Las Vegas November Outfits

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas in November, you’ve picked a great time to visit!

In early November and on pleasant days, it is warm enough in Las Vegas for t-shirts during the day. Take a light sweater to wear in the evenings and in the cool air-conditioned casinos. In mid-to-late November, the weather is colder, and you should put on light layers and a jacket.

We have been to Vegas in November quite often and the weather has been fine enough for summer clothing. Coming from a colder region, we often wore shorts and t-shirts during the day while many others didn’t. We even got odd looks from people who probably thought it was strange that we wore t-shirts and shorts. However, in the evenings it cools down of course and jeans and jackets are the better choices.

November is an ideal time to get outside and explore without the sun beating down on you. Remember to take comfortable walking shoes if you plan to explore, a water bottle for when the sun peeks out from the clouds, and a sweater for the cool days.

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November is also a great time to catch a show or visit the casinos. The fall season is now in full swing, and there is a happy buzz in the hotels and casinos.

It is still expected to dress up for going out, so women should pack a classic black dress with eye-catching jewelry and men should wear a smart suit jacket over a clean button-up shirt and smart pants.

Outfits Overview

Women’s Clothing Suggestions

Early to Mid-November:

Morning to Afternoon

  • T-shirts or a light blouse
  • Light trousers or jeans (in a mid to dark wash)
  • Skirts, or a casual dress
  • A light sweater for the mornings
  • Sneakers or sandals
  • Sunglasses, a hat, and suncream for outdoors
  • A swimsuit and a coverup for the poolside


  • A smart dress, or a skirt with a smart blouse
  • A light jacket – for example a leather jacket or a blazer
  • Statement jewelry and accessories
  • Flat sandals, or heels

Mid-October to Late November:

Morning to Afternoon

  • Long-sleeve T-shirts
  • Jeans or leggings
  • Cardigan or a sweater
  • A jacket – such as a leather or denim jacket
  • Sneakers or flat shoes


  • Dresses or smart trousers with a long sleeve blouse
  • A cardigan or smart sweater
  • A jacket – such as a leather jacket or blazer
  • Statement jewelry and accessories
  • Flat sandals, or heels

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Men’s Clothing Suggestions

Early to Mid-November:

Morning to Afternoon

  • T-shirts either long or short sleeve
  • Light trousers or jeans (in a mid to dark wash)
  • A light sweater for the mornings
  • Sneakers
  • Sunglasses, a hat, and suncream for outdoors
  • Swimming trunks and a t-shirt for the pool


  • Smart button-down shirt
  • A fitted suit jacket or blazer
  • Smart pants
  • Smart sneakers or dress shoes

Mid November to Late November:

Morning to Afternoon

  • Long-sleeve T-shirts or shirts
  • Trousers or jeans (in a mid to dark wash)
  • A sweater
  • A jacket such as a leather jacket or denim jacket
  • Sneakers


  • Smart button-down shirt
  • Smart pants
  • A fitted suit jacket or blazer
  • Smart sneakers or dress shoes

What to Wear in Restaurants and Casinos


Las Vegas is known for its exquisite dining options, ranging from casual eateries to high-end gourmet restaurants. Dress codes can vary, but it’s generally a good idea to err on the side of dressy.

For women, a smart dress or skirt and blouse combo works well. Add a light jacket, and you’re golden. Men can opt for a button-down shirt and smart pants. If the restaurant is more upscale, add a blazer to elevate the look.


The vibe in casinos is usually more relaxed, but you still want to look presentable. Women can wear a dress or opt for smart-casual outfits like a blouse with jeans and a nice jacket.

Men should aim for a clean button-up shirt and trousers, and maybe a blazer if you’re feeling it. Sneakers are generally okay, but make sure they’re clean and in good condition.

We visited Las Vegas in November and were so happy we followed this guide. We felt comfortable during the day and just right in the evenings at the restaurants and shows. 

Styling & Combination Guide | Essential Clothing Items

Now that you know the general vibe for Las Vegas in November, let’s dig into the essential clothing items in more detail. These are items you’ll want to make sure you pack, tailored to the November climate and Las Vegas setting.

