Las Vegas April Outfits

Welcome to our Las Vegas outfit and packing guide for April. Written by our local who has lived in Vegas for over 20 years.

While exploring the city, visitors often struggle with overpacking or being underprepared. This guide is your key to packing just right, ensuring your trip is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Tip: Check out our Las Vegas March  Outfit Guide if you visit one month earlier.

Are you wondering what to wear during those sunny afternoons or cooler evenings? Or maybe you’re puzzling over what essentials to pack for mornings, evenings, and casino or restaurant visits.

Contents of this article:

  • Weather Overview
  • What to Wear | Overview
  • Styling & Combination Tips| April Clothing Items
  • Outfits for Shows, Restaurants, Casinos, Nightclubs

And what about the weather – is it very hot in the afternoon and very cold in the evenings, or somewhere in between?

We’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll dive into the specifics of Las Vegas’ unique April climate and outfits.

Weather Overview

Las Vegas’s average temperature in April.

The average high temperature is 76-84°F (24-29°C) degrees. The mornings and late evenings are 11-16°F (4-6°C) degrees colder. It rarely rains in April; when it does, it is usually only a light shower. Therefore, there is no need for rain gear. Bring summer clothing and layers.

Can you swim in the pools? April weather in Las Vegas is warm enough for swimming in the pools, especially in the second half and toward the end of the month. However, sometimes, visitors may find it too chilly to swim on certain days due to temperature variations and the wind picking up.

April is the first real spring month, but in Las Vegas, you could think it’s already summer. Temperatures are climbing in the desert city, while the cloud cover and rainfall are falling. April is especially comfortable if you’re traveling from a colder location.

Only about 20% of the days are fully overcast in Las Vegas, this is lower than in other US regions. On four out of five days, you will at least see the sun for some time.

‘We always visit at the beginning of April. The weather is usually great as it’s not too hot and perfect for wandering around. We always have pool days and get a nice tan.’

Chances of rain are even lower, around 4% daily. Since Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert, the humidity levels are low. The temperatures reach about 81°F in the afternoon and hover around 62°F when you get up at 8 AM in the morning.

These temperatures and a light desert breeze are perfect for strolling through the city midday and afternoon. When temperatures are lower in the evenings and mornings, you may choose activities inside or outside with the appropriate clothing.

Temperatures: April is the first actual spring month, temperatures are on the rise throughout the month on the transition between winter and summer:

  • Early April: 75°F (23.9°C)
  • Mid-April: 79°F (26.1°C)
  • Late April: 84°F (28.9°C)

In the desert, temperatures fall drastically during the nighttime. That’s why mornings and evenings are considerably colder. This is what a day could look like:

Early April:

  • 8 AM: 59°F (15°C)
  • 12 PM: 71°F (22°C)
  • 4 PM: 75°F (24°C)
  • 10 PM: 64°F (18°C)

Late April:

  • 8 AM: 64°F (18°C)
  • 12 PM: 76°F (24°C)
  • 4 PM: 81°F (27°C)
  • 10 PM: 69°F (21°C

Weather summary from a local: The last week of April almost always has great weather, while the first two weeks of the month can be unpredictable in terms of winds and temperature.

Precipitation: Temperatures are well above freezing for the whole month, so it will not snow. Las Vegas being a desert city, receives only small amounts of rainfall in the form of light showers. It rains on only about 5% of days at the start of the month and 3% of days in late April.

Wind: Average wind speeds stay at about 9 mph throughout the month. Wind speeds pick up during the day in the desert. So in the afternoon, the wind will lower the feel-like temperatures. Since temperatures are high enough in April, there is nothing to worry even with some wind.

What to Wear | Outfits and Packing Tips

Whether you’re waking up early or staying up late, dressing in layers is essential.

Las Vegas in April means you are wearing shorts and short-sleeved t-shirts in the afternoon. Pack a light jacket or a sweater for mornings and late evenings that you can shed or put on when needed.

 Shorts and T-shirts mostly work during the day in April. However, I always bring a windbreaker if needed. Sometimes, it just sits in the closet.

