Napa Valley Fall Outfits

Fall is a stunning time to visit Napa Valley, one of the most spectacular locations in California this season.

During fall in Napa Valley, your outfit selections should adapt from warm September afternoons to the cooler and sometimes rainy days of November. The essentials to wear range from short-sleeved shirts and casual pants or jeans in early fall to long-sleeved shirts and light jackets as you move into late fall.

Comfortable shoes are a consistent must-have for all activities, especially wine tastings, across these months.

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Now, let’s dive into our ultimate packing tips for this season for each month. As we have visited Napa Valley during the fall quite often, we can provide you with everything you should know about:

  • September Outfits
  • October Outfits
  • November Outfits

September Outfits | Packing Tips

In Napa Valley during September, it’s advisable to pack a versatile outfit that can adapt to varying temperatures. You wear short-sleeved shirts on warm afternoons, casual pants or jeans are for cooler mornings and evenings, and a light jacket for those chilly moments.

Comfortable shoes, sunglasses, and optional shorts or skirts are appropriate for winery visits and outdoor activities.

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Light Jacket

A light jacket is an essential component for your Napa Valley wardrobe in the fall. Early mornings and late evenings in Napa can be rather cool, with temperatures sometimes dropping to the 50s°F (around 10°C), even in September.

You will find a light jacket very useful if you choose to dine outside at one of the local restaurants with outdoor seating. It is also suitable for enjoying sunset views over the vineyards.

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Short-Sleeved Shirts

Packing two to three short-sleeved shirts is advisable. Early September can have high temperatures in the upper 80s°F (around 31°C), which gradually decrease to the low 80s°F (27-28°C) as the month progresses.

A short-sleeved shirt will be most appropriate while enjoying a Chardonnay under the warm Napa sun.

Hat or Cap

Including a hat or cap in your packing list can offer additional benefits during your trip to Napa Valley in September. The sun can be quite strong during daytime activities, particularly while touring vineyards or participating in outdoor tastings.

I like to bring a hat, as it not only provides an extra layer of sun protection but also adds a stylish touch to your outfit.

For example, we went on a scenic bike tour through the wineries and were lucky to have caps as they shield our faces from direct sunlight, making the experience more enjoyable.

Light Sweater

Including one or two light sweaters will enhance the comfort of your Napa Valley trip. Occasionally, high temperatures may only reach the upper 70s°F (about 25°C). A light sweater is ideal for layering over your short-sleeved shirts.

For example, if you are wine-tasting, a light sweater can easily be removed as the day warms up.

Casual Pants or Jeans

We always recommend a pair of jeans or casual pants. While the afternoons may be warm, mornings and evenings can be crisp.

Jeans are commonly worn in Napa by both residents and visitors. These are ideal for early morning vineyard tours or any other activity when the temperatures are still relatively low.

Comfortable Shoes

Proper footwear is critical for an enjoyable trip. Most wine tasting rooms have limited seating options, and you will likely be standing for extended periods.

Some wineries also have cement floors, which can be hard on your feet. Therefore, packing a couple of pairs of comfortable, flat-soled shoes will contribute to a more enjoyable winery visit.


September in Napa is generally sunny, and protective eyewear is essential for outdoor activities such as hiking or strolling through vineyards.

Shorts or Skirt

Lastly, consider packing shorts or a skirt, especially if your trip is in early September. Personally, we bring them until the end of the month.

Especially in early September, daytime temperatures can still reach the upper 80s°F (around 31°C).

As the month progresses, temperatures may decrease, so you might consider leaving these items out if your trip is later in the month. Shorts or skirts are suitable for casual winery visits or picnics in Napa’s scenic parks.

September Conclusion

By carefully selecting these clothing items, you will be adequately prepared for a memorable trip to Napa Valley in September. Therefore, you can focus on enjoying the wine, the scenery, and making the most of your vacation.

October Outfits | Packing Tips

In October, packing for a trip to Napa Valley involves selecting versatile clothing suitable for mild to warm temperatures. You wear comfortable shoes for wine tasting, light jackets for cooler mornings and evenings, as well as short-sleeved shirts and casual pants for daytime activities.

Adding a pair of sandals and a cute skirt or dress will ensure you’re prepared for the gorgeous fall weather.

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Here’s our comprehensive guide on what to pack for your October adventure in Napa Valley, complete with specific clothing items and the reasons they’re necessary.

Light Jacket

October in Napa means cooler mornings and evenings. Temperatures can drop to the 40s°F (around 4-9°C), particularly in the early morning and late night.

Therefore, packing a light jacket is essential. This would be ideal for those early-morning vineyard tours or late-night walks under the crisp autumn sky.

If you’re planning a hot air balloon ride, a light jacket is crucial as temperatures can be quite chilly in the sky, especially in the morning.

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Scarf or Pashmina

As an additional item for colder times, consider packing a lightweight scarf or pashmina. This accessory can add a touch of elegance to your outfit and offer extra warmth during those cooler October evenings or mornings.

A scarf can be particularly useful if you’re enjoying a romantic sunset view over the valley or on a hot air balloon ride. More about that later.