Light Jacket
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A light jacket in Las Vegas during November is an essential item as it provides versatility and comfort as temperatures drop, especially in the evenings. During the day, the sun keeps things warm enough that you might not need it, but once the sun sets, you’ll be glad to have that extra layer.

Styling tips for a light jacket:

  • Choose a neutral color like black, navy, or tan for maximum versatility.
  • Ladies can pair it with dresses and ankle boots for an evening out.
  • Gents can layer it over a button-up shirt for a smart-casual look.
  • Roll up the sleeves for a laid-back style during warmer daytime.

In the mornings, a light jacket can be useful if you’re heading out early when it’s a bit brisk. As the sun climbs, you can easily take it off and wrap it around your waist or stash it in a day bag. When night falls, temperatures can dip into the 50s or lower, making a light jacket the perfect companion for those cool desert nights.

Sweater or Cardigan
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Sweaters or cardigans are the quintessential layering pieces for a November visit to Las Vegas. They provide warmth without the bulk and can be easily added or removed as needed.

Styling tips for sweaters or cardigans:

  • Opt for lightweight knits that are easy to layer and won’t take up much space in your luggage.
  • Pair a cardigan with a nice top and slacks or a skirt for a restaurant or show.
  • A sweater can be combined with jeans for a relaxed, yet put-together daytime outfit.
  • Cardigans are perfect for women to layer over dresses when moving from a sunny outdoor setting to a cooler indoor venue.
  • Men can choose a sweater to wear over a collared shirt for a smart and comfortable evening option.

During the midday when it’s warmer, a sweater or cardigan can be draped over the shoulders or tied around the waist. It’s a stylish way to carry an extra layer without having to wear it.

Early mornings and evenings definitely call for this layer, as you’ll feel the chill in the air. Inside casinos and theaters, where the air conditioning can be strong, you’ll be thankful for the extra warmth a sweater provides.

Remember, comfort and adaptability are key in Las Vegas, as you’ll likely transition between different temperatures and settings throughout the day. A light jacket and a sweater or cardigan are just the right items to ensure you stay comfortable without compromising on style.

More Essential Items for Women
T-shirts or a Light Blouse

Early to mid-November in Las Vegas can still have that warm desert climate, with temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the high 70s. Light fabrics work well during the day, making t-shirts or light blouses ideal.

Styling Tips: Pair a t-shirt with a cute skirt and sandals for a casual day look. If you’re wearing a blouse, tuck it into high-waisted jeans and add some layered necklaces.

Light Trousers or Jeans

Jeans are perfect for Las Vegas because they’re versatile. During November, temperatures can drop at night, making jeans a warm option.

Styling Tips: For daytime, pair them with a t-shirt and sneakers. For a night out, switch to a stylish blouse and heels.

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Skirts or a Casual Dress

Especially in the early part of November, skirts and casual dresses are a great way to keep cool.

Styling Tips: If you’re wearing a skirt, pair it with a light blouse or t-shirt. With dresses, keep it simple with some cute sandals and minimalistic jewelry.

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Sneakers or Sandals

Footwear should be comfortable above all. The Las Vegas Strip is long, and you’ll likely do a lot of walking.

Styling Tips: White sneakers are versatile; they go well with jeans, skirts, and even some dresses. Sandals are perfect for super warm days but pick a pair that offers good support.

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Sunglasses, Hat, and Sunscreen

November in Las Vegas is usually sunny, so protecting your skin and eyes is a must.

Styling Tips: A pair of chic sunglasses can elevate any outfit. For hats, think stylish yet practical—maybe a cute fedora or a wide-brimmed hat for added sun protection.

More Essential Items for Men

Similar to women, men will find t-shirts to be sufficient for daytime wear in early November.

Styling Tips: Pair a simple t-shirt with jeans for a casual look, or layer it under a button-down shirt for a more structured outfit.

Light Trousers or Jeans

Jeans or other light trousers are excellent for both daytime and nighttime as they can be dressed up or down.

Styling Tips: A good pair of jeans can go from day to night easily. Pair them with a t-shirt for the day and switch to a button-down shirt for the evening.


Just like for women, comfortable sneakers are a must for men.

