Sedona in July and August

Sedona in July and August is on the hotter side, though fewer crowds make it an excellent time to view the natural wonders here. It also continues to be an excellent escape for those in surrounding areas with even higher summer temperatures.

With our essential tips on activities, crowds, and what to wear, you can enjoy the warm Sedona weather in July and August without a hitch!

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Topics covered in this April guide:

  • Weather in Summer (July/August)
  • How Busy/Crowds
  • What to Wear | Outfits
  • Things to Do (Hiking/Sightseeing)

This guide was written by our destination expert, who lived over 14 years in Sedona.

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Summer Tip: Jeep Tour!

Almost every Sedona visitor and local will tell you a Jeep tour is a must! We highly suggest doing at least one jeep tour while you are there!

Tip: Make a reservation at least 3-4 days in advance to make sure you get the desired slot! It’s very comfortable as you will receive a mobile voucher on your phone (you can also print it if you like): Sedona Jeep Tours (our recommendation!)


The rain in July and August in Sedona is minimal, with an average of a few inches each month. July and August are the hottest months here, with average highs of 94°F-97°F (34°C-36°C), followed by June. Expect a low average wind speed of 4.9 – 6.7 MPH, which will feel like a light breeze.

  • Average High Temp in July: 97°F (36°C)
  • Average High Temp in August: 94°F (34°C)
Is Sedona Too Hot in July and August?

In July and August, Sedona is hot but not unbearable. It is cooler than Phoenix or Tucson, and you can plan the strenuous activities for the mornings. It also cools down later in the afternoon due to the mountain winds.

Local tip: Is Sedona a bad idea and unpleasant in July or August? It depends on what you consider hot and unpleasant! It is not as humid as in Hawaii. Just remember to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen and light-weight clothing. Don’t eat heavy meals for lunch. Hiking should be done in the morning or afternoon. Don’t be worried about the heat, just go have fun.

Even with outdoor activities like hiking, you can enjoy your time during the summer in Sedona. Make sure to choose easy and short trails with enough shade and try to avoid hiking in the midday heat between noon and 4 PM.

In general, the summer heat in Sedona won’t be as bad as you might think. Higher elevation and breezes make it more bearable. Make sure to drink plenty of water because you can quickly dehydrate!

Average Temperature in July

Sedona in July is hot with an average high temperature of 97°F (36°C). This heat does not occur until later in the afternoon. During the early mornings, the temperatures are lower and only reach about 73°F (23°C) around 7 am. Early morning is the ideal time to participate in outdoor activities.

Typical average temps during a day in early July:

  • 7 AM: 73°F
  • 12 PM: 90°F
  • 3 PM: 95°F

By noon, the temperatures have increased to 90°F and continue to rise in the afternoon. At 3 pm, temperatures are at 95°F or higher. During this time of day, it’s best to be near a pool or body of water to swim in and stay cool.

Average Temperature in August

The average high temperature in the Sedona area in August is 94°F (34°C). Like July, the early morning offers cooler temperatures, though the temperature difference is much less obvious. Expect the temperature to be around 74°F (23°C) at 7 am.

Typical average temps (not average high) during a day in mid-August:

  • 7 AM: 74°F
  • 12 PM: 87°F
  • 3 PM: 89°F

At noon, the temperature has risen to about 87°F, with the temperature high reaching 89°F by about 3 pm.

Good to know: As there is little humidity each day, the afternoon temperatures will feel much cooler than they are.

Rainfall and Monsoons

July and August offer moderate amounts of precipitation each year for Sedona and its surrounding area. July provides an average rainfall of about 1.5″, while August offers up to 2” of rainfall. Even with this amount of rainfall, there is very little humidity.

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Good to know: The temperatures can feel about 10°F -15°F cooler than the thermostat notes during the hotter days because of the low humidity found in Arizona.

Monsoon Season

The monsoon season occurs from June through August in Sedona. While it may sound intimidating, the rain showers are over within minutes. However, they do include lightning and intense bouts of rain, so it’s best to stay indoors during these storms.

Expect monsoons to happen during the afternoons. One thing to keep in mind is that these storms usually only last a few days.

If you visit Sedona for a week during July and August, there’s a high likelihood at least half of your days will provide dry afternoons.

What to Wear | Outfits | Packing

As Sedona’s temperatures are lower in the mornings, you’ll want to dress differently than in the daytime and evenings during July and August. Ensure you wear lighter layers that you can remove as the day continues. Pack a light rain jacket in case of monsoon during outdoor activities.


