Old Yard Cemetery

When Is the Best Time

Fall, the fall foliage cannot be beat, the depth of shades in the sky, and there are organized cemetery tours available in late October.

New England is a region that is comprised of six states and is the treasured home of countless historical sites from America’s earliest days pre-dating the Revolutionary War, onward through the founding of our country.

Old Yard Cemetery is one of seven cemeteries in Stowe, VT. Stowe is best known for being a travel destination for winter-loving skiers. But if you end up in Stowe, taking a slow walk through the Old Yard will give you a glimpse into New England’s history made by brave and hearty people that survived intense winters and had their own militia called the Green Mountain Boys. They fought for the people who would become Vermonters before they were even a colony.

Buried at Old Yard are 33 veterans of the American Revolutionary War, 17 veterans of the War of 1812, and 11 Civil War veterans along with many other notable early settlers.

For more detailed information about grave markers and how to find hidden clues to the past, visit Stowetoday


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