New York City – What to Wear in September

Styling insights every potential visitor should know!

New York City, on the cusp of the fall season, may be considered one of the more underrated periods. However, September has much to offer, welcoming you with ideal weather—not too hot, not too cold — and a variety of outfit options you can choose from.

During September in New York, wearing layers is essential. Pack good-quality pants, sweatshirts, lightweight jackets, sweaters, and vests. For those slightly warmer days, especially in early September, you’ll want easy-to-shed layers and versatile short- and long-sleeved shirts.

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Our New York City resident wrote this guide.

💡 Read the full outfit and styling guide below the weather details, and find a packing list at the end.

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Overview and Weather

September in New York is also one of the best months to explore both the city, as well as the quaint upstate towns outside the city (many of which are easily accessible by the Metro-North or LIRR).

Whether you go on just a day trip or a small exploration weekend during your travels, these charming spots are great places to watch the changing fall foliage and (if you’re a nature buff) beautiful areas to go on a scenic hike.

September weather tends to be quite pleasant. The average high temperature is around 75°F (24°C), while the average low temperature shifts somewhere within the mid-50’s°F (about 13°C).

The first few weeks of September somewhat resemble early summer temperatures, and slowly, as the month passes, the temperature will transition into perfect autumn weather.

A Typical Day

In a typical day in the early weeks of September, daytime temperatures will fall between mid-to-high 70’s°F (between 24°C – 26°C) while nighttime (and early morning) temperatures fall to around mid-60’s°F (between 16°C-18°C).

As the autumn weather begins to settle in, you’ll find that temperatures will shift. At this point, daytime high temperatures, on average, tend to reach only 70°F (21°C). Meanwhile, in the evenings and early mornings, temperatures fall to around the mid-50’s°F (about 13°C).


Being a transitional month weather-wise, you will be sure to experience some light to medium rainy days. Fortunately, on average, it only rains seven days in the month. That being said, you should expect a handful of partly cloudy days.

What To Wear / What To Pack

With the transitioning weather, you’ll find that layers are your best friend. Picking out a few favorite sweaters, hoodies, and down jackets can be a real savior when temperatures start to shift unexpectedly or on cloudy days when the breeze becomes chillier.

September in New York City is full of possibilities (both packing-wise and in regards to activities). One of the popular holidays in September is Labor Day Weekend. If you plan to travel to the city during Labor Day weekend, be advised it can be quite an event-filled weekend in the city.

Shoes: Visiting New York City means you’ll be walking a lot. Pack some stylish sneakers. If you plan on exploring New York’s nightlife, perhaps include one fancier shoe or heel that can go with multiple outfits.

Labor Day weekend tends to be the last period when perfect summer weather can be experienced. So, if you’re planning to experience this weekend in the city, plan accordingly. Pack something nice (and preferably white) for a brunch, perhaps, or something casually chic to go watch the Labor Day NYC Parade in.

A perfect stylish September outfit to explore New York City with (perfect for both a daytime excursion or a night-out in the city)

Ladies! When packing for your September travels to the infamous New York, we’ve provided a few pointers for guidance.


In regards to bottoms, we advise narrowing your selection to pants (such as jeans, trousers, etc.) and full-length skirts. Jeans are a staple in NYC and we like to wear them in casual and dress-up situations.

You can pair said bottoms with short-sleeve shirts or breathable long-sleeve shirts or button-ups. As mentioned earlier, do not forget to pack layers.

Some good options would be cardigans, sweaters or sweater-vests, stylish graphic or old-school sweatshirts, or hoodies:

If you do plan to visit earlier in September, one or two long daytime dresses and a pair of shorts might also be a good addition.

💡 For the chillier days, especially if you visit from mid to late September, we advise packing a dependable fall coat or jacket. This could be a bomber, pea-coat, stylish trench, or a down jacket.

Being that the weather can be quite nice but still precarious when packing shoes, we suggest focusing on one or two sneakers that have the style flexibility to be either dressed up or down.


