Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

When Is The Best Time

The best time of day to visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is in the morning. Animals are most active during this time and the temperatures are more pleasant, especially in the summer months. To avoid the crowds visit mid-week.

Otherwise, it’s a great place to visit throughout the year. Gets crowded on holiday weekends….but its still ok

Review and Tips

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas, is about as close to a safari in the USA as you can get. You drive through the 1,800 acre park for several miles and see lots of wild animals, over 50 different species, native and non native, live there. Visit the website for details on prices, hours and closures before driving there. .

It can get really crowded on holiday weekends and it becomes one long traffic jam. But typically during the week the crowds are low and especially when school is in.

You can also go on several tours that take you behind the scenes, feedings, or crack O’dawn tour….and photo tours. You can call them at 254-897-2960 for info. Hours vary during the season as the day light hours shorten. There is a rest stop (The Overlook Cafe) that has a gift shop, food and children’s petting zoo mid way through the route. Its a great place for a family outing as well as some great teaching moments.

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