Light Sweater

Another versatile layering option is a light sweater. October days can be a mixed bag, with average high temperatures ranging from mid-70s to low-60s°F (23-17°C) as the month progresses. A light sweater will provide just the right amount of warmth if you decide to sip your wine outdoors or have an al fresco dining experience in the evenings.

Short-Sleeved Shirts

Short-sleeved shirts should also have a spot in your luggage. Napa Valley’s October weather is generally quite moderate, making these shirts appropriate for daytime activities. They are excellent for maintaining a comfortable body temperature as you go wine tasting or explore the town’s quaint shops.


A pair of jeans is a must-have for an October visit to Napa Valley. Jeans offer the flexibility of being both casual and slightly dressy. Many locals and tourists alike opt for jeans, whether they’re wine tasting, dining, or simply enjoying the scenic vineyards. Given that temperatures can vary, jeans provide a happy medium for comfort.

Casual Pants

If you’re planning to visit some of the more upscale wineries or dine at gourmet restaurants, consider packing a pair of casual pants. These can make your outfit a tad more formal while still keeping you comfortable. Just like jeans, casual pants are suitable for the varying temperatures you’ll encounter.


Especially in early October, daytime temperatures can occasionally reach the upper 70s°F (around 25°C). In such cases, having a pair of shorts can be beneficial. These are ideal for more casual settings like a daytime winery tour or a picnic amidst the vineyards.

Skirt or Dress

October in Napa Valley is known for its breathtaking scenery and mild weather, making it a perfect opportunity to wear a skirt or dress. Pair it with your short-sleeved shirts or light sweater for a chic yet comfortable outfit. Imagine enjoying a fine glass of Cabernet Sauvignon while adorned in your favorite dress; the experience is magnified!


A pair of comfortable sandals can also serve you well in October, especially during the daytime when temperatures are milder. Sandals offer the benefit of keeping your feet cool and are easy to slip on and off. If you’re planning to go wine tasting for more than a day, bringing a couple of different pairs, including flat sandals, can provide some variety.

Comfortable Shoes

Comfort is paramount when touring the wine country, and canvas shoes can provide just that. Since tasting rooms often lack ample seating and usually have cement floors, your feet will thank you for opting for this comfortable choice. Ideal for days filled with multiple wine-tasting stops, these shoes ensure that your feet are well-supported. Canvas shoes are also an excellent option for hot air balloon rides; their solid grip and comfort will make standing during the flight more pleasant.

November Outfits | Packing Tips

November in Napa Valley offers a mix of sunny days and a cooler, more temperate climate. It’s also a month when the region may experience some rainfall, making your packing list an important aspect of your trip.

In Napa Valley during November, it’s crucial to pack outfits that can adapt to cooler temperatures and occasional rain. You should wear long-sleeved shirts, light jackets, and comfortable shoes, such as canvas or athletic shoes, for extended standing during wine tastings.

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Let’s dive into the essential items you should consider packing for a November visit to Napa Valley.


In November, morning and evening temperatures can get quite cool, often dipping into the 40s°F (around 4-9°C). A light jacket, or even a medium jacket, is almost non-negotiable for staying comfortable during these times.

While light rain might occur, it generally isn’t too problematic, so a rain jacket is usually not essential.

If you’re planning a hot air balloon ride, bring a medium jacket, depending on how cold you get, as it can be chilly up in the air, especially in the early morning.

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Long-Sleeved Shirts

November signals a transition from fall to winter, making it the ideal time to pack long-sleeved shirts. Light fabrics are generally the best option, as temperatures during the day can still reach the 60s°F (around 15-20°C).

These shirts are a versatile choice, perfect for daytime wine tasting or an evening stroll through downtown Napa.

💡 In the case of unusually warm afternoons, especially in early November, having one or two short-sleeved shirts can also come in handy.


Two to three pairs of jeans or casual pants should suffice for your November trip. With temperatures that are relatively moderate but tending toward the cooler side, both jeans and pants are appropriate choices.

Whether you’re wine tasting, dining out, or simply exploring, these options will keep you comfortable and fitting in with the local vibe.

Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable footwear is vital, especially because you’ll likely be standing for extended periods during wine-tasting sessions.

Most wineries have either cement or hardwood floors, which can get tiring to stand on. Canvas or athletic shoes are a safe bet for such activities. These types of shoes offer ample support and cushioning, making your wine-tasting experience much more enjoyable.

Scarves or Pashminas

As an additional accessory, a scarf or pashmina can serve multiple purposes. It can function as a stylish complement to your outfit and provide extra warmth during the cooler mornings and evenings or on a hot air balloon ride.

Additionally, this can be especially helpful if you dine outdoors or take in some late-night scenery.

Water-Resistant Bag

Since November sees some rainfall in Napa Valley, it’s wise to pack a water-resistant bag. This can keep your belongings safe during unexpected showers and can be especially useful if you’re spending a significant amount of time outdoors.

With your packing considerations in check, you can focus on the delightful wine, scenic beauty, and pleasant weather that await you.

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