Guiana Amazonian Park

When Is the Best Time

The best time to visit the Guiana Amazonian Park is from August to December and from March to April

The Guiana Amazonian Park covers a vast area of more than 30,000 km² and is accessible only by air or by boat via the rivers Maroni and Oyapock. Some stunning and places and things to do:

Saül | Hiking

The small village of Saül, which can be from Cayenne by plane. It is popular as a hiking destination: 45 kilometers of hiking trails and 5 secured paths for the disabled. As part of the “Amazonie pour tous” program, they are designed to ensure that everyone can experience the Amazon totally safe. In search of giant trees, like the kapok tree, which at 60 meters is as tall as a 25-story building!

Mont Galbao

Ferns, huge palm trees, incredible areas of moss, and an infinite number of birds fill the emerald green forest with their chirping. 20 kilometers from Saül, after a relatively strenuous forest hike, you reach the beautiful Mont Galbao in Guiana Amazonian Park. In this 700 meters high mountain massif you discover a unique flora and fauna that appreciates the altitude and the extreme humidity.

Oyoapok River and Crique Mémora

The Oyapock River is the other major river of French Guiana. The pirogue trip on one of its feeder streams, the Crique Mémora, is a very special experience: You have to cross several rapids, where you can observe giant otters that live in these protected waters. You can also see jaguars, but they are very shy. On foot, you reach the island mountain Susu Bella, a sugar loaf jutting out of the tropical forest. This is a mountain in Guiana Amazonian Park, where you can see rare orchids and birds. It is also rich in archaeological findings.

Waterfall of Gobaya Soula

You can take the plane (1 hour from Cayenne) to go reach this hiker’s paradise. The most popular hike is to the waterfall of Gobaya Soula: it takes 20 minutes by pirogue or canoe and 40 minutes on foot to reach this fantastic place. After reaching it you can have a wonderful picnic and swim in the middle of nature.


My Hiking Trip (by Stefan Bonne)

An excellent hiking place in French Guyana. With direct flights Paris to Cayenne, this is one of the fastest ways, from Europe, into the South-American rainforest. The highlands of Guyana are not part of the Amazon Basis so during the rainy season the area does not flood and animals can flee to higher areas.

Leaving from Saül, a one hour flight from Cayenne above the canopy of the rain forest, there are several hikes in the rainforest. My 5 day hike was to Maïs Falls, a small waterfall. During the hike you can experience the forest and see some monkeys, lots of butterflies and hear a lot of birds. Observation is not obvious due to the dense vegetation.