Orlando in November

If you are looking for a quieter time to visit Orlando, you should consider planning your vacation for November. Not only are the theme parks less crowded, but the weather is much more tolerable as temperatures continue to drop for the fall.

There aren’t many events going on in Orlando in November, but there is still plenty to do!

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We have been living in Orlando for over ten years and put together some great tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your November vacation:

  • Weather details
  • What to wear
  • Visiting tips for Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld
  • How to avoid the crowds

💡 Make sure to read the theme park tips at the end and in the middle of this article!

Is November a Good Time to Visit?

November is a good time to visit Orlando. Hurricane season is officially over at the end of the month, and the weather is cooler and less muggy, with few rainy days. There aren’t too many big events going on in November, meaning fewer crowds at the theme parks and better deals all around!

Ticket Tips

If you only have two or three days for Disney in November, we highly recommend the ‘Hopper Ticket’ (see above). For Universal and the Space Center, you are free to choose. Click on the banner to see more options.

💡 For the Kennedy Space Center in November, booking in advance is highly recommended. Also, book the ticket with the bus tour included! Check availability here:


Orlando weather and temps in November. Photo: The Wheel at ICON Park

This is the city’s least rainy month, but we locals start to feel the fall weather.

Orlando in November has an average high temperature that hovers around 76°F (24°C) and decreases throughout the month. Hurricane season ends on November 30. There is not much rainfall throughout the month, with an average of 0.6 to 2.3 inches (15 to 59 mm) of rain.

Temperature progression in November:

  • Early November: 79°F (26°C)
  • Mid-November: 76°F (24°C)
  • Late November: 74°F (23°C)

Temperature progression for a typical day:

  • Early Morning (7 AM): 63°F (17°C)
  • Afternoon (2 PM): 76°F (24°C)
  • Evening (11 PM): 65°F (18°C)

The weather in Orlando is much more tolerable in November, with highs much less frequently heading into the 80s. Instead, temperatures often range from the low-70s to the mid-to-high 70s on an average day.

Weather tip: Orlando begins to experience more cold fronts in November that drop temperatures into the 60s and sometimes even the 50s. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and pack layers and a light jacket just in case!

Usually, we have nice weather throughout November, with less humidity and more sunny, clear sky days.


In Orlando, the rainy season ends in October, meaning November is relatively dry. In fact, it is the driest month of the year, will only nine days of rainfall on average. Chances of rainfall decrease through the beginning of the month and begin to plateau in mid-November.

Hurricanes and tropical storms are still possible in November, but they are highly unlikely.

The average rainfall in Orlando in November is 2.0 inches at the start of the month and 1.8 inches by the end of the month. There is much less of a chance of getting caught in afternoon rain showers, which are much less frequent in the fall.

Local Opinion: Hurricane season technically continues through November 30, but November is still the driest month for Orlando, with only about a handful of rainy days throughout the month. From our experience, although hurricanes and storms are still possible, you likely won’t have to worry about encountering one.

Can it rain the whole day? We have been living in Orlando for over 10 years and can assure you that rainfall won’t spoil your trip in November. We typically see infrequent and not very intense spurts of rain. Of the small number of days that experience rainfall, these instances are usually very brief rain showers that last under an hour.

From our experience, it’s best to check the forecast and plan accordingly to keep these small instances of rain from disrupting your day.


Orlando is often a humid place due to its closeness to the equator. However, in the month of November, we start to see a shift as the weather transitions further into fall. There is a reduction in humidity levels this month, with less frequent rainfall and overall drier weather, which continues throughout November.

The morning hours usually have humidity levels of 89% and drop to 55% during the early afternoon. On a daily basis, Orlando humidity averages 75% in November.

What to Wear / What to Pack

In the evenings, a light jacket comes in handy.

For your packing list, you should keep in mind that this month, though the temperatures are milder, they can still vary greatly throughout the day, with 10-15°F differences being normal.

