Texas in February

February is a pleasant month to visit Texas, with mild temperatures and minimal crowds. Regardless, dress in layers appropriate for the weather, which can be cool, mild, wet, or even hot.

This article covers what to wear, when and where to expect crowds, and what to do in Texas during February.

Written by a local: A Texan resident wrote this article and can confirm that February is an excellent month to visit anywhere in this state.

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Texas Weather Overview | Activities

Foggy Dallas in late February

February is the final winter month in Texas and one of the best times to visit the state. Most daytime temperatures are mild, with highs ranging between 60°F to 70°F degrees (15°C – 21°C). It is generally mild with the occasional hot day (in South Texas) or cold day (in North Texas). You are likely to have one or more rainy days, but snowfall would be a surprise.

February is a less humid month than January, and it’s unlikely you’ll experience any extreme weather common in the later spring months. Pack light, waterproof layers, not thick winter clothing.

Crowds and Activities: If you’re visiting Texas in February, you’ll experience few crowds unless you’re attending a Mardi Gras festival. With the mild weather and fewer tourists, this is a fun month to celebrate the Lunar New Year or Mardi Gras, see a livestock show, fly a kite on the beach, or participate in any of the late-winter February festivities.

East and Central Texas | San Antonio, Austin, Hill Country, Houston, Dallas

Austin in early February
Weather in East and Central Texas

In February, the average high temperature in most parts of East and Central Texas is around 67°F (19°C) degrees. Of the major cities, Dallas is the coldest with an average high of 61°F (16°C) degrees and a low around 41°F degrees. Most large cities are humid and receive one inch of rain in February.

The primary weather hazard in February is ice storms, which may arrive during Texas winters.

February average high temperatures:

  • San Antonio: 68°F
  • Austin: 67°F
  • Houston: 67°F
  • Dallas: 61°F
What to Wear in East and Central Texas

February visitors to this region of Texas may experience a cold morning and a hot, humid afternoon, so they should wear clothing layers. Due to humidity, wear a moisture-wicking shirt and light, windproof rain jacket. However, expect anything as temperatures vacillate. Always pack waterproof clothing in case of sudden rain.

Where to Stay in East and Central Texas

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  • San Antonio: Hotels near SEA Life Aquarium and Legoland
  • Austin: Many great deals in downtown Austin
  • Houston: Hotels near NASA Space Center
  • Dallas: We recommend a hotel near JFK Memorial Plaza
Best Time to Visit East and Central Texas

Visiting in late February is the best weather for this region of Texas. Certain popular cities like Austin will be affordable and less-visited, so this is a good time to save money during the off-season before the March crowds arrive. You’ll find activities for every week of February in East and Central Texas.

Things to Do in East and Central Texas

February is a playful time in East and Central Texas to celebrate Mardi Gras, the Lunar New Year, and other holidays. As the days warm up, Texans show up to enjoy their time together. The Houston Zoo (Visiting Guide) is also worth a visit in February.

Celebrate Lunar New Year | San Antonio, Houston, and others: The Lunar, or Chinese, New Year is widely celebrated in Texas, most famously in San Antonio where you can watch the Parade of Lanterns, an evening celebration where large lanterns float down the river.

Nearby, the UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures also celebrates with an Asian Festival, a pan-Asian event recognizing the many immigrant communities in the city. If you’re in Houston, they also celebrate the Lunar New Year, as does Austin and others.

Party for Mardi Gras | San Antonio, Bandera, and others: Mardi Gras is the event of the month. This traditional Christian party is held on or after the feasts of the Epiphany in February. While New Orleans is famous for this event, Texans honor it with the same enthusiasm. It is a well-loved annual event with nearly every city celebrating it from San Antonio’s Mardi Gras Festival and Parade to Bandera’s cowboy party.

See a Rodeo or Livestock Show | Statewide: If you’re crazy about cows or hog wild about pigs, visit a livestock show here or here and see a rodeo here or here. And if you can’t visit Texas in February, remember that there’s always a rodeo here somewhere.

Recognize Valentine’s Day, Texan Style | Hondo: For a uniquely Texan event, buy a ticket for the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Motorcycle Rally (proceeds go to charity). Hundreds of motorcycle riders ride in from around the state to celebrate by camping, drinking beer, and attending a church service together. Better yet, bring or rent a motorcycle.

West Texas | El Paso, Big Bend National Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Weather in West Texas

February in West Texas is cold to mild, with daytime temperatures in the upper 50°F (10°C) degrees and cold, dry nights. Skies are clear and days are arid. The desert will have approximately 50% humidity, meaning it is drier here than in the rest of Texas.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is the coldest park with a typical low temperature of 19°F (-7°C) degrees.