As the mornings are in the 70s for July and August, a light jacket and light pants are best for this time of day. If you can find cargo pants that convert into shorts, this will be the optimal option for outdoor activities.

Otherwise, wear tank tops and shorts as underlayers with closed-toed shoes like sneakers or hiking boots. This allows you to keep cool once the temperature rises.

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As July and August daytime and evening present the warmest temperatures in Sedona, you’ll want to wear tank tops or t-shirts along with shorts in Sedona. Make sure to bring a sun hat or cap to avoid sunburn while hiking as there is not a lot of cloud cover.

As there are many pools around, it’s best to bring a swimsuit, sunscreen, and towel on the occasion that plans change last minute. Bring a light rain jacket in the afternoons to keep dry during any sudden monsoon storms, though as noted above, it’s best to find shelter during these occurrences.

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When hiking in Sedona in July and August, pack plenty of water, sunscreen, and maps. You’ll want to wear hiking boots, a hat, shorts, and a t-shirt (to avoid sunburned shoulders).

Wear a hat because you will appreciate the value of shade. Certain parks include water to walk through, like Slide Rock State Park, so it’s a good idea to bring water shoes as well.

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If you’re spending a day exploring the shops in Sedona, you can get away with packing lighter and fewer layers. Comfortable shoes are a must; this includes sneakers, flats, or any shoes you can wear while walking for a few hours.

Summery dresses, tank tops, t-shirts, and shorts are all appropriate while exploring the downtown area of Sedona. Like with hiking, you will want to wear sunscreen and bring water to stay hydrated.

For Wineries

Sedona is also a major location for wineries, which require a different dress code than other outdoor activities. Opt for dresses, skirts, blouses, and comfortable shoes like flats when heading to a winery.

Men can wear short-sleeve button-down shirts or polos, nicer shorts, and comfortable yet dressy shoes. These outfits will keep you cool and appropriately dressed while enjoying wine in Sedona.

What To Wear List
  • Rain jacket (necessary for rainy evenings)
  • Comfortable shoes (different depending on activity)
  • Light jacket/light layers (early morning activities)
  • Tank tops/t-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Convertible cargo pants (for hiking/outdoor activities)
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap/sun hat
  • Dressier outfits (for wineries/fancy dining establishments)

How Busy is Sedona in July and August?

It is mildly busy during July and August in Sedona. Crowds are mild during this time, as peak season is generally during March, April, and May (springtime) and in October. Even though people visit neighboring towns to escape the heat, you’ll still find relatively few crowds.

Good to know: It’s always a lot busier on weekends. Try to plan activities during the week. On weekends it’s best to start your adventures early as parking lots and trailheads become crowded.

As the temperatures continue decreasing, crowds pick up toward the end of August. During this time, families visit before school starts, so expect a good number of people. Avoid visiting from the middle to the end of August if you want a calmer, less crowded trip.

Rates and Accommodation Tips

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Hotel rates and flights are moderately priced during July and August in Sedona due to demand. Rates are not the lowest at this time of year, but they are budget-friendly for most. As more people are visiting at the end of August, rates will increase during this time.

Traveling in July and the beginning of August will offer the most competitive accommodation and flight rates.

Seasonal Tip: December in Sedona is slightly quieter.

Things To Do

There are many activities to participate in while visiting Sedona in July and August. Some attractions are inside, but the majority of things to do can be found outside, as there are many beautiful natural sites to visit. Especially places like the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the Sedona Heritage Museum, or hitting the easy hiking trails.

Recommended Tours

Our Sedona locals highly recommend the tours above. Make a reservation and receive a voucher (printed or mobile via phone). Very comfortable.

Chapel of the Holy Cross
  • When: Open year-round (except Christmas, Thanksgiving, Good Friday, and Easter)
  • Where: 780 Chapel Rd., Sedona, AZ 86336
  • Price: Free

This attraction is one of the most popular and well-known locations in Sedona. This chapel, built in 1956, sits atop buttes in Sedona. Its unique location draws many people in each year for tours and mass.

Keep in mind, food, drinks, and pets are not allowed inside. Head here in the morning to avoid the crowds present in the afternoon. After a tour, the gift shop on the lower level is worth visiting to find local artisan-made items.

Find more information about this unique church here: Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Pink Jeep Tours
  • When: Open year-round (depending on weather)
  • Where: 204 N. State Rte. 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336
  • Price: $87.22 per person + gratuity

These tours are highly recommended to anyone who visits Sedona by locals, especially during July and August. During the Pink Jeep tours, visitors can observe Sedona’s Red Rocks and the lowland desert.