During November in Orlando, you will likely want to wear layers. Pants/jeans and short-sleeve shirts are great to wear most of the time, especially during afternoon outings. A light jacket is good to have for early mornings and evenings when the temperatures often enter the 60s.

💡 Packing tip: You will want to make sure to pack some comfy, broken-in walking shoes – especially if you are planning some fun days exploring the Orlando theme parks!

Clothes to pack:

  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Thick, breathable socks
  • Shorts
  • Athletic pants
  • T-shirts
  • Light sweater
  • Light jacket
  • Bathing suit/swim trunks
  • Bathing suit cover-up

Additional items to pack:

  • Sunscreen
  • Umbrella
  • Sun hat or baseball cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Bug spray (essential for outdoor activities, especially in the evenings)
  • Water bottle
  • Portable phone charger (theme park apps will drain your phone battery)
  • Small backpack or fanny pack

Walking tip: When sightseeing in Orlando, we always make sure to have a bag large enough to store jackets and sweaters when the temperature picks up in the afternoon. If we are out and about all day, those layers will come in handy again in the evening when the temperature drops.


Crowds and Rates

November is relatively quiet until the last week.

Fall is a great time to visit Orlando because it tends to bring fewer visitors to the city compared to summer and winter. A lot of visitors wait until December when the weather is even cooler and hurricane season is over.

Orlando is relatively quiet this month until late November, with fewer crowds than most of the year. Holiday festivities don’t kick off until Thanksgiving, meaning many vacationers will visit later during the winter holiday festivities. Late November will be busier during Thanksgiving week.

From early to mid-November, the theme parks aren’t as busy as in the summer. Most children are in school until Thanksgiving, so there aren’t nearly as many families traveling during most of this month.

Because of the smaller crowds, November tends to offer good rates to visitors that book their vacation during this month. If you are planning on visiting the theme parks, check out their vacation packages that combine park tickets, and hotel stays for notable discounts on both!

Theme Park Tips | Things to Do

The Orlando theme parks experience smaller crowds in the month of November. The parks have wrapped up their Halloween events and are waiting to break out the holiday decor around Thanksgiving.

Theme park tip: Before visiting the Orlando theme parks, make sure to look at the park websites for more information about events and festivities that will be held in November. You may find a show or festival that you will want to plan your time around, as some events are only held on select days.

Though there are usually no big events going on at the parks at this time, we always had a lot of fun when visiting!

Safety: While Orlando is a safe city in general, don’t leave your belongings unattended while visiting the theme parks.

Best Days to Visit

The best days of the week to visit Orlando’s theme parks in November are Monday through Friday, with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday being the least crowded during this time. Weekends tend to see an uptick in park-goers due to locals and people that live close enough to drive in for the weekend.

💡 If you plan to ride one of the popular, higher-wait-time rides at the parks, it helps to arrive before the gates open to avoid longer wait times. If you aren’t planning on doing that, arriving 30-60 minutes after the parks open means, you can dodge those initial opening crowds while still having a full day at the parks!

This section has even more useful information for your trip to the Orlando theme parks in November. Please read it carefully:

Disney World
Magic Kingdom in WDW

In November, Disney tends to receive fewer visitors in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. These weeks are quieter than most of the year, with shorter wait times for rides and shows, as well as more availability for Disney Dining reservations.

Disney’s EPCOT park will be wrapping up its annual International Food & Wine Festival, which ends in mid-November. The festival has many food and drink popups in its World Showcase, as well as a concert series and other special offerings.

Crowds: If it is possible to plan your vacation to take place before the week of Thanksgiving, consider doing so! You will be able to avoid the worst of the November crowds if you stay away during the holiday week.

Tip: Search Hotels in Disney World Area

While Disney World features multiple attractions, including water parks and golf courses, its main attractions are the four theme parks:

  1. Magic Kingdom
  2. Animal Kingdom
  3. Hollywood Studios
  4. Epcot

Tickets: For a hassle-free experience, get the base tickets in advance: Walt Disney World Orlando – Admission Base Tickets 2-7 days (mobile voucher or printed voucher)

How many days? If you only have two or three days, we recommend booking your tickets with the added Park Hopper option. This will enable you to spend half of your day in one park before hopping to another. That way, you can still have the opportunity to see all four Disney theme parks during your Orlando vacation.

