Bluebonnet Trail Ennis

When Is the Best Time

The best time to see the bluebonnets in Ennis (Texas) is every year from April 1 until April 30, depending on the weather. The general peak blooming period is from the end of the 1st week of April until the 2nd week of April. Some areas usually peak slightly ahead of others.

The Best Time to Avoid the Crowds

Especially on the weekend, some vantage points get very crowded with photographers. The best time to avoid the busy spots is in the morning and on weekdays instead of visiting on weekends.

Best Place/Hotels to Stay

To be there early in the morning, just stay one night nearby in Waxahachie.  It’s a short 20 minutes drive to Ennis. That way you can be in Ennis early and avoid the crowds easily. It’s worth it as it’s a much better experience!


More Tips

Texas Blue Bonnets everywhere…stop by the festival HQ run by the chamber of commerce in the town of Ennis to pick up a map and get the latest updates on where the flowers are blooming the best.

Ennis Texas – Bluebonnet

These trails are the oldest such bluebonnet known in the state. Most visitors are just overwhelmed by the beauty of the wildflower show.

A helpful mobile app with a bluebonnet trail map with GPS location is available now:

7 Tips Before You Visit
  1. Try to be there in April during peak blooming days (see above)
  2. Use the mobile app to find the prime bloom locations since they are spread out over many miles.
  3. Use your GPS.
  4. Refuel before you go if you’re planning to visit more than one location.
  5. Stop by the winery for a drink and grab something to eat at the Bristol Store.
  6. Top Tip: Stop by the Ennis visitor center before you start: They have a paper map only for bluebonnet trails with 3 trails marked.  They also explain the map to you and recommend photo opportunities.
  7. Please do not crush the flowers by tromping on them.



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  1. Late March, early April. Visit the Ennis visitor’s center to find the best locations for the bluebonnets. They are very helpful with marking on a map the best locations. Photo: Texas – Longhorns and our state flower, Bluebonnets

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