Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park


Update 2021: Many sites, parks, and places are open. However, please check the official websites and our visiting tips below.

When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Waterton is great at any time and open throughout the year. However, from May - September is probably the best time with the most wildlife being about and more pleasant temperatures. Check out our place Glacier National Park for weather details, since both are close and experience the same climate.

Avoiding Tourist Crowds

Although it's tiny compared to Banff and less touristy, Waterton became much busier in the recent years. Especially during the peak months of July and August. If you go during the summer: Avoid weekends and arrive early in the morning. In summer, the visitor center opens at 8 AM. Later in the day, there can be 40-50 cars waiting at the gate. Be there right at 8 AM and start your hike before the crowds arrive. Another way to avoid tourist crowds is visiting in the spring (May - mid-June) or in September after Labor Day Weekend until October.

Season Overview: Activites by Season | Waterton Lakes NP
Opening Hours: Hours - Facilities - Operation | Waterton Lakes NP

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Where and Tips

Waterton Village

Waterton Park is a great place for someone who is visiting Canada for the first time. It has a wide variety of activities on offer. From day hikes to week long back country camping adventures. One of my favorite hikes is a 3-day hike starting at Red Rock Canyon heading up to Goat Lake for the first day, then up onto the Avion Ridge. The views are quite spectacular. We then drop down the mountain to Lone Lake and camp there for the second night. Day 3 is spent heading back to Red Rock Canyon on the reverse side of the mountain. A truly wonderful hike in Canada's finest back country.

Waterton has lots more to offer as well. The village itself has plenty of Restaurants, gift shops, hotels and B&B's, there are also several campsites to pitch your tent or park your motor home. There are places to hire bikes, Canoes, and boats. You could also go on horse riding treks into the mountains. If you want to experience Canada and avoid the really busy tourist areas like Banff and Jasper, then Waterton Lakes National Park is for you.

Where to Stay
  • Waterton Glacier Suites: Excellent location and spectacular view, spacious rooms, very comfortable. Everything is clean and the fireplace in the bedroom is really nice. Great place as everything in Waterton is walkable from the hotel.
  • Browse Hotels: Check other hotels with the best prices you can get.

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3185 Adventures Ltd

If you want to know more visit our website www.3185adventures.ca you can contact us on there or find us on FaceBook or Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you..


Waterton Park has been on my bucket list for a while. @3185 Adventures: At http://www.watertonpark.com/inf… it reads, that most hiking trails open in early June and usually close in the fall. Personally I prefer hiking when there are fewer people around, regardless of the weather or increased difficulty :) My idea was maybe April/May when there is already wildlife to spot but also less people hiking. How large is the group in your 3 day hike usually?


On my bucket list now :)

3185 Adventures Ltd

Hi Sandy. You will need to check the parks Canada website for when your able to stay in the back country camp grounds regarding going in April / May time. I will be honest with you the back country hikes even in the height of summer have very few people on them. I have walked large sections of Waterton and as soon as walk 500 meters from any car park you will find yourself alone. I did the 3 day walk described above in June and in August last year and I saw a total of 5 people on the trails.
I normally try and hike with a group of 4 but have done this with just one other before.
Any other questions please ask. If you want to join us for this walk we will be down that way from May - August 2016


Thanks guys!!