The Toadstools – The Rim Rocks Utah

When Is the Best Time

The very best time for photographing and visiting is in the morning morning, evening (golden hour), or at night. There is so much to see.

However, it can get very hot so bring water in the summer. There are several trails to the various Toadstools so you can explorer several of them. Take a wide-angle lens and get close…try HDR and yes take a tripod.

Only crowded in the peak season (June, July, August), especially on weekends. The small parking lot can get full. Be there early in the morning if you’d like to avoid a crowded parking lot.

Great place just off Highway 89 between Page, AZ and Kanab Utah. This is a short .9 mile or so hike from the road and not too difficult. Cell phone service is spotty but pretty good on top with some carriers. Water, take lots, in the summer it is VERY hot…and quite cold in the winter. There is lots to see and go around to the west to see more. Amazing view from the cliff edge.


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