Universal Studios
Diagon Alley and Poseidon’s Fury: Universal Studios Orlando

The holidays at Universal Orlando start in mid-November, with a variety of different celebrations throughout their parks. From live performances by Mannheim Steamroller, Grinchmas, and a holiday parade featuring Macy’s, there’s a lot to see once the festivities begin.

Crowds: With the festivities brings an uptick in crowds. If you want to prioritize fewer crowds, visit at the beginning of the month. If you have to partake in the holiday festivities, visit when they begin in mid-November. As with Disney, if it is possible, avoid the parks during the week of Thanksgiving, when they will be the most crowded.

Tip: Hotels in Universal Studio Resort (stay there to save time)

Is the park-to-park ticket worth it? The park-to-park ticket allows you to roam between the three parks (see below) on the same day. You definitely should get it if you are a Harry Potter fan, as you need it to ride the Hogwarts Express.

Check out here if the ticket is worth it for you: Universal Orlando – Park-to-Park-Ticket

Additionally, some visitors always get the park-to-park ticket as they love to move around, especially if it’s too busy in one park (for example, if you visit in late November during Thanksgiving week). It simply gives you more flexibility.

Skip-the-line-ticket: The crowds in early and mid-November are low enough to do Universal Studios without the express/skip-the-line ticket mid-week. During the last week of the month, we recommend them due to higher crowds.

Three parks: Universal Studios is not just one park. There are a total of three Universal parks, each with its own theme and unique attractions:

  • Universal Studios Florida
  • Islands of Adventure
  • Volcano Bay Water Park

SeaWorld is a great park to visit in November. Often less busy than Disney and Universal Orlando, SeaWorld still offers tons of fun with rides and animal encounters throughout the park.

The Seaworld Christmas Celebration kicks off in mid-November, which has different dining and shopping experiences, as well as Christmas-themed shows and performances.

Crowds: It isn’t difficult to avoid crowds on your visit to SeaWorld in November, but as we suggest for Universal, there will be fewest crowds near the beginning of the month.

If you want to take part in the Christmas Celebration, visit in mid-November when it begins. SeaWorld’s Thanksgiving week crowds aren’t as bad as the other Orlando theme parks, but you will still encounter larger crowds and wait times during that holiday week.

Kennedy Space Center | Nearby

The Kennedy Space Center is worth visiting and is only a 50-minute-drive from Orlando. You can either buy the admission ticket (mobile or printed voucher) solo or one where you don’t have to worry about driving as it includes transport from and to Orlando (via GetYourGuide – safe booking)

Because there are fewer tourists in November, it is an excellent month to visit the Space Center. The shorter lines, in particular, make it even more enjoyable. However, try to avoid the holiday week in late November, as it gets busier. Also, keep in mind that even on slow days in November, you will frequently have to wait to enter or get onto things.

Must-see attractions:

  • Watch a rocket launch
  • See a real space shuttle
  • Go behind the gates (NASA restricted areas)
  • Take the bus tour to the Apollo/Saturn V Center

Guided tour: You can explore everything on your own, but a guided tour is highly recommended since the area is overwhelming in its size and scope.


Special Events and Activities in November

In addition to the theme park holiday events, Orlando hosts some other fun events and activities in November.

Fiesta in the Park

Fiesta in the Park is an annual event that takes place at Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando. The event has been held for 50 years and is the largest arts & crafts festival to take place in Orlando. Hundreds of artists and crafters will be set up throughout the park, and there will be lots of food options and live entertainment.

Festival of Trees

The Festival of Trees takes place annually in late November. The Orlando Museum of Art is transformed during this time to include a winter wonderland of Christmas trees, gingerbread houses, and other fabulous holiday decor. The event will include entertainment and holiday dining options at the festival’s cafe.

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