New York City August Outfits | Packing Tips

Experience the best of New York City this summer by visiting in August, when the city is bustling with endless opportunities for adventure and excitement.

However, packing the right outfits for this month can be tricky!

After living in NYC for over 10 years, we’ve found August to be one of the warmest months. It’s a great time to get out and sightsee in the mornings and enjoy nights out at Broadway shows and rooftop bars.

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If you are about to visit New York City in August and want to know which clothing items to pack for the hot weather and which outfit is appropriate, we’ve got you covered.

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Our clothing and styling insights cover every aspect you should be aware of.

💡 Tip: Don’t forget to check out our August weather overview for NYC at the end of this article!

August Packing Overview

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  • Tank tops: Essential for hot days, choose breathable fabrics.
  • Crop-tops: Stylish and great for keeping cool.
  • Short sleeve shirts: Versatile and comfortable for walking around the city.
  • Lightweight blouses: For a dressier look during the day or for evenings out.
  • Open front or back tops: Offers ventilation and style in the heat.
Dresses and Skirts
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  • Sundresses: A must-have for their airflow and ease of wear.
  • Flowy skirts: Comfortable and can be dressed up or down.
  • Maxi dresses: Offer coverage and comfort while still being chic.
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  • Light jacket: For cooler evenings or windy days. A denim jacket can be versatile.
Lightweight Rain Poncho

Even though it’s usually sunny and hot in New York City during August, sometimes it can rain unexpectedly. It’s a good idea to pack a lightweight rain poncho. These ponchos are super easy to carry because they can fold up really small and fit into your pocket or a little bag.

They hardly take up any space in your luggage, so you won’t even notice you’re carrying one until you need it. After checking the weather forecast, you can decide whether to bring it with you for the day.

This makes it worth bringing one along, just in case it rains. You can keep having fun on your day out, without having to lug around a heavy raincoat.

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  • Comfortable sneakers: Necessary for extensive walking. Opt for breathable materials.
  • Sandals: Open-toed for comfort and coolness, suitable for casual wear.
  • Dress shoes: For more formal occasions or nights out.
Pants and Shorts
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  • Jeans: For cooler evenings or more formal settings.
  • Shorts: Denim or fabric shorts are perfect for hot days.
  • Lightweight trousers: For when you need a dressier option that’s still comfortable.
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  • Sunglasses: A must-have for sunny days.
  • Hats: Wide-brimmed for sun protection.
  • Light scarves: For styling with outfits or extra sun protection.
  • Crossbody bags or totes: Ideal for carrying essentials while exploring.
Specialty Items
  • Jumpsuits or playsuits: Great for saving space in your luggage and versatile for day-to-night wear.
Styling Tips | Overview

  • Flowy tops: Pair a flowy top with shorts or a lightweight skirt. Choose light colors to reflect the sun and keep cool. A scarf top can be paired with a long slitted skirt for a chic, breathable outfit.
  • Crop-tops and tank tops: Opt for bright colors or patterns. These can be paired with high-waisted shorts or skirts. Add a lightweight jacket for the evening when it gets cooler.
  • Light jacket: A denim jacket is perfect for adding a layer in the evening. It can dress up a casual outfit or complement a more formal dress. Neutral colors like beige or light blue are versatile and summer-appropriate.
  • Comfortable sneakers: Choose pairs that match with multiple outfits. Neutral colors work well, but don’t shy away from a pop of color to make your outfit stand out. Pair them with jeans, skirts, or dresses.
  • Jeans: Pair them with a lightweight blouse or a trendy crop-top for a day-to-night look. For a more relaxed look, pair with a simple tank top and sneakers.
  • Shorts and skirts: High-waisted styles are fashionable and functional. Pair them with a tucked-in top and sandals for daytime or a stylish top and light jacket for evening outings.

These packing tips and style suggestions will help you navigate the August heat in New York City while looking fashionable and staying comfortable.