February is a cool, dry, and windy month in the Texas desert, with an average temperature of 50°F degrees and lows around 20°F degrees in the desert and mid-30°F degrees in El Paso.

Humidity is between 40% and 50%, but rain is rare. Despite the wind and variable temperatures, this is one of the best months to visit the desert.

February average high temperatures:

  • El Paso: 64°F
  • Big Bend National Park: 76°F
  • Guadalupe Mountains National Park: 70°F
What to Wear in West Texas

If you’re visiting in February, prepare for freezing temperatures at night and cool to pleasant, sunny daytime temperatures. This month is also windy. Pack warm winter layers such as long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and jackets. You’ll want to bring an excellent windbreaker jacket for the gusts.

After dark, wear heavier, warmer layers like winter jackets, scarves, hats, and gloves. In the desert, the temperature can be as much as a 50°F degree difference between night and day.

Where to Stay in West Texas

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Best Time to Visit West Texas

Mid to late February is excellent for a visit to West Texas because you’ll experience the same weather as you would in March, but without the crowds (March is the most touristy month for both Big Bend and the Guadalupe Mountains National Parks).

Things to Do in West Texas

February is a great month for enjoying Western music and poetry, biking in the desert, and relaxing in natural, mineral hot springs. You won’t encounter many tourists either.

Listen to Cowboy Poetry | Alpine: One can’t-miss February event is the Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Alpine. This event is as Texan as it gets, with dozens of Western singers and poets performing pieces about cowboy life. On the weekend, stand around the campfire to enjoy a Southern breakfast of biscuits and gravy.

Attend the West Texas Guitar Festival | Odessa: Another classic West Texas experience is listening to guitar music in the desert. Enjoy this music festival hosted by the University of Texas’s Permian Basin campus. Note that the last festival was held in February 2019, and future dates have not been announced yet.

Go Biking or Hiking | Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend National Parks: If you’re feeling active, February is a good month for a bike or hike. The mild daytime temperatures and consistent sunshine make this a comfortable month to get outside in the desert.

Trek to Guadalupe Peak, the “top of Texas” in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. You can also join a guided mountain biking tour with Desert Sports along the same routes in the Big Bend region as the Chihuahuan Desert Dirt Fest, which has historically been held in February (it was canceled in 2019 but may return).

Relax at the Hot Springs | El Presidio or Big Bend National Park: If you need to warm up after a long day of poetry, biking, or hiking, rent a cabin and relax in a private mineral hot springs pool at Chinati Hot Springs. For free, public hot springs, enjoy the historic hot springs in Big Bend National Park.

South Texas | Galveston, Corpus Christi, South Padre Island

Galveston – The Texas Gulf Coast in February
Weather in South Texas

South Texas is mild to warm in February, with an average high of low 70°F (21°C) degrees. The air is still damp with up to 80% humidity. However, visitors will experience less than one inch of rain this month as the weather warms up, particularly further south near the Mexican border.

February average high temperatures:

  • Galveston: 64°F
  • Corpus Christi: 72°F
  • South Padre Island: 75°F
What to Wear in South Texas

A South Texas February will require light summer clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, and even sunscreen during the middle of the day. During the cooler evening when temperatures drop to mid 50°F (10°C) degrees, visitors may opt to wear long-sleeved shirts or light jackets. Bring waterproof clothing in case of the occasional rainy day.

Where to Stay in East and Central Texas

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  • Galveston: Some hotels are only a few feet from the Gulf of Mexico!
  • Corpus Christi: The Emerald Beach Hote has direct access to Emerald Cove!
  • South Padre Island: Our favorite hotel is the La Quinta. A beautiful beachfront hotel
Best Time to Visit South Texas

February is excellent and mostly crowd-free in South Texas. This is an ideal time to lie on the beach before the March spring break crowds arrive. For warmer temperatures, visit South Padre Island to enjoy the sunshine.

Things to Do in South Texas

February offers unique events in South Texas, where you can celebrate cowboy culture, fly kites, or go birding.

Celebrate the Binational Charro Days Festival | Brownsville: This four-day festival celebrates “charros,” or Mexican cowboys, and is one of the largest events in South Texas. It is uniquely co-hosted with Matamoros, a border city in Mexico. The festival includes parades, food, dancing in the street, fireworks, bullfights, a rodeo, and contests (like a beard contest) in both cities.

Fly a Kite at the SPI Kite Fest | South Padre Island: Held on the first weekend of February, this annual kite festival involves kite decorating and kite-flying contests (both outdoors and indoors). Bring your beach chairs and sunscreen for this event.

Go Birding at the Border | Laredo: The border region of Texas has some of the more rare and remarkable birds in the country because of its proximity to Mexico and Latin America, where many birds migrate to and from. This birding festival includes guided birding and kayaking tours so visitors can see rare birds.