This is the perfect activity for those wanting to participate in outdoor activities without being in the direct heat. You can fit up to nine people in each jeep, and the tour lasts two hours. During the drive, information is provided for each location and plenty of stops for photography.

Find more information and purchase tickets here: Sedona: Scenic Rim Pink Jeep Tour.

Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village
  • When: Open year-round
  • Where: 336 AZ-179 Sedona, AZ 86336
  • Price: Free

While this village is open year-round, it’s a great way to spend time outdoors in July/August to beat the heat. Outside, trees are abundant, so visitors can enjoy the shade between exploring the shops.

Tlaquepaque is designed after an authentic Mexican Village, offering incredible views and unique architecture. Here, visitors can find art galleries, shops with local-made goods, and restaurants. Plus, activities are offered throughout the year, with most being kid-friendly.

Find more information about Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village activities here: Tlaquepaque.

Sedona Heritage Museum
  • When: Open year-round
  • Where: 735 Jordan Road, Sedona, Arizona
  • Price: $7 per adult, children under 13 are free

July and August are excellent months to visit Heritage Museum, as it offers a break from the heat during the daytime/afternoon. Sedona Heritage Museum centers around information on how Sedona was built and the people who built it.

Initially, the museum was a family home, and visitors can see evidence of this throughout the museum. There are multiple exhibits to explore, ranging from the history of voting rights in the area to the Telegraph office and its restoration.


Many people head to Sedona to explore the vast hiking options. Below are some of the top hiking locations (apart from the Grand Canyon).

Is it too hot for hiking in July or August? Many popular trails do not offer shade, so it’s best to opt for smaller, shorter treks like the trails we recommend below. Additionally, it’s best to visit the trails as early as possible to avoid overheating on the trails.

Alternatively, you can opt to hike later in the afternoon when it cools down. We always avoided the time from noon to 3 or 4 PM.

Fay Canyon
  • When: Open year-round
  • Where: Boynton Pass Rd Sedona, AZ 86336
  • Price: Free parking available

This trail offers both shade and low elevation, making it a perfect trek for people of all skill levels. The Fat Canyon trail features wildlife (like black bears), local flora and fauna, and impressive canyon walls. This trail is situated in the Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness area and offers the option of longer trails along with free parking.

Templeton Trail
  • When: Open year-round
  • Where: Back O’ Beyond Rd Sedona, AZ 86336
  • Price: Free parking available

Sedona is known for its vortexes, which provide positive energy to people who walk or drive through them. The Templeton Trail provides sights of the famous Cathedral Rock, one of Sedona’s vortex areas. It’s a better option than the standard Cathedral Rock, which offers no shade.

This short trail offers shade for about half of the trek and views of a creek as you continue along the trail. This smaller trail is lesser-known, making it an excellent option for those who want to avoid crowds.

Boynton Canyon
  • When: Open year-round
  • Where: Dry Creek Rd Sedona, AZ 86340
  • Price: Free parking available

The Boynton Canyon Trail is another excellent option for those wanting to hike without getting stuck in the direct sun for the entire hike. This trek also features a vortex and views of Red Rock country and a forest.

This is another excellent trail that is not often crowded. Plus, it features a wide array of terrain. The Boynton Canyon trail is slightly longer than the two previous trails, at three miles roundtrip. However, it should only take an hour for most to cover the trail leaving plenty of time for other activities.

4th of July Wetfest
  • When: July 4
  • Where: 570 Posse Ground Road, Sedona, AZ 86336
  • Price: Free

For those visiting during the 4th of July, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. The 4th of July Wetfest is a family-friendly event held at the Sedona Community Pool. Live music, excellent views of the Red Rocks, and food (for purchase) are available at this event.

Children can enjoy the waterslides while parents lounge in the pool. The activity occurs from 12 pm to 4 pm on July 4 each year.

Hummingbirds in Sedona Photo Workshop
  • When: August 5 – August 7
  • Where: Sedona, AZ 86351
  • Price: $985

This activity is excellent for aspiring photographers. It occurs in August each year, led by a professional wildlife photographer. The workshop lasts for two days and covers everything from wildlife photography basics to photo sessions on private property with hummingbird feedings.

This activity allows visitors to experience the natural beauty of Sedona and its wildlife before heading to the Sedona Photofest, which features professional photographs of the area. This workshop event is geared more toward adults, though people of all ages can attend Sedona Photofest.

Find more information on this event here: Hummingbirds in Sedona Photo Workshop.

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