alley overlooking the ocean. Locals say York has a sort of carnival atmosphere with arcades at the beach and the amusement park area.

Special Food Tip: Visit Dunn’s Ice Cream Stand at Nubble Lighthouse at least once! We had one of the tastiest homemade ice creams we ever tried. Our recommendation: The blueberry ice cream.

Lobster Shack Tip: Drive the 10 minutes to Kittery and eat a lobster roll at one of the best shacks. Bob’s Clam Hut is open in July: Bob’s Clam Hut in Kittery – Route from York

Top Tip: Don’t forget to visit the popular outlets in Kittery. They are also open throughout the year, and some offer nice discounts in the wintertime.

2. Ogunquit


The best time to visit Ogunquit for great weather and almost endless activities is from late spring to fall, but it’s also a charming year-round destination. The main attraction of this coastal town is the gorgeous beach with fluffy white sand. It is known as the most beautiful beach in New England and is worth visiting any time of the year.

Every restaurant, hotel, and shop is open in July!

Marginal Way Tips: This famous paved path is a must-do. It offers gorgeous scenic ocean and cliff views. There are dozens of benches if you’d like to rest. Get there early (around 9 AM) during July to avoid the crowds and to find a parking spot. We prefer Perkins Cove (Google Maps). The parking lots at Marginal Way fill up quickly between spring and fall. However, even in the summer, you can enjoy almost solitude by starting the walk around even earlier at 8 AM. Alternatively, get there in the late afternoon, when many visitors already left.

July Visiting Tip: Ogunquit Beach gets busy in July. Tip: Stay there one night, so you can get up early enough to avoid the crowds and parking hassle. Also, check the tide times for low tide, as it’s much more relaxed during low tide. At high tide, the beach can feel extremely crowded.

Stay One Night: We highly recommend staying at least one night in Ogunquit (in a gorgeous beachfront hotel or a resort) to dodge the crowds and explore the stunning beach and coastal area in solitude in the morning. Otherwise, it’s easy to day-trip Ogunquit from Portland (45 minutes drive).

3. Wells


Wells is located midway between Ogunquit (see above) and Kennebunkport (see below) and is only a very short 10-12 minutes drive from both towns. It’s smaller, without a nice downtown area, fewer shops, fewer restaurants, and fewer hotels. While the beaches are beautiful in Wells, locals say that Ogunquit is definitely better as far as impressive beaches go.

Wells in a Nutshell:

  • Nearby Ogunquit and Kennebunkport but smaller
  • Smaller and less touristy than Kennebunkport and Ogunquit
  • Fewer restaurants, shops, and hotels but cheaper rates
  • Great beaches but not as gorgeous as in Ogunquit

Best Lobster Rolls: We recommend driving a few minutes to Kennebunkport and eating at the excellent ‘Clam Shack’ (see below).

Pizza Tip: In case you already had enough lobster rolls, try the best pizza in Wells at Seacoast Pizza and Pasta

Tip: The best place to stay in the town is the Village by the Sea (via with price match). Their beautiful indoor pool and hot tub are perfect for relaxation after a walk at the beach.

4. Kennebunkport


Just a 20 minutes drive from Ogunquit and a half an hour drive from Portland, you’ll find this historic town with the typical New England charm.

Activity Tips: The 15 best things to do in Kennebunkport via TripAdvisor

Kennebunkport vs. Ogunquit: Kennebunkport is located very close to Ogunquit (north of it) and offers similar beautiful beaches, also a great downtown area, shops, seafood restaurants, and the famous ‘Clam Shack,’ known as the best lobster shack on our planet, for quite a while. Locals say that Kennebunkport is classier while Ogunquit still has the ‘younger vibe.’

5. Portland

Portland is Maine’s cultural center and a vibrant city throughout the year. There is something to do in Portland every season. Visit captivating museums, explore attractions downtown, the brewery scene, and eat lobster in the best restaurants in the month of July.


Great Base: Portland is the best base if you want to enjoy food, shopping tours, and see the magnificent coastal scenery. It doesn’t offer as many outdoor and hiking options as other places along the coast.

Day Trips: Portland is also the perfect location for day trips to gorgeous coastal towns like Kennebunkport, Ogunquit, or Camden, as they are just nearby via a short drive (35-45 minutes).

