Mount Tammany

When Is the Best Time

While any season is pleasant, the best time to hike Mount Tammany is March until November. A special time is in the autumn. To avoid the crowds, go on weekdays instead of weekends.

Is Mount Tammany Hard?

The Mount Tammany hike is not that hard. The difficulty is mostly moderate with a short but steep trail. Inexperienced hikers describe it as strenuous due to steepness.

It is advised to go uphill, counter-clockwise up the Red Dot Trail, and then back down the Blue Dot Trail (Pahaquarry Trail).

How Long Does It Take to Get to the Top Of Mount Tammany?

The hike to the top of Mount Tammany takes between two and three hours, depending on your level of fitness. A family with kids hikes to the summit in about three hours.