Lake Bled

Lake Bled


Update 2021: Many sites, parks, and places are open. However, please check the official websites and our visiting tips below.

When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Lake Bled is a year-round destination, even beautiful in winter! The best weather with mild and pleasant temperatures is between May and September. However, it gets busy and very touristy in the peak summer months. During the winter months it's much quieter.

Avoiding Tourist Crowds

Season/Months: If you want to dodge the crowds, don't go in July/August and try to avoid weekends in general. The high season starts mid-June with many tourists visiting the place. It usually gets very crowded in the summer. Crowds are also attracted during Christmas and New Years celebrations. April/May and September/October are great months with a pretty good chance of nice weather and fewer tourists than in summer. Very quiet months (besides Christmas and New Years Eve) are November until February. It can get cold with snow, especially in January. However, winter is a great time to enjoy this place since it's super quiet.

Time of Day: If you visit in the summer, you can avoid the crowds by starting your activities early in the day. For example, visit the iconic Bled Castle first thing in the morning: It opens at 8 AM. It starts to get really crowded around 10 AM. The next morning you could rent a boat and row to Bled Island. Again, if you do this early, you'll dodge the crowds and enjoy a peaceful lake and island. Special tip: When it gets insanely crowded later in the day, wander around Lake Bled, and you'll find at least some spots of solitude. Another idea is to hike a strenuous or longer trail. Most visitors do the short walks only.

Rough weather overview: Lake Bled Climate Information. Detailed Weather: Monthly Weather


The best time to visit Lake Bled in terms of weather and crowds is April, May, September, and October. Temperatures are pleasant and swimming or bathing is often possible. The summer is the busiest, hottest, and wettest time with half of the annual visitors. Day temperatures often reach 30°C/86°F. The winter months are the quietest and driest.

Best Day Tours for Bled

Where and Tips


Bled is just a 45 minutes drive from the capital city Ljubljana. The only international airport is located 27 km north of Ljublijana just half an hour south of Lake Bled. The lake is famous for its picturesque "Church of the Assumption of Mary" on the tiny island. To get to the island, you can either rent a boat and row or book a trip on a traditional "Pletna" boat. These boats remembered me to Venice; they are gondola like rowboats made from wood. You can swim to the island as well, but you have to be a good swimmer. Don't underestimate the difficulty of swimming 290 m/951 feet without a break.

"Lake Bled is truly a magical place with so much to see and do. We arrived in Spring to our amazement to see a beautiful clear freshwater lake with an island in the centre. It is well preserved with no motorised boats on the lake, but you can row or swim to the island and explore. For those picturesque views of the lake, you can walk up to Blejski Castle, enjoy a meal and the view. Visit the museum of Bled, a Blacksmith and many other things to explore (which includes wine).

If you are still up for a hike after visiting the castle, I suggest walking to Blejski Vintgar Gorge (about 2-hour hike to get there and 2-4 hour hike through the gorge). This was a secondary highlight just board walking over the fast-flowing and still water parts of the gorge. It was a beautiful display of nature which showed very little interference from tourists. Not up to the slow pace of rowing and hiking? There is an extreme bobsled on the side of the mountain for the adrenaline junkie plus so much more on and off the ground. Whatever your way of travelling and expectations are, you won't be disappointed with Lake Bled.

Since it was Spring check out to see if the Bled Film Festival is running - we stumbled on this. You can walk the red carpet, drink and talk to the locals. You can watch an open-air night cinema with a lit-up castle/lake as the backdrop."

reviewed by Daniel Knowles

Things To Do / Activities
  • Walk to Bled Castle: You have to walk up to Bled Castle at least once. Enjoy the stunning view and check out the museum as well (Prices Bled Castle). Depending on the location of your hotel or B&B, it’s a 10 minute to 60 minutes walk.
  • Visit Vintgar Gorge: It’s an easy hike from Bled to this gorgeous place (google maps). We suggest this beautiful round trip: Bled > Zasip > Vintgar Gorge > Bled. This gorge is a must-see, it extends up over a waterfall and has a built-in bridge.
  • More Hikes: There are many trails around Lake Bled. The hike to Pokljuka Gorge shouldn't be missed! A longer and slightly more strenuous hike is Mt. Stol. Another nearby base for hiking is the Pokljuka Plateau, with daily buses going there from Bled in the summer (Transportation Bled)
  • Row a Boat: Hire a rowboat to row around the lake. You can get to the island and wander about at your leisure. Between 12-18 EUR/hour. Or you could get a spot on a historic Pletna Boat. More information: Slovenia for you - Things to do
  • Eat a Bled Cream Cake: No kidding, try it at least once: Photo Bled Cream Cake  It can be bought at most cafes and restaurants in Bled.


Where to Stay (bookmark the links)

  • Villa Istra: Exceptional hotel directly at Lake Bled. Quieter and nicer location than others (google maps). Fantastic view of the lake, pleasant and helpful staff, clean and excellent food. Our preferred accommodation!
  • Old Parish HouseBudget Tip! Not really cheap, but significantly less expensive. Unique location in a historic building next to a church, but still quiet except for the bell tower. You can walk in 7 minutes to Bled Castle. Helpful staff, remodeled rooms, modern bathrooms and very clean. Excellent food!
  • Hotels - Lake Bled: More Alternatives. Use the comfortable search: Enter your preferred dates and then check the list of hotels. Make sure to change the search criteria to your liking at the top bar. We usually select ''Review Score & Price''.


Special Tour Tip

Venice to Budapest including Lake Bled (8 days). Hiking, biking, canoeing at Lake Bled, a train ride to Salzburg, Opera House in Vienna and much more off the beaten path. Highly recommended tour!



Veronika Cech

I have to highly recommed this lovely place! I have never seen so clear water like there is. It's also paradise for runners because of path around the lake and I cannot forget on Bled Cake - Kremsnita and other tasty local food. I agree, you won't be disappointed.

Memory Catcher

This place is just beautiful - whether you are there in the rain or the sunshine. We visited in April. The weather was mild and there were few tourists around. We stayed at the caravan park at the other side of the lake. It was being spruced up after a heavy winter and we were one of only 6 motorhomes camping there for the 4 nights we stayed. We walked around the lake in the drizzling rain on day one. We rode around the hinterland on our bikes in overcast weather on day two. Day three was gloriously cloud free. We walked up the to the castle and spend a long time admiring the view. Bled would rate as one of the best places we have been to (others included Plitvice Lakes in Croatia and Cradle Mountain in Tasmania Australia). Bled is simply gorgeous. I would recommend a visit outside the peak time. We were told that in peak season the place is buzzing with visitors. We always travel and visit high profile attractions outside the high season and have seldom been disappointed. Bled in the rain was a delightful experience not to be missed.


Bled is an awesome place to visit. We went there in August. Even if it was a bit crowded, we really enjoyed our stay! In about 1h you can walk around the sea. We also loved to hike up to the viewpoints called Ojstrica and Mala Osojnica. The views of the lake up there is stunning. In August there was a free festival where a great band from france was playing music. We could enjoy it by sitting on the gras and having some beer. It was a really nice location directly in front of lake Bled.


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