A lightweight jacket will keep you warm and comfortable during chilly autumn nights and cooler days in NYC in September.


September in New York can range from warm to chilly so it’s essential to pack layers. A solid long-sleeved top is perfect for a base layer.

Our Shoe Tips:

Keep in mind that you’ll be walking a lot. Pack some stylish and comfortable sneakers for your NYC explorations.

We love these retro sneakers, as they can also handle outdoor terrain (see below):

For the nature-lovers interested in exploring the best areas in New York (outside the city) to view the fall foliage and scenic landscapes, we advise packing a sneaker that can handle rockier terrain and hills.


Pack a zippered bag that will keep your belongings secure on the go in NYC. Dark, solid colors are the perfect choice to stay stylish and prevent unsightly stains.

We highly recommend a bag with anti-theft features (see our recommendation above) to keep your belongings safe in the city!

A great stylish and warm fall outfit!

For the guys, we also recommend sticking to comfortable pants, such as jeans or trousers of some sort. A good combination to pair this with would be a casual, breathable long-sleeve t-shirt and a vest (some good vest options are puffer, utility, or sweater).

Another good option to sustain a September outing around New York would be a comfortable, stylish sweatshirt or hoodie with a base layer underneath (such as a basic short-sleeve).

💡 The most important thing to keep in mind when packing your outer layers is having something for the chillier days that can also be easily switched out for those warmer days.

A similar suggestion to that of ladies is to bring a fall coat. A bomber, light puffer, leather, or down jacket are some perfect stylish, yet appropriate options.


September is usually a mild time of year in NYC but the weather can change quickly so it’s a good idea to bring some light layers. A long sleeved, solid-colored top is a must for fall. You can add layers for cooler days.


September temperatures can get cool with chiller temps at night time. Bring a light, casual jacket to stay warm during your trip. You will be stylish and comfortable with this jacket.


Jeans are versatile and you can dress them up for nights out or wear them with a hoodie or long-sleeved shirt for a more casual look.


Wear comfortable sneakers as New York is a walking city and you will be on the go a lot.

Packing Checklist
  • Pants (jeans, trousers, etc.)
  • Full-length skirts and/or long day-time dresses
  • Fall coat or jacket (bomber, pea-coat, trench, etc.)
  • Wind or Down Jacket (my favorite is Uniqlo’s compressible Ultra-Light Down Jacket)
  • Short-sleeve and/or long-sleeve t-shirts
  • Vests (be it sweater, puffer, or utility)
  • Sweatshirts and/or hoodies
  • Cardigans and/or sweaters
  • Accessories (jewelry, hats (optional), etc.)
  • Toiletries
  • Day bag (backpack, saddle bag, shoulder bag, tote, etc.)
  • Walking shoes (i.e. sneakers, comfortable boots, etc.)

Things To Do

Ideas for Fall / September-only activities

  • Labor Day NYC Parade
  • Labor Day Weekend Crusie Specials
    • Sunset Cruise (1.5 hrs) (Price: $68-84)
    • Around Manhattan Brunch Cruise (2.75 hrs) (Price: $124-142)
    • Evening Jazz Cruise (1.5 hrs) (Price: $86-104)
  • Rooftop Brunches
    • Terrace at Time Out Market
    • The Fulton
    • Pilot (a very popular boat bar with fresh seafood and cocktails)
    • Santina
    • Grand Banks (an oyster boat bar docked at Pier 25 with a view of the lower Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty)
  • Around New York Labor Day Weekend Getaways
    • Montauk, Long Island (accessible by car or by LIRR) (fresh seafood spots, beautiful beaches, and live music bars)
    • Adirondack Winery (accessible by car) (stunning nature views)

Must-Visit Attractions

September is a great time to visit all the popular and iconic attractions in NYC.

Tip: Book tickets in advance for the first slot in the morning, especially in early September. Our favorites are the Empire State Building, and Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center).

During this month, you might want to visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum as well.

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