Rock Dunder

When Is the Best Time

Open from May 15 to November 15 from dusk til dawn. Best time to visit is either spring or fall during the week. You will have the place to your self! If you go through out the summer (or any weekend) head up early morning, it starts to get busier around noon.

Rock Dunder is a beautiful hike, with three different trails to choose from and each of them offering a unique experience. The shortest of the three is the cabin trail with is about 1.5km. It’s an easy hike that will take you through the forest around the beaver pond.

The second trail is the Morton bay trail. It’s around 2km and has a few steep sections but fairly easy.

The third is the summit loop, at 4km it has some tricky sections but the end result is well worth it!

Once you reach the summit you will get a spectacular view! You can easily finish all three trails while you are there!

If you go early spring/late fall prepare to get wet and muddy, some sections of the trails can get flooded over! It’s a perfect day trip of hiking!

Texta and Photos by Lindz


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