Observation Point – Zion

When Is the Best Time

To escape the heat, spring and fall are the best times for hiking. In summer, it is oven-like and can get well above 100°F (38°C)

Sweet Spot Months: The best months with usually good weather and fewer crowds than during peak months are: March/April and October/November.

More Tips

A majestic view of Zion Canyon and discovering millions of years of the power of water.
Your trek will begin at the “Weeping Rock” trailhead. There are several side trips on this route,

You first come to Weeping Rock… as you continue on you come the split off to Hidden Canyon and then onward to Observation Point and a grand view of the valley below, with amazing views of Angels Landing, Deer Trap and Cable Mountains and an aerial view of the Virgin River that makes this destination all possible.

The trail is 8 miles almost 13 km long, 2,120 feet almost 650 meters of elevation, and takes 4-6 hours. Observation Point is 6,508 feet almost 2.000 meters high. The first part of the trail is paved. Hiking pools for the strenuous zigzagging ascent are helpful. Observation Point is more than 700 feet higher than Angels Landing.

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