Tip for the ladies: Afternoons can also get pretty windy, so if you plan on wearing a flowy dress, you may want to pack some undershorts! Bring your nicest clothes for nighttime activities like dinner and a show or going out to bars and clubs.

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Sun protection: April might not be very hot (like July, the hottest month in Vegas), but the city has an average of over 300 days of sunshine per year. If you plan on being outside a lot, bring sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses. You could always buy some when you arrive, but prices on the strip are always inflated.

Good to know/walking: Many tourists choose to walk the strip but don’t realize the entire distance is over 4 miles long. That doesn’t include walking through the casinos! Make sure to bring a pair of comfortable shoes, like trendy sneakers (see below), or plan on hailing a rideshare to save your feet.

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What others say:
  • I find that during April in Vegas, it’s short and t-shirt weather in the sun. It is also great for swimming in pools on sunny days. However, step into a shadow, and you do feel the cold. Also, I suggest changing into trousers and putting on a light jacket once the sun goes down.
  • I was there in mid-April and wore shorts and t-shirts the whole time. The only issue I had was the wind, as it was pretty bad at times with summer clothes on.
  • When I visit in April, it is mostly sunny during the day. However, after 6 PM it gets a little colder. I always advise carrying a light jacket with you, especially if you plan to get back to your hotel late at night.
Accessories | Bags

Bring a suitable bag in February! You will need one for carrying water, your wallet, phone, jacket, and hand sanitizer.

💡 Vegas is a mecca for pickpockets! That’s why we always suggest a bag with anti-theft features (see our recommendations in the table above) to keep your belongings safe in the city!

Women’s Clothing Suggestions


  • T-shirt, blouses
  • Light jacket or long-sleeved shirt
  • Leggings/Jeans/Trousers
  • Flowy dresses
  • A lightweight neutral-colored sweater
  • Comfortable flat shoes, sandals, or wedges


  • Tank tops or short-sleeve t-shirts/blouses
  • Shorts or wide-leg trousers
  • Your favorite swimsuit and sandals


  • Short or long dresses
  • Heels or flats
  • A light sweater/blazer
  • Jewelry
Men’s Clothing Suggestions


  • T-shirts
  • Light jacket or long-sleeved shirt
  • Jeans or sweats
  • Athletic shoes


  • Short sleeve T-shirts or tank tops
  • Shorts
  • Your favorite swim trunks and flip flops

What to wear for a night out in Vegas:

  • Dark jeans/slacks and a button-down shirt
  • Sports-coat/blazer or a full fitted suit
  • Dress shoes or minimalist sneakers

Styling & Combination Guide | Essential Clothing Items

The afternoons are very warm in April and a summer outfit is the best choice

Now that you know the general tips for Las Vegas in April, let’s dig into the essential clothing items in more detail. You’ll want to make sure you pack these items that are tailored to the April weather and Las Vegas setting.

Light Jacket [Mornings and Evenings]
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A light jacket in Las Vegas during April is an essential item for the early mornings and evenings as it provides versatility and comfort when temperatures drop.

In the afternoon, the sun provides summer-like temps, so you don’t need it, but in the morning and once the sun sets, you’ll be glad to have that extra layer.

Styling tips for a light jacket:

  • Choose a neutral color like black, navy, or tan for maximum versatility.
  • Ladies can pair it with dresses and ankle boots for an evening out.
  • Gents can layer it over a button-up shirt for a smart-casual look.
  • Roll up the sleeves for a laid-back style during warmer daytime.

In the mornings, a light jacket is useful if you’re heading out early when it’s a bit brisk. As the sun climbs, you can easily take it off and wrap it around your waist or stash it in a day bag.

💡 When night falls, temperatures can dip into the 60s, making a light jacket the perfect companion for those cool desert nights in April.

Alternative: Light Sweater
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Sweaters are a great alternative to a jacket for an April visit to Las Vegas. They provide warmth for colder mornings without the bulk and can be easily added or removed as needed.

💡 In the morning, you can decide to either take a light jacket or a sweater as an outer layer.