Styling Tips: Keep it simple with a pair of clean, white sneakers that can go with almost anything.

Sunglasses, Hat, and Sunscreen

Yes, men also need to protect themselves from the Las Vegas sun.

Styling Tips: Opt for classic aviator sunglasses for a timeless look. A baseball cap can also work well for casual daytime outfits.

More Combination Tips

Alright, let’s talk about putting it all together. It’s not just about the individual pieces but how you combine them to make stylish and functional outfits.

For Women
  • Daytime Casual: Pair a light t-shirt or blouse with jeans or a skirt. Add white sneakers or sandals for comfort. Throw on some sunglasses and a hat for extra sun protection.
  • Evening Chic: Opt for a casual dress or a skirt with a smart blouse. Add a leather or blazer jacket to stay warm as temperatures drop. Accessorize with statement jewelry and switch to heels.
For Men
  • Daytime Cool: A simple t-shirt and jeans combo works well for daytime. Add comfortable sneakers and top off with sunglasses and maybe a casual hat like a baseball cap.
  • Night Out: Switch the t-shirt for a button-down shirt. If you wore jeans during the day, they could easily transition to the night. Just add a blazer or a smart jacket and switch to dress shoes if you’re up for it.

Sophia says: We followed this styling guide during our trip to Las Vegas and it was on point! Not only were we comfortable, but we also got many compliments on our outfits. It’s a win-win!

Dave says: I never thought I’d need a guide for what to wear, but this really helped. I was comfortable and felt confident in what I was wearing, whether I was touring the Strip or sitting at a Blackjack table.

The Lopez Family says: This guide was super helpful for our family trip. We were all comfy and stylish, from the kids to the adults. Great tips for making sure everyone looks good and feels good!


What Other Visitors Are Saying

While it’s great to have a guide, there’s something particularly helpful about hearing from people who’ve actually been there, right? So, we took a look at real visitor reviews for clothing tips in Las Vegas in November. Here’s what we found:

Comfort is Key

A recurring theme from many visitors is the importance of comfort, especially in footwear. The Las Vegas Strip is over 4 miles long, and many visitors stressed the need for comfortable walking shoes.

Emily says: We spent a lot of time walking from one casino to another. My feet would have been sore if not for the comfy sneakers I packed. Don’t underestimate how much walking you’ll do!

Layer, Layer, Layer!

Las Vegas weather can be unpredictable in November, fluctuating from warm to chilly sometimes within the same day. Many reviewers stressed the importance of layering.

Mike and Sarah say: During our November visit, the temperature changed quite a bit. We were grateful we had layers—short-sleeve shirts with sweaters and light jackets were perfect.

Dressing Up is Still a Thing

It’s Las Vegas after all, and many reviews highlight that people still dress up, especially for dinners, shows, and, of course, nightclubs.

Chen says: I packed a pair of dress shoes and a nice suit for the evenings. It was totally worth it. I felt right at home in the fancier restaurants and clubs.

Don’t Forget Swimwear

Even though it’s November, some hotels still have heated pools. So don’t leave that swimsuit at home.

Tina says: I was surprised that our hotel’s pool was heated. I was so glad I packed a swimsuit. Swimming in November felt so luxurious.

Sun Protection

The desert sun is still strong, even in November. Visitors frequently mentioned the need for sun protection including sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.

Carlos says: I didn’t think I’d need it, but the sun was pretty strong even in November. I was glad I brought my sunglasses and hat.

Examples in Outfit Combos Based on Real Reviews
  • Daytime Exploration: Comfortable sneakers, jeans or light trousers, a t-shirt, and a light jacket or sweater for layering. Add sunglasses for sun protection.
  • Casual Night Out: Smart jeans, a stylish blouse or button-down shirt, and a leather or denim jacket. Men can opt for smart sneakers or dress shoes, while women can go for flat sandals or heels.
  • Fancy Dinner or Show: Women should consider a stylish dress with heels and a clutch. Men might go for a button-down shirt, smart trousers, and dress shoes. A blazer or suit jacket adds a polished touch.

Rachel and Tim say: We found the tip about layering especially useful. We could easily adapt to the varying temperatures. It’s a game-changer.

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