Islands via Ferry: The ferry is an iconic and inexpensive way to visit the nearby Casco Islands, or just to view the stunning coastal scenery is a must-do activity. Check Casco Bay Lines for the schedule. They are operating in July.

Food Tip & Lighthouse: The restaurant with the tastiest lobster roll is Eventide! And don’t forget to see the historic and iconic lighthouse Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, which is probably the most photographed lighthouse in the whole world!

6. Boothbay Harbor


Summer is one of the best times to visit Boothbay Harbor. However, it’s a year-round town, and there are still restaurants and hotels open in the previous months.

Boothbay Harbor is one of the tinier and less touristy coastal towns:

  • A beautiful harbor
  • No beach
  • Fewer crowds in peak season
  • Not as busy as Camden, Ogunquit, Kennebunkport, etc.
  • It has a downtown area but not as big as other coastal towns with those dozens of shops and galleries.

Must-Do Things:

Best Lobster: Visit Kaler’s Lobster directly in Boothbay Harbor (open in July, but closed in winter until mid-May)! However, we also recommend that you either walk half an hour or drive the 6 minutes over to Robinson’s Wharf in Southport (open year-round, no winter closures). They offer excellent lobster and a great outdoor opportunity to watch the boats while eating.

7. Rockland


Rockland is located alongside Penobscot Bay. The best period to visit is from spring to fall, with July being a great time.

Like other mid-coast towns, Rockland is not known for its beaches, as the shoreline along this section of Maine’s coast is very rocky. That means you won’t find those beautiful long beaches here like in towns of Southern Maine. However, the views are just stunning!

Foodie Haven: Rockland is recognized as the one mid-coast town with the most restaurants, including the famous Primo: ‘A farm, with a restaurant at the edge of it’.

Things to Do: Visit the art museum, photograph the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, take a schooner (‘Windjammer’) sailing trip, and more: TripAdvisor – Best Things to Do in Rockland – Maine

Local Tip: Do something uniquely different: Visit the island of Vinalhaven with the Maine State Ferry Service in Rockland.

8. Rockport


Rockport is situated right between Rockland and Camden (10 or 5 minutes drive to each town) and home to the historic coastal Samoset Resort. Rockport is smaller and less touristy. There are also fewer activities being offered.

Best Time: July is a great time to visit the smaller town of Rockport as everything is open and in full swing.

Activity Tip: Since Rockport belongs to the Rockland/Rockport/Camden area, you’ll find at least one excellent sailing tour operator here: Schooner Yach Heron (an unforgettable sailing experience!)

9. Camden


Camden is a larger coastal town in Maine and can be visited year-round. However, July is an excellent time: You will ll find plenty of opportunities for eating and lodging.

Views and Shops: You’ll find truly captivating scenic views of the bay in Camden Hills State Park’s overlooks and in Camden itself along the coastline at any time of the year. If you’re looking for uniquely crafted items, visit the gift shops on the main street downtown. A must-visit is Camden Harbor Park, with a gorgeous landscape design and a beautiful panoramic view of the harbor.

Special Tip: Visit Camden Library and take a stroll around it. It’s a beautiful building with an impressive view of the harbor.

Restaurants: Waterfront vs. Petter Otts? The Waterfront Restaurant is the perfect place for eating delicious burgers and, of course, lobster rolls. Tip: Wait for a table outside and enjoy the fantastic view while eating.

However, for lobster and other seafood, we recommend ‘Peter Otts on the water.’ It’s the perfect seaside restaurant, and the lobster is fantastic (first, eat a burger at Waterfront and then lobster at Peter Otts). Both restaurants offer lovely views. Visit Megunticook River Falls as well.

Sailing Tour Tip: Take a schooner sailing tour. They are available in July and a must-do activity in Camden. Experience the magnificent coastline in such a unique way. View the islands, wildlife, and views of Camden Hills and other coastal mountains from a historic schooner. Penobscot Bay / Camden: Historic Schooner Day Sailing Trip starts at Peter Ott’s restaurant (see above).

10. Bar Harbor


Bar Harbor is the gateway for all your explorations in Acadia National Park. Additionally, you can do so many things right in Bar Harbor: Eat fresh and tasty seafood, discover all sorts of shops and even art galleries, and explore the village environment.

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