Styling tips for sweaters or cardigans:

  • Opt for lightweight knits that are easy to layer and won’t take up much space in your luggage.
  • A sweater can be combined with jeans for a relaxed, yet put-together daytime outfit.
  • Men can choose a sweater to wear over a collared shirt for a smart and comfortable evening option.

During the midday when it’s warmer, a sweater can be draped over the shoulders or tied around the waist. It’s a stylish way to carry an extra layer without having to wear it.

Early mornings and evenings definitely call for this layer, as you’ll feel the chill in the air, especially with the desert winds.

💡 Good to know: You’ll be thankful for the extra warmth a sweater provides inside casinos, restaurants, and theaters, where the air conditioning can be strong.

Remember, comfort and adaptability are key in Las Vegas, as you’ll likely transition between different temperatures and settings throughout the day in April.

More Essential Items for Women

T-shirts or a Light Blouse

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The afternoons in April already have that warm desert climate, with temperatures reaching the 80s. Light fabrics work well during the day, making t-shirts or light blouses ideal.

Styling Tips: Pair a t-shirt with a cute skirt and sandals for a casual day look. If you’re wearing a blouse, tuck it into high-waisted jeans and add some layered necklaces.

Light Trousers or Jeans

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Jeans are perfect for Las Vegas because they’re versatile. During April, temperatures drop at night, making jeans a comfortable option.

Styling Tips: For daytime, pair them with a t-shirt and sneakers. For a night out, switch to a stylish blouse and heels.


Buy Trendy Shorts on Amazon

Shorts are ideal for the warm afternoons in April. Trendy shorts offer style and keep you comfortable in the warm sun during the day.

Styling Tips: Combine your shorts with a casual t-shirt and comfortable sneakers or sandals. This look is perfect for exploring the city or relaxing.

Skirts or a Casual Dress

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Especially in April, skirts and casual dresses are a great way to keep cool.

Styling Tips: If you’re wearing a skirt, pair it with a light blouse or t-shirt. With dresses, keep it simple with some cute sandals and minimalistic jewelry.

Sneakers or Sandals

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Footwear should be comfortable above all. The Las Vegas Strip is long, and you’ll likely do a lot of walking. We almost ALWAYS wear our trendy sneakers in Vegas when walking in the city!

Styling Tips: White sneakers are versatile; they go well with jeans, skirts, and even some dresses. Sandals are perfect for super warm days but pick a pair that offers good support.

Sunglasses, Hat, and Sunscreen

April in Las Vegas is usually very sunny, so protecting your skin and eyes is a must.

Styling Tips: A pair of chic sunglasses can elevate any outfit. For hats, think stylish yet practical—maybe a cute fedora or a wide-brimmed hat for added sun protection.

More Essential Items for Men

Similar to women, men will find t-shirts the best item to wear during daytime in April.

Styling Tips: Pair a simple t-shirt with jeans for a casual look, or layer it under a button-down shirt for a more structured outfit.

Light Trousers or Jeans

Jeans or other light trousers are excellent for nighttime as they can be dressed up or down.


Just like for women, comfortable sneakers are a must for men.

Styling Tips: Keep it simple with a pair of clean, white sneakers that can go with almost anything.

Sunglasses, Hat, and Sunscreen

Yes, men also need to protect themselves from the Las Vegas sun.

Styling Tips: Opt for classic aviator sunglasses for a timeless look. A baseball cap can also work well for casual daytime outfits.

More Combination Tips

Alright, let’s talk about putting it all together. It’s not just about the individual pieces but how you combine them to make stylish and functional outfits.

For Women
  • Daytime Casual: Pair a light t-shirt or blouse with jeans or a skirt. Add white sneakers or sandals for comfort. Throw on some sunglasses and a hat for extra sun protection.
  • Evening Chic: Opt for a casual dress or a skirt with a smart blouse. Add a leather or blazer jacket to stay warm as temperatures drop. Accessorize with statement jewelry and switch to heels.
For Men
  • Daytime Cool: A simple t-shirt and jeans combo works well for daytime. Add comfortable sneakers and top off with sunglasses and maybe a casual hat like a baseball cap.
  • Night Out: Switch the t-shirt for a button-down shirt. If you wore jeans during the day, they could easily transition to the night. Just add a blazer or a smart jacket and switch to dress shoes if you’re up for it.