August Outfits | What to Wear

New York City is a stylish epicenter, especially when the temperature starts rising. You will see people wearing things you wish you had, as well as some of the craziest get-ups you’ve ever seen.

That being said, when you pack for your summer NYC trip, take this chance to create some colorful, bold outfits. (Hot tip: don’t overdo it, sometimes just a pop of color can elevate an outfit.) There is no dress code in the city, so however, you choose to present yourself is perfect.

Pack summer clothing for an August visit to New York. Typically, you wear shorts, skirts, lightweight pants, t-shirts, tank tops, and crop tops. Be sure to also include a few loose cardigans, hoodies, or sweaters as heavy air-conditioning is frequently used indoors.

💡 It’s hot and often very humid in NYC during August. Therefore, we suggest just wearing very light clothing. No need to bring a jacket for the evenings. However, a light sweater is useful as the air conditioners are on full blast in restaurants and hotels.


While there are not many opportunities to go swimming in and around the city if the few that are available should be of any interest, pack one or two swimsuits.


New York City involves a lot of walking. Come prepared. Prioritize stylish summer sneakers over sandals. If you plan on exploring New York’s nightlife, perhaps include one fancier shoe or heel that can go with multiple outfits.

Heat/Sun Protection

In regards to protective summer gear, please make sure to pack sunscreen and an ample amount of cute sunglasses for your August visit.

Pack a few colorful handkerchiefs (cotton-based, preferably) as well. They can come in handy to soak up any sweating you may experience when exploring the city.

Ladies | Outfit Tips

For the ladies, we advise packing clothing that either leaves space for airflow (such as sundresses or flowy skirts) or items that leave a certain amount of skin exposed (such as tank-tops, shorts, crop-tops, short sleeves, open front/back tops).

The humidity can get quite intense during August in NYC if you’re not used to it. It tends to make clothing that hugs tighter on the body feel a bit sticky.

However, for those of you planning on exploring the nightlife, go ahead and pack something in that area for the humidity will start to clear by nightfall.

Our Shoe Tips for Ladies:

An example of a stylish outfit perfect for New York City in August might be a scarf top, a lightweight colorful long-slitted skirt, a pair of neutral or color-matching sneakers, and a color-coordinated or black small shoulder bag, purse, or (if you have) a characteristic cloth tote is always a good way to go.

Special Tip: Another alternative for those of you wanting to save luggage space as well as look good exploring the New York City streets in August, playsuits or jumpsuits can be a great option to bring along.

Shopping Tips

August is generally a warm month here, but sometimes it gets windy and chilly at night so it’s good to bring a jacket. A jacket can also help you dress up an outfit if you are going out to a bar or night-time event.


Pack comfortable shoes because these will keep you the most comfortable in the walking city of New York. You will be seeing lots of sights and walking a lot in warm weather, so comfortable sneakers are a must. (Check out our tips on the best NYC attractions to hit at the end of this article!).


Jeans are a staple in the city, and you can pair them with different tops to dress up or down. For hotter days in August, you can also wear shorts or skirts to stay cool.


August in NYC is warm and mild so the only weather accessories you’ll need are sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat for shade.

For going out at night, bring a purse or small bag. During the day, you may need a larger bag for carrying water, your wallet, phone, sunglasses, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer.

Also, we highly recommend a bag with anti-theft features (see our recommendation above) to keep your belongings safe in the city!

Men | Outfit Tips

For the guys, we advise bringing along lightweight short-sleeve t-shirts for your August trip in New York City. You can elevate an outfit quite easily by incorporating a graphic t-shirt. A thicker, casual jacket would also be a good addition for when it gets slightly chiller in the evenings.

Add a nice button-down shirt to your luggage for nights out. In regards to bottoms, lighter-weight pants are your friend! For example, stylish casual trousers or looser-fitting jeans.

If you’re the kind of guy that likes a good pair of knee / thigh-length shorts, be sure to bring those as well. Something that might also go well with the summer weather is a stylish co-ord set.

When it comes to packing shoes, take with you a minimum of two to three shoes (depending on how long the trip will be). Avoid bringing any shoes too fancy, such as dress shoes. We advise keeping your shoe selections to sneakers (or if you’re a sandal person, add a pair to your luggage. More than one will most likely not be necessary).

Sneaker culture is very much prevalent in New York City. That being said, bring with you sneakers that are both stylish, and comfortable, and have the ability to be either dressed up or dressed down.

You’ll also want to bring with you either one larger day bag or a large day back (for example, a backpack or a satchel), double that as part of your carry-on during travel, and a smaller cross-body bag to walk around with (for example, a sling bag or a saddlebag).

Packing Checklist

  • Shorts/skirts
  • Shirts (t-shirts, short-sleeve, blouses, crop-tops)
  • Tank-Tops
  • Pants (lightweight material / light-wash jeans)
  • Light cardigan / hoodies
  • Dresses
  • Socks
  • Undergarments
  • Sneakers (i.e. comfortable walking shoes)
  • Dress shoes
  • Rain poncho
  • Stylish day and night bag (i.e. compact purse, shoulder bag, small backpack, or cloth tote)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat (not very necessary, but if you prefer hats bring one or two)
  • Accessories (jewelry, handkerchiefs, hair scarves, belts, etc.)
  • Sleepwear
  • Adapter
  • Portable charger
  • Reusable, portable water bottle
  • Toiletries

Weather Overview

August in New York City is the hottest month of the year, with the highest temperatures in the late afternoons and the milder temperatures in the mornings and after sunset. The average high temperature ranges from 80-84°F (27-29°C). It is often humid and there is an average rainfall of 3.5 inches.

At nighttime, the temperatures usually stay warm and sometimes humidity lasts through the night. If you love warm weather, this is the perfect month to visit New York.


The weather in New York City in August is usually warm or hot, with the warmest part of the day in the late afternoons. In the early mornings and after sunset tend to be more mild temperatures. The early part of the month is usually the hottest, with temperatures decreasing slightly by the end of the month.

It is often humid and it usually rains for several days. We like to wear baseball hats in the city to stay shielded from the sun and rainfall that may hit occasionally.

The average high temperatures throughout the month:

  • Early August: 84°F (29°C)
  • Mid-August: 82°F (28°C)
  • Late August: 80°F (27°C)

Tip: When you visit NYC in August, make sure to wear sunscreen as you will often be in the sun, especially in the afternoons. A baseball hat is also useful to keep your face shielded from sun or rain. I like to carry a water bottle to stay hydrated and cool when walking around the city in August.

The daily temperature progressions on a typical August day in New York City:

  • Morning (8 AM): 73°F (23°C)
  • Afternoon (3 PM PM): 82°F (28°C)
  • Evening (10 PM): 75°F (24°C)

In New York City in August, daily high temperatures increase by an average of 9°F, from 73°F (23°C) to 82°F (28°C), rarely falling below 65°F (18°C) or exceeding 90°F (32°C).


August in NYC usually includes some rainy days, with an average rainfall of 3.9 inches (9 rainy days). Along with the rain usually comes humidity, which can make the temperatures feel hotter.

💡 Tip: Pack an emergency poncho in your bag, and you’ll always be prepared for summer rain storms. A poncho is lightweight and easy to keep folded in your bag.

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I like to always carry a small bottle of sunscreen in my bag for protection from the summer sun.

We will go into more details on the rain later in the weekly weather details.

Sunrise and Sunset

At the beginning of the month, the sun rises around 6 AM and goes down around 8:10 PM. At the end of the month, sunrise happens about 20 minutes later, at 6:20 AM, and sunset is around 7:30 PM.

To make the most of these amazing times, we recommend going to popular places like Brooklyn Bridge Park or the Top of the Rock observation deck for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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