El Chaltén Hike | Best Time | Mt. Fitz Roy

When Is the Best Time

The best time to visit El Chaltén for hiking tours is from October to March. It is summer in Patagonia, the temperatures become milder and the hiking routes are mostly free of snow.

Peak Season | Low Season

December to February is peak season and it can get crowded in El Chalten and on the more popular hiking routes. We prefer the months of October and November because it is much quieter. (Tip: Read our general guide about the best time to hike). However, you have to deal with strong winds during this time.

In winter, many accommodations in El Chaltén close due to the bad weather conditions and the tourism industry is almost non-existent.


Mt. Fitz Roy Hike

A stay in the hiker’s paradise of El Chaltén without a hike to Mt. Fitz Roy is truly a shame. Fortunately, there are several options of different duration and difficulties to get closer to the famous mountain. Popular and rewarding is the hike to Laguna de los Tres.

The trail begins northwest of town at a prominent wooden gate that you can’t miss. After an easy uphill hour, you’ll arrive at the majestic Mirador Fitz Roy viewpoint, which gives you a stunning panoramic view of the granite mountain at 3,406 meters.

Laguna Capri

On the way to the foot of Mt. Fitz Roy, you have the possibility to make a detour to the idyllic Laguna Capri. After a long flat passage, you will reach Camp Poincenot and the Rio Blanco, where you can fill up your water.

After crossing the river, it’s getting tougher. The trail to Laguna de los Tres takes you 420 meters of steep uphill in just under an hour, partly over boulders. However, it is worth the effort!

At the top, you will have a breathtaking view of the snow-covered Mt. Fitz Roy, the picturesque Laguna de Los Tres, and the gorgeous Laguna Sucia.





The weather in El Chaltén can be unpredictable. Taking a guide or booking a guided tour is highly recommended.

The weather in El Chaltén is determined by its location of about 398m above sea level. It is relatively cold throughout the year. The annual average temperature in El Chaltén is 0.9 °C. Over a year, precipitation adds up to 2869 mm.

In September, the amount of precipitation is 188 mm. This month has the lowest precipitation of the whole year. The average precipitation in April is 275 mm. It is the month with the highest precipitation of the year.

With 6.0 °C, February is the warmest month of the year. The coldest month of the year is July with an average of -3.5 °C.


Photos by Stefan Bonne

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