Outfits for Casinos | Restaurants | Clubs | Shows


Las Vegas casinos don’t enforce a specific dress code, but it’s generally expected that guests dress sensibly.

Even in the most upscale casinos, casual attire is completely acceptable, provided it’s neat and presentable.

Feel free to visit any Las Vegas casino in shirts and trousers without worrying about being judged for your choice of clothing.

Dressing for the Hotel Casino

In Las Vegas casinos, your attire can vary based on the hotel and time of day. During daytime, both men and women can go for a relaxed yet neat look with shorts or jeans, blouses, sport shirts with collars, or tasteful t-shirts.

In the evening, the dress code shifts slightly towards formality. Opt for jeans, slacks, blouses, skirts, dresses, button-down shirts, or jackets. Flip flops are a no-go.

While most casinos don’t enforce a strict dress code, observing what others wear can be a helpful guide.

  • Men:
    • Daytime: Shorts or jeans
    • Collared sport shirts or neat t-shirts
    • Evening: Jeans or slacks
    • Button-down shirts or jackets
  • Women:
    • Daytime: Shorts, jeans, or casual dresses
    • Blouses or stylish tops
    • Evening: Jeans, slacks, or skirts
    • Dresses, blouses, or elegant tops
Dressing for the Nightclub

Nightclubs and lounges in Vegas usually have a dress code focused on smart and attractive attire. Avoid shorts, torn clothes, sneakers, flip flops, and plain t-shirts.

A more polished look is preferred – think business casual. This includes pressed jeans or slacks, button-down shirts, suitable dresses, skirts, blouses, and closed-toe leather shoes.

Adding a jacket to a collarless shirt like a t-shirt or pullover can elevate the outfit.

  • Men:
    • Pressed jeans or slacks
    • Button-down shirts (long or short sleeved)
    • Jackets (optional but recommended)
    • Closed-toe leather shoes
  • Women:
    • Suitable dresses or skirts
    • Blouses or stylish tops
    • Pressed jeans or slacks
    • Jackets or elegant outerwear
    • Closed-toe shoes or dressy sandals
Dressing for Fine Restaurants

Fine dining in Vegas often comes with a dress code. While only a few, like Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand and Picasso at Bellagio, may require jackets, most fine dining establishments lean towards “business casual.”

This includes pressed jeans or slacks, button-down shirts (long or short-sleeved), and closed-toe shoes for both men and women. Ladies might also consider social occasion dresses.

  • Men (Fine Dining):
    • Jackets (required in select restaurants like Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand and Picasso at Bellagio)
    • Pressed jeans or slacks
    • Button-down long or short-sleeved shirts
    • Closed-toe shoes
  • Women (Fine Dining):
    • Social occasion dresses
    • Blouses with pressed jeans or slacks
    • Elegant skirts or dresses
    • Closed-toe shoes
Dressing for the Las Vegas Show

The time of day influences your outfit choice for Las Vegas shows. Daytime shows are casual – prioritize comfort. Evening shows, especially upscale celebrity performances, often see guests dressing up more, though strict formal wear isn’t necessary.

Aim for an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and fitting in. For men, this might be dark jeans or slacks with a smart shirt, and for women, a dress or stylish ensemble suitable for an evening out.

In all these settings, the key is to balance comfort with style, keeping in mind the specific atmosphere of the place you’re visiting. Remember, Vegas is a place to impress and enjoy, so dress in a way that enhances your experience and confidence.

  • Men:
    • Daytime: Casual attire, such as jeans and a comfortable shirt
    • Evening: Dark jeans or slacks, smart shirt
    • Optional jacket for a more polished look
  • Women:
    • Daytime: Casual dress or comfortable yet stylish ensemble
    • Evening: Dress suitable for a night out, or a stylish top with jeans or slacks
    • Elegant accessories to enhance the outfit

In all these settings, remember that Las Vegas is a place where you can express your personal style while adhering to the venue’s ambience. Comfort is key, but a touch of elegance never hurts in this